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Hello Kitty makeup tutorial

by Jennifer
Hello Kitty makeup

A Hello Kitty makeup is very cute and every woman can wear it. If you are one of the many women that want to look great every time they go outside, you should take a look at our ideas. We will teach you how to obtain the perfect Hello Kitty makeup. We are sure that if you follow our tips, you will achieve a great look and you will draw all the attention.

A Hello Kitty makeup has to be perfectly done, because otherwise you will look like a clown. So pay attention to our ideas and follow them if you want a Hello Kitty makeup.

Hello Kitty makeup kit

Get the best Hello Kitty makeup

If you want a Hello Kitty makeup you have to follow the next steps:

First, you have to get the right products. Choose ones that suit your skin tone and try to get the high quality products. You have to get a concealer, a primer, a good foundation, an eyeliner, the perfect eye shadow, black mascara, a blush, a lipstick. After you have everything you need, you can start doing the Hello Kitty makeup.

You have to use a primer and then you have to apply correctly your foundation. Choose the right foundation for your skin type and blend it very well.
Then you can apply your eye shadow. Choose a beige eye shadow and then apply a white eyeliner to create the perfect Hello Kitty look.

Hello Kitty makeup

In the outer section of the eye, you have to apply a pink eye shadow and a blue one and then you have to blend them very well. This kind of makeup is all about these colours. After that you can apply some blush on your cheekbones.

Apply black mascara for a more dramatic effect.
The final step is to apply a nude colour on your lips. Try to use a beige lipstick.

Now, the Hello Kitty makeup is done! You will look very feminine and interesting. If you feel that this makeup suits you, don’t hesitate to do it. We are sure that you will have all eyes upon you…

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Hello Kitty makeup video tutorial

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