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Arabic makeup

If you are planning to attend a very sophisticated party and you want to be in the center of everyone’s attention, you have to get an arabic makeup. You will look very elegant and sensual. The Arabic makeup is recommended for evening events and today we will teach you how to make it. Just follow our tips and you will have a perfect Arabic makeup in no time.

The Arabic makeup is characterized by an extravagant and dramatic outline of the eyes, by shiny cheekbones and by very sexy lips. If you want to achieve a perfect Arabic makeup you have to pay attention to our advice.

arabic eye makeup

Here’s how you can get a spectacular Arabic makeup just by using some helpful ideas:

Arabic makeup step by step

  1. First of all, if you want a perfect Arabic makeup you have to clean you skin. The Arabic makeup has to look perfect.
  2. After you cleaned your face you have to apply a base. Also, use a concealer that suits your skin type.
  3. Once this stage is finished, you can start working on the most important part of this kind of makeup: the eyes. The Arabic makeup focuses on pinpointing the eyes. That is why you should pay attention to this part of your makeup.
  4. Before you begin your eye makeup, you have to apply a primer to conceal your dark circles. After this, you can start applying your makeup. You can use shades like black, grey or a strong red. Use the lighter colours first and finish with the strong ones. At the end you have to apply a mascara and you can use false eyelashes.
  5. After that, you have to give some light to your entire makeup. That is why you should apply a shiny blush on your cheekbones.
  6. Your lips have to be as natural as possible. You can apply a pink lipstick. But if you are a bold woman who wants to attract attention, you can use a red lipstick too.

Who can get an Arabic makeup?

Every woman who wants to look gorgeous at an important and elegant event can apply this kind of makeup. If you consider that you can not apply this makeup yourself, don’t hesitate to ask a professional makeup artist. Make an appointment and get this fabulous Arabic makeup!

Arabic Makeup video Tutorial

Arabic makeup pictures

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