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Top 10 Makeup Mistakes that Make You Look Older

by Jennifer News
Top 10 Makeup mistakes that make you look older

Makeup is essential to highlight the facial features you are proud of. It is also useful to hide imperfections, but sometimes using a technique in a wrong way might make you look older or untidy.

Find in the article ten common mistakes to avoid when applying makeup, so you always get a clean, elegant look.

  1. Too much concealerToo much concealer makeup

You often want to create a matte effect on your skin, but don’t apply too much concealer. If you choose a darker color and apply a thick layer, you will look older and all your wrinkles will be visible. Makeup artists recommend fluid foundations, with luminous particles that will give you a natural look.

  1. Too much mascara on the lower lashesToo much mascara on the lower lashes makeup

Applying a thick layer of mascara might give your eyes more expressiveness, but will also draw attention to the wrinkles around your eyes. So don’t exaggerate with the mascara, especially on the lower lashes, and watch out for clumps.

  1. The wrong lipstick toneThe wrong lipstick tone makeup

If you have narrow lips, stay away from dark tones because it will make them even thinner and you will look older. Try out some rich and saturated colors, and if you want your lips to look fuller, use the lipstick to overdraw the natural lip lines.

  1. Dark eyeshadowDark eyeshadow makeup

Do not apply dark eyeshadow on the entire lid area, just dab the outer corners of the eyes if you want a young look.

  1. Lid eyelinerLid eyeliner makeup

Avoid applying dark eyeliner on the lower lid of your eyes, it will make them look narrow. Instead, use a light pencil and enhance your gaze.

  1. Intense red on the cheeksIntense red on the cheeks makeup

It is not a good idea to highlight the apples of your cheeks with intense colors, because this will make you look older. It is more suitable to go for light tones, such as peach or pale pink. Apply blush on the upper part of your cheeks, not very close to the nose area. This will give you a romantic, young look. If you use rouge on your cheekbones, it will have a lifting effect.

  1. EyebrowsEyebrows makeup

Do not use dark colors to enlarge and highlight the eyebrows, it will give you an old look. Instead, use lighter colors than your natural eyebrow color.

  1. Use correctorUse corrector makeup

It is recommended to use a corrector to hide the dark circles under the eyes. With age, these get more visible and concealer doesn’t solve the problem.

  1. Lip linesLip lines

You should use a lip liner to enhance your lips and make the mouth outline more appealing. But be careful when overdrawing the lip borders, don’t forget to shade the line in the direction of the center of the lips, or you will have a visible „mustache”.

  1. PowderPowder makeup

Apply powder in a thin layer, to hide skin defects. But keep in mind not to powder the area around the eyes because it will enhance the wrinkles and make your skin look tired. Use mineral powder to get rid of the greasy effect in the T-zone…

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