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8 Tips & Tricks for Expressive Eyes

by Jennifer
8 Tips & Tricks for expressive eyes

One of the first things that catch a man’s attention is a woman’s eyes. So makeup is essential to enhance the beauty of the eyes.

Eye makeup has been used since ancient times. Cleopatra and Nefertiti, as well as all the Egyptian women, had in paintings and sculptures well-contoured eyes. So, you will find in this article some suggestions to make your eyes look bigger.

  1. Highlight the Eyebrows

Highlight the eyebrows

The shape of your eyes will be more visible if well-contoured eyebrows surround them. Draw some shadows with an eyebrow pencil to highlight them.

  1. Give Your Skin Some Glow

Give your skin some glow

You can use some highlighter to make the skin around your eyes glow, use it on the eyebrows and cheekbones. This way, the eyes will be more visible.

  1. Get Cat Eyes Right Now

cat eyes makeup

Use eyeliner and start by drawing some arrows, then some curved lines keeping the contour of the eye. They will never be out of style!

  1. The Smoky Eyes Effect

It works for models and movie stars, and it will work for you. Be sure to use makeup that matches the color of your eyes. They will be bright and beautiful.

  1. Use Some White Eye Pencil

white eye pencil

There are two ways to use it to enhance your eyes: put a point in the inner corner of the eyes and blend it or contour the lower inner rim of the eyes with the white pencil.

  1. Curl Your Eyelashes

If you curl them, your eyelashes will look denser and will increase the color of your eyes.

  1. Make Your Eyelashes Longer

Use the mascara in two ways: first, apply horizontally and move the brush up, to lengthen the eyelashes, and then separate every lash by using the brush vertically…

  1. Put on Some Nude Lipstick

If you want everybody to pay attention to your sophisticated eyes, use some nude lipstick, or even just lip gloss.

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