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Best Emo Makeup Tutorial, Tips and Ideas

by Jennifer
Emo makeup

Emo makeup step-by-step tutorial, makeup pictures, various styles of makeup for Emo fans. How to make an Emo makeup, what cosmetic products to use for this kind of dramatic makeup.

Emo makeup video tutorial, tips and tricks for getting the right kind of Emo look, photos of the most impressive Emo styles of makeup.

Emo makeup tutorial is essential for those who are beginners or for those who want to try something different. In this article we will provide the necessary information, and by following each step of the Emo makeup tutorial, as well as the most important tips about the colours, for example what products to use (because in order to create the perfect Emo makeup, you need to stock up certain cosmetics) and which are the areas where they must be applied – this way it will be easier to create the most amazing style.

Emo makeup tutorial is accompanied by photos that show exactly how this kind of makeup must look like, because, unlike other makeup styles, this one is rather difficult. With some practice based upon our Emo makeup tutorial, you will be able to become an expert.

So, if you consider the Emo makeup interesting and you want to adopt this style, feel free to follow our Emo makeup tutorial and to consult our tips.

Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Do you want to attract everyone’s attention? Then, you must try the Emo makeup. This kind of makeup is very popular among teens all around the world. The Emo makeup is very interesting and it is not that hard to obtain it.

The Emo style conquered the hearts of many fans and admirers of this music genre. The Emo look means special clothes and hairstyles and, of course, an Emo makeup. This style is often associated with the Gothic style. Although these two styles have many common points, the Emo style uses more dark shades on the eyes, nails, and lips than the Gothic one.

How to Make an Emo Makeup

The Emo makeup consists of transforming a pale face into a paler one. This is a very important step that needs to be taken into consideration when you are following the Emo makeup tutorial. The eyes must also be highlighted, as you will se in the Emo makeup tutorial. That is why you must use black eyeliners, especially around the eyes.

You must create a darker area around the eyes. You can also use dark shades of purple, violet, and garnet on your upper and lower eyelids, as you are instructed in the Emo makeup tutorial.

simple emo makeup

If you don’t want to use black eyeliner, you can use dark reds, because they are permitted in the Emo makeup tutorial. This is another way to get Emo makeup.  Also, you must use black mascara in order to synchronize your eyelashes with the darkness of your eyes.

If this is your first time doing an Emo makeup, you must take into consideration some important advice from our Emo makeup tutorial experts. You have to use the right techniques in order to achieve an Emo look.

1.    Apply a moisturizer on your face and neck. Blend well. The moisturizer will be the base of your makeup, as you are instructed by this Emo makeup tutorial.

2.    You must have a very pale face if you want an Emo makeup, according to the Emo makeup tutorial. But that doesn’t mean that you have to apply a lighter foundation than the one you normally use. Chose a foundation that suits your skin.

3.    Apply the dark shades on your eyes and blend the colors very well if you want the perfect Emo makeup.

Maybe this is not a makeup for everyone. If you are a bold woman who is not afraid to try something special, you can choose an Emo makeup which you can achieve by following our Emo makeup tutorial. You will really feel and look different with this kind of makeup.

Emo Makeup Step-by-Step Tutorial

  1. This is the first step of our Emo makeup tutorial. Take your Emo eye paint or eyeliner and apply it meticulously under of your eyes. Ensure you come up to the lash line. Start on the inside side of your eye and make a slimline.
  2. Apply your eye paint/eyeliner likewise on top. Go after a rounded side outside the edge of your eye.
  3. Apply a healthy and balanced amount of eye darkness to your eyelids after the eyeliner has dried out, according to our Emo makeup tutorial.
  4. You can create a darkness result by utilizing a slim amount of a dark-colored eye shadow around your eyes.
  5. Utilize one coat of black mascara, as you are instructed in this Emo makeup tutorial.
  6. If you wish to, utilize foundation in a tone a little lighter than your complexion, or your own skin tone.
  7. Put a little bit of lipstick on. Mix it well right into your lips and also blot some off for a tinting effect.
  8. This is the last step of the Emo makeup tutorial. Do not overdo the makeup – you might appear like a poser.

Quick note: If you have a really light skin complexion and perhaps even darker eyes, you might want to make use of like a dark brownish (near black) and additionally/ or a crimson shade, as our Emo makeup tutorial experts suggest. This will certainly not be to severe on your complexion!
Use tinted eye lining under your black; use eyeliner on the top lid, according to our Emo makeup tutorial…

Emo Makeup Video Tutorial

Emo Makeup Pictures

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