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20 makeup ideas for all skin types

by Jennifer News
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These makeup ideas will inspire you for sure. If you do not know what styles of makeup should you try, then take a look at the ones we present you in this article and you will not regret it.

Some of the most interesting makeup ideas will be always on fashion. They are easy to do, very elegant and the time did not fade away the way their magnetic beauty, on the contrary. They were adapted on the modern times because you need to use high quality products. With the help of the following styles, you will highlight your lovely features:

  • Minimal makeup ideas with glossy lips

Minimal makeup is classic, chic, and enhances your natural beauty. It is one of the most preferred styles of all time because you can wear it anywhere.

Start by applying a little moisturizer all over your face, then correct some areas if needed (like, for example, the nose or under the eyes); use a concealer if you need spot treating. Use a cream blush for your cheeks, in a colour that matches your skin type, then apply a cream shadow on the eyelids up to the brows for a special effect. Apply a mid-tone shadow over the cream just from the lash line to the crease and with a slanted liner brush dipped into the same shadow and tap the upper and lower lash line. Then add 2 coats of mascara and a little brow gel. For this simple style, you have to choose a nude, slightly pink or caramel lipstick with shimmer, and add gloss in the middle of the lips, for a greater effect. It will show that you are self – confident and attractive.

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  • Makeup ideas with flushed cheeks

This makeup is extremely simple and natural. Start by using a little bit of shimmery foundation all over your face, then add a rosy cream blush on the cheeks.

  • Makeup ideas with red lips

The secret is to choose the appropriate amounts of products, without exaggerating and you must pay attention when you apply them. For example, opt for a moisturizing, creamy lipstick in a red shade appropriate for you and avoid deep shades of red if you have thin lips, because they would seem even smaller. Do not use red lip liner. Add a little gloss if you need to soften the red. It is better to choose a light and minimal makeup for the eyes, for example, you can use a beige eye shadow and you may smudge and blend a little lipstick on the cheeks. You can add mascara if you want. Apply a little bit of concealer around your mouth for preventing the whipping of the lipstick. You must be careful not to get lipstick on your teeth.

  • 1940s makeup ideas

This vintage, classic style can make you very feminine, attractive and mysterious. First, use a foundation, then a loose powder on the cheekbones up to the temples and you will obtain a cool effect. Pluck very well your eyebrows and brush them using a matte shadow, and with an eye pencil, make sure to create a perfect defined arch on the edge of the brows. Add mascara and use a lipstick in shades like reds, orange reds, pink reds and fuchsia.

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