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Makeup for blue eyes

by Jennifer
Makeup for blue eyes

The makeup for blue eyes implies certain hues which create an advantage for the women who have blue eye colour. In this article, we inform you what are the perfect colours to match your beautiful blue eyes.

Makeup for blue eyes

Makeup for blue eyes tips and tricks:

Eye shadow

For the eye shadows we recommend you the following:

  • The orange hues are the main choices, because orange is the contrasting colour opposites blue in the colour wheel, meaning they complement each other in a natural manner; in the same time, they also highlight one other. You do not need to exaggerate in choosing colours to achieve an impressive effect.
  • Purple also highlights your eyes in a cool manner, without looking extreme as other intense colours as green or blue; you can choose a subtle shade as sheer lavender, or a metallic one if you are preparing for a night out.
  • Dark browns or dusty pink are appropriate if you wish a modified smoky eye style.
  • Other alternatives are: a little bronze tint on your eyelid, metallic or matte golden, terra cota, warm browns, coral.
  • An important makeup for blue eyes tip is to avoid the blue eye shadows on the same tone as your eyes. You can wear blue only if you choose a different blue shade than your eyes have. For example, you can choose a navy blue to highlight your light blue eyes, but try to not wear blue make-up every time, because if you do, your eyes will pass as unnoticed.
  • You can overlap 2 colours if you like.

smokey eye makeup for blue eyes


  • The brown eyeliner is the most appropriate, especially in the warm tones.
  • The beige or lower shades, because they blend in your skin and will look better with the blue from your eyes.
  • The turquoise eyeliner is another perfect choice when it comes to the makeup for blue eyes, because it is different than regular blue and looks amazing.
  • You can try the black one too, but only in certain occasions.


  • The best mascara choice for the makeup for blue eyes, is the navy one, because it can make your blue eyes look intense without overpowering them. Try to use it in a regular manner, not too much, if you do not want to look as a clown.

ยท Use brown mascara, especially when you are wearing the eye shadows in warm hues or bronze tones.

Makeup video tutorial

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