30 Halloween Makeup Ideas and Tutorial

Halloween makeup for beginners and professionals, doll makeup, favorite character makeup, famous couple look, zombie style. Step-by-step Halloween makeup tutorial and advice.

Halloween makeup photos for inspiration and video tutorial to create the best special makeup for the Halloween party.

Halloween makeup represents an opportunity to show your creative ability. In this article, we present you with some of the best new ideas to inspire you in order to draw attention and be admired at the Halloween party.

Halloween makeup can be done at home, you only need products, patience, time, and, most of all, creativity. Forget the classical and boring ghost and witch makeup ideas! There are plenty of other interesting alternatives you can use to stand out and be original:

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Doll Makeup

You can obtain this cool Halloween makeup in about 30 minutes. The secret is to use very much rosy flush on cheeks (make a neat circle on each cheek); then you must draw 2 lines on your chin to form the drop–jaw. If you want to create the doe-like eyes, then use a lot of white liners.

Favorite Character

A very good choice is to create makeup to resemble your favorite character from a movie or a TV-series. The horror or fantastic ones are the best as inspiration for a Halloween makeup: for example, a monster from the TV-show “Supernatural”, a story character like the ones from the “Once Upon a Time” series or a medieval one from “Game of Thrones”. Or try to inspire yourself from any Tim Burton movie character for a Halloween makeup. You can also try to resemble one of your favorite protagonist from a book you love or from a very popular one.

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A Famous Couple

If you already have a boyfriend, or you and your best friend want to have fun or to surprise everybody, you could choose to improvise a Halloween makeup based upon the image of a famous couple. It could be either a historic one or a contemporary one. For example, choose a couple involved in a big scandal if you want to amuse your group of friends.

Zombie Style

For this kind of Halloween makeup, you need to create a balance and manage to obtain a scary look without exaggerating. You may change the classic white paint for the face with green or grey color Halloween makeup, then draw the veins, paint your eyes similar to those of a raccoon, add a splash of red paint to symbolize blood and some chalky grey on the lips.

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Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Step 1 of the Halloween makeup: Prepare the skin, after that, mattify it as well as even out the skin utilizing Matte Face Base. Then use a base; level your skin tone using Complete Protection 2-in-1 Structure & Concealer and also set with powder.

Step 2 of the Halloween makeup: Define cheekbones, jaws and holy places utilizing blusher – Kiko suggests Smart Colour Blusher 10. Fix the entire thing with establishing spray.

Step 3 of the Halloween makeup: Currently the fun begins: using the Ultimate Pen Eyeliner, draw the flower components revealed from cheekbones to the edge of the lips. Draw small circles and also the flower components onto the forehead, and the upside-down heart on the nose.

Step 4 of the Halloween makeup: Fill out the flower on the chin as well as forehead using Intense Colour Long-term Eye Liner in 12 and 02. Load the circles utilizing Long-lasting Accuracy Automatic Eyeliner and Kohl 03, taken care of with High Pigment Wet and also Dry Eye Shadow in 52. Fill up the heart with Damp as well as Dry Eye Shadow 21.

Step 5 of the Halloween makeup: Next off, it’s on to the eyes. Make certain to prep the lids making use of an eye base first, after that mix High Pigment Eyeshadow 44 on the lids. Apply darkness to the base of the cover and mix approximately the brow arch. Blend Damp and Dry 21 in the inner edge of the eye, after that use, adhering to the brow form and also along the reduced part of the lid.

Step 6 of the Halloween makeup: Use Lasting Precision Automatic Eyeliner as well as Kohl 16 in the waterline.

Step 7 of the Halloween makeup: Attract circles above the brow as well as loaded with High Pigment Wet & Dry in shades 21, 44 and 52. Beginning from the nose, draw little dots making use of Lengthy Long-lasting Eyeliner Shade 12.

Step 8 of the Halloween makeup: Emphasize the eyes making use of a volumizing as well as defining mascara like Ultra Technology + Volume and also Interpretation.

Step 9 of the Halloween makeup: Apply Double Touch 109 color to the lips, then draw upright lines utilizing Creamy Colour Comfort Lip Liner 325. Et voilà!

Prep the skin, after that, mattify and also even out the skin making use of Matte Face Base. Use a base; also out your complexion utilizing Full Protection 2-in-1 Structure & Concealer and established with powder…

Fill the circles using Long-term Precision Automatic Eyeliner as well as Kohl 03, repaired with High Pigment Wet and Dry Eye Shadow in 52. Be certain to prep the covers utilizing an eye base first, then mix High Pigment Eyeshadow 44 on the lids. Apply Dual-Touch 109 color to the lips, then attract upright lines making use of Creamy Colour Convenience Lip Lining 325.

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