Cat eye makeup tutorial

Cat eye makeup represents a classy, elegant look which makes women seem more feminine and stylish. It was made popular by the famous actresses of the ‘60s, but its charm did not fade away in time. In this article, we present you easy tips to learn how to achieve it very easily. Try this vintage makeup style and you will look like a diva!

Cat eye makeup tools

For the best cat eye makeup, you need the following tools: a felt-tip liquid dark eyeliner, a kohl eyeliner, a pointed cotton swab, liquid foundation, a primer, neutral base eye-shadow, beige or brown eye shadow, a flat liner brush and a blending brush, mascara and if you want or need, false eyelashes.

Cat eye makeup step by step

  • First of all, use the primer and apply the brown or beige eye shadow as base colour.
  • Then look into the mirror and tilt your chin upwards and look down with the eyes to see better the appropriate angle.
  • Use the felt tip liner to draw a flick in the direction where your eyebrows end, in a straight line. Pay attention to draw the “wings” symmetrically and erase the unwanted harsh marks if it is necessary, them connect them to the flicks. Draw the likes how thick or thin you wish and with the length you desire. A more thicker line creates a dramatic effect of the cat eye makeup.
  • Connect the outer tip of your “wing” back into the eyeliner on the lid creating a hollow triangle, then fill that space.
  • Apply black kohl eyeliner to both your upper and lower waterline. With a flat liner brush, dip it into the tiniest bit of liquid foundation, to sharpen any dullness or unevenness on the bottom of the “wings”.
  • You may also do a reverse cat eye style if you prefer to draw the line at the lower part of the eye and not on the eyelid.
  • You can apply false eyelashes if you wish, they are just an option.
  • You need 2 or 3 coats of mascara and you have completed the perfect cat eye makeup!

dramatic cat eye makeup

Cat eye makeup video tutorial

sexy cat eye makeup