50 Makeup for Brown Eyes Ideas and Step-by-step Tutorial

Makeup for brown eyes tips and tricks, step-by-step eye makeup tutorial, how to apply smokey eye makeup, party makeup. Classy or natural makeup for brown eyes.

Makeup for brown eyes for beginners and professionals, photos and ideas to create makeup if you have brown eyes, different makeup styles for any occasion.

The makeup for brown eyes is very diversified because there are various shades of brown eyes: amber brown, light or dark chocolate, light brown and hazel. Generally, the brown eyes look amazing with most colors, but there are certain ones that really create an advantage, by highlighting your iris.

Makeup for Brown Eyes Tips and Tricks:

Eye shadow

Brown-eyed girls are so lucky because they can wear different colors of eye shadows to look gorgeous:

  • Purple is the most famous color for eye shadows when it comes to makeup for brown eyes because is their contrasting color in the color wheel.
  • Royal blue is cool for brown eyes too, not only for the blue ones. It is a contrasting color as well as purple, this is why is a right choice for makeup for brown eyes. Cobalt blue looks hot if you have light brown eyes. Purple and royal blue make the whites of brown eyes seem brighter.
  • Yellow, shimmering gold, metallic copper and the bronze-tinted hues are perfect for the hazel brown eyes, especially if they have gold reflections. You can wear them in pairs with dark purple or navy blue if you want. These are excellent colours for makeup for brown eyes.
  • Try pink if you want something strong for a makeup for brown eyes.
  • Teals are also very good choices when it comes to makeup for brown eyes.
  • Other contrasting cool tones are silver ones, but be careful to wear them under the lower lash line in contrast with dark tones when you create makeup for brown eyes.
  • Brown is the most appropriate if you want a natural makeup for brown eyes for your eyes because you cannot go to work or to school with purple makeup or other intense eye shadows. If you really want some highlights, wear under the lower lash line a little contrasting color like teal. You could also wear a peach shade for a makeup for brown eyes.
  • Green makes hazel brown eyes appear to be more green. If you opt for teal green, you will see how amazing and vibrant looks on you when you wear this kind of makeup for brown eyes.

Selena Gomez brown eyes makeup


  • The brown eyes are highlighted by the white eyeliner, but only when is combined with some metallic tones as eye shadows.
  • Champagne eyeliner is also an excellent choice for a makeup for brown eyes.
  • Black eyeliner is perfect in the makeup for brown eyes, especially if you want to create a dramatic look and make your eyes shine by contrast.


  • The black mascara is the most convenient choice for a makeup for brown eyes. It is perfect in everyday wear, especially when you need to have a natural look which implies a makeup for brown eyes. Black usually thickens and lengthens the lashes and makes your brown eyes appear brighter.
  • Instead of the classic black mascara, try something different for a makeup for brown eyes, like the purple or plum eyeliner, and you will see a big difference in how the brown in your eyes will be enhanced. These are the best choices for different events or parties when you have to impress by wearing an intense makeup for brown eyes.
  • When you use makeup for brown eyes and you chose strong colors, do not forget to keep the rest of your face to minimal colors: for example, opt for neutral hues when it comes to lips and cheeks, because these are the right options in this kind of makeup for brown eyes.

How to Do Step-by-step Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes:


Step 1. Cleaning your eyes delicately with cold water will assist to minimize any bags or soreness around the eye before you start creating your makeup for brown eyes. Make certain your skin is clean and also bright to allow your huge brownish eyes stand out!

  • The skin of the eye is very delicate, so prevent utilizing rough soaps.
  • When drying your eyes, pat them gently with a clean towel, rather than massaging them. Massaging them can irritate the delicate skin.
  • For an extreme chilly compress, pop a spoon in the freezer for a bit and allow it to become cool. Hold it against the bags around your eyes for a blast of chilly, de-puffing activity.

Step 2. You can use any sort of makeup for brown eyes guide for doing this, and also there are likewise primers meant specifically for eyes. The makeup for brown eyes will advice you to use a flawless base for your eye makeup.

  • Apply just a dot to your eyelids with your fingertips, massaging it carefully over your lids and also close to your eyebrows.
  • You can find primers with a large price tag at elegance supply as well as a chain store, but there are also budget-friendly guides cost your neighborhood pharmacy.

Step 3. Apply under-eye concealer. Select a concealer that is a few shades lighter than your complexion. A lighter shade will aid conceal any under-eye circles or shadows, as well as aid,  make your eyes look brighter and also a lot more awake. Use the concealer with your fingertips, a concealer brush, or even a cotton bud, and blend completely.
As opposed to merely using it in a strip under your eye, produce a triangular form. This is an easy trick to make your eyes look more alert and raised.

