Bridal makeup tips and looks

Bridal makeup is very important. Trends in bridal makeup are different from the styles you were accustomed in the last few years and they are heading towards classic, glamorous and retro landmarks. The bridal makeup popular this season is the one that suits every woman’s need to feel special on her wedding day.

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Bridal makeup requires special attention. As a result, the preferred styles are those that emphasize one’s features, which allow some makeup corrections and remove any trace of fatigue the bride accumulated in the last months organizing a perfect wedding day. For an impeccable bridal makeup, you must make sure you use a fine technique, subtle accents and you must achieve a perfect skin. This season, the bridal makeup has evolved and the trends lead to delicate, yet sophisticated makeups, which attract attention to the bride’s natural beauty and do not turn her into another person. So, if you planned your wedding this season, you can look wonderful by following this advice in regard to your bridal makeup.

Natural bridal makeup

This season, the natural bridal makeup is very popular among brides to be all over the world. This is a subtle makeup that reveals the best features a bride has.

Natural bridal makeupYour complexion is highlightened and contoured and your eye makeup includes creamy, light shades and false eyelashes. For your cheekbones, you could use delicate shades of pink and your lips can be also pink or you could use nude, natural colours.

A light bridal makeup

Have you ever wondered why many celebrities chose to have their weddings in summer? Because they know that summer brings more advantages for a bride than the other seasons. A tanned skin in contrast to a white wedding dress and some sparkly shades on your complexion can bring out every beautiful feature you have.

Your complexion must look fresh, clean and you can use a tanning powder to highlight your face. For your eye makeup, you can chose shades of bronze, golden beige, gold or silvery beige. Your eyes will look bigger and wider.

light bridal makeup

A classic bridal makeup

A classic bridal makeup never goes out of style. A classic evening makeup can’t be missing form the most popular trends this season. This classic bridal makeup is the most elegant and versatile one, it can suit every woman, regardless of her features. This makeup can correct any flaws a bride might have and can totally transform her into a queen. You will really attract attention with this bridal makeup. Choose neutral shades like beige, caramel, chocolate, taupe or combinations of pink, blue, purple, grey, burgundy or emerald green for your eyes. Also, use the eyeliner and false eyelashes for more elegance.

classic bridal makeup

Cat eye bridal makeup

This bridal makeup is starting to become more and more popular. The cat eye bridal makeup creates a special, retro look and gives a lot of sensuality and elegance to the bride that wears it. But this makeup is very different from the cat eye makeup you use for a night out with the girls. You need to use a certain technique and you have to blend very well the shades you use in order to achieve the perfect bridal look. Use the classic shades like black or dark brown or more interesting colours like gray, blue, burgundy or plum.

Cat eye bridal makeup

Retro bridal makeup

If you want an elegant and fun look try a retro bridal makeup for your wedding day. You can’t make a mistake by using such a bridal makeup. You will look glamorous and classic at the same time. Try to make your eyes stand out and use strong, but classic colours for your lips. Don’t forget about false eyelashes, eyeliner and mascara. You can also use some blush for your cheeks and you are ready for the most important day of your life.

Retro bridal makeup

Which bridal makeup will you chose for your big day?

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