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How to apply theatrical makeup

by Jennifer News
theatrical makeup

The theatrical makeup is a real art: the art of combining different shades and tones in order to obtain a theatrical look inspired from the ‘80s. The theatrical makeup is recommended for special occasions, evening events. This is strictly an evening makeup.

How to obtain a theatrical makeup

There are many techniques useful in order to achieve a theatrical look. Also, there are many adequate cosmetic products you can use for this kind of makeup. You can use Smokey shades, matt or pearly ones. You must use liquid or kohl eyeliners if you want a theatrical makeup.

Metallic shades for your theatrical makeup

When you chose metallic shades for your makeup, you must keep in mind some general tips. Try to choose those shades that create a bigger visual impact. You can use silver for your eyes, because this colour has become very popular this season. Don’t forget to cover your dark circles and fine wrinkles, if you want a flawless theatrical look. Apply your liquid eyeliner to highlight your look.

There are some other popular shades useful for a theatrical makeup. You can use pearl silver, blue or black eyeliner and see the results. Your eyes will look fantastic.

Metallic shades for theatrical makeup

Smokey shades for theatrical makeup

A Smokey makeup never gets old and if you want a theatrical look, you must try this makeup right now. Use chocolate shades combined with gold and reddish colours for your eyes. Choose those eye shadows which outline your look.

You can also use black eye shadows, if you want a mysterious and elegant look. For an interesting effect, you can apply white eyeliner and false eyelashes.
This way you will really achieve a theatrical makeup.

For your lips, you can use dramatic colours. Choose glossy, red lipsticks which bring volume to your lips. You can also use a lip liner for a great look.

Many celebrities choose this kind of makeup for their important red carped events. They consider that this is the best makeup for evening occasions. This makeup, in combination with the right dress and hairstyle, will make you look and feel like a star or a queen.

Smokey shades for theatrical makeup

Theatrical makeup video tutorial


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