Kim Kardashian makeup – tips and tricks

One of the most popular celebrities is Kim Kardashian. Every girl wants to look like her. That is why we think that you would want to learn how to achieve a Kim Kardashian makeup. If you follow our tips, you can shine like Kim Kardashian!

If you want a Kim Kardashian makeup, you should pay attention to our ideas. Use high quality products and follow all the steps mentioned below if you wish to have a Kim Kardashian look.

Kim Kardashian always looks great in public and draws everyone’s attention. Who wouldn’t want to look wonderful every time? That is why you should take a look at our tips. We guarantee you will find them useful. You will look gorgeous every time you go out.

If you want a Kim Kardashian makeup, you have to keep in mind certain things. This kind of makeup is pretty difficult to achieve and you have to be careful with all the details. Also, you have to use good primers, creamy concealers, false eyelashes.

kim kardashian with and without makeup

How to achieve a Kim Kardashian makeup?

A Kim Kardashian makeup means that your face is perfectly highlighted. That is why you have to shade delicately the skin under your cheekbones, your jaws and your forehead. Then you have to lighten your cheekbones, your upper lip and the center of your forehead. If you cannot do this perfectly, you should go to a professional makeup artist.

If you want a perfect Kim Kardashian makeup, you have to be very careful with this next step: the eyes makeup. Kim Kardashian chooses almost every time a smoky makeup for her eyes. She uses a primer, eyeliner for a dramatic look, false eyelashes ( of course), dark shades like brown or black for her eyelids and mascara.

She uses nude colours for her lips.


You have to choose the right products and you have to pay attention to all the details. Choose the shades that suit your skin type and use the right techniques for your face.
And, as mentioned above, if you can’t handle this kind of makeup, you have to ask a professional.

Follow our advice, obtain a Kim Kardashian makeup and be in the center of attention.

Kim Kardashian makeup video tutorial

Kim Kardashian makeup photos

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