Step 4. Select a color combination that boosts brownish eyes. Several various colors function well with brownish eyes, due to the fact that they don’t clash with much. You can try out a number of different schemes, finding one that functions finest with your shade of brownish. There are plenty colors to choose from when it comes to the makeup for brown eyes.

  • For deep brown eyes, attempt a lovely royal or navy blue color for a makeup for brown eyes. This will certainly contrast wonderfully with the dark brown, making your eyes really stand apart.
  • If you have tips of hazel in your brown eyes, attempt various variants of purple, because these are also right for a makeup for brown eyes.
  • Select a metallic gold to make your eyes really stick out. Gold shadows will certainly highlight the flecks of gold in your eyes, making them shimmer.
  • Do not be afraid to try out various other intense, vibrant colors, because they work well for a makeup for brown eyes. They will just enhance the all-natural splendor of brownish eyes.
  • To develop an eye shadow look with excellent deepness, pick a palette with at least three colors – this is as well a great choice for a makeup for brown eyes.

Step 5. No issue which shade combination you’ve picked for your makeup for brown eyes, you must use the lightest color as the base for your look. Utilizing a fluffy eye shadow brush, use the darkness over the entire cover, from the lash line to over the eyelid crease.

  • Due to the fact that you’re working with a light shade, you may require to review the cover numerous times to pack on enough color. Particular darkness is a lot more pigmented than others.
  • To make the light color as extreme as possible, you can apply a layer of white eyeliner to the entire cover before applying your darkness.

Step 6. Brush a darker shade into the crease. Use the powder to your brush, and also just follow your natural fold. Continue cleaning to and fro in the crease along your brow bone, from the outer edge of your eye to almost the inner corner. By adding a darker shade to the crease, you will create depth as well as a measurement that will certainly highlight the all-natural tones of your eyes.

  • If you aren’t certain about the application of a folding shade, picture a windshield wiper. Merely brush to and fro to improve the all-natural shadow of the fold.
  • When you’ve applied the fold color, see to it you blend it out. It needs to mix effortlessly right into the lighter base color to look soft and all-natural.

Step 7. If you are functioning with two shades for the makeup for brown eyes, you can just apply the crease shade to the external corner. By including a dark shade to the outer corner, you will certainly open up the eyes and also make them look bigger, especially if they are close-set.
Clean your darkness brush, or get a new brush, and also mix the shadows together completely. There shouldn’t be raw boundaries or lines in your darkness.

Step 8. As you apply powder onto your covers, there is bound to be some darkness that finishes up under your eye. The attractive brown shade of your eyes won’t stand out if you have smudged, messy makeup for brown eyes along with the bases of your eyes!
One more technique is to gently blot under your eyes with tape. The dampness of the tape needs to pick up any kind of loosened little bits of shadow.

Step 9. Just like with eye shadow, brownish eyes can pull off generally any color of eyeliner and mascara. Because they’re a lovely mix of several tones, various shade products will certainly accentuate them in different ways. You can stay with the standard shades, like black and brown, or experiment with bolder, lively shades.
Products with hints of blue can play up the lighter, gold streaks in brownish eyes, making them look vivid and sparkly. Navy and also royal blues are likewise less extreme than black, so they can be used to develop a softer look.

Step 10. Line your eyes. Use eyeliner to your leading lash line. This will develop a dark base for your lashes, making them look more complete and lush. By rimming your eyes with eyeliner, it will improve the whites of your eyes and make your eye color stand out.

When it concerns lining the bottom of your eyes, be careful. If you line from the internal to an external corner, take the chance of making your eyes look smaller sized and hence reducing your stunning brownish eyes. Rather, miss the bottom eyeliner or simply the line from the external corner to about 3/4 in.

Step 11. Mascara is the cherry on top of the ideal look for brownish eyes. Mascara boosts the lashes and also aids to open up the eyes totally, thus putting your delicious chocolate eyes on the complete screen. Attempt using purple, emerald, or navy to highlight the intricacy or richness of your brown eyes.

  • Make sure the product is used equally on the mascara wand. This will certainly help you to stay clear of any type of clumping on your lashes.
  • Shake the mascara wand back and forth as you move from base to idea. This will certainly ensure the mascara is applied uniformly as well as clump-free.
  • After the mascara has actually dried out, feel free to use a 2nd or third coat to make them darker and extra remarkable.

A lighter color will certainly aid conceal any type of under-eye circles or shadows, and aid makes your eyes look brighter and extra awake. The stunning brown color of your eyes will not pop if you have smudged, messy makeup along the bottoms of your eyes!

Just like with eye darkness, brownish eyes can draw off essentially any kind of shade of eyeliner and mascara. By rimming your eyes with eyeliner, it will boost the whites of your eyes and also make your eye shade stand out.
If you line from the internal to the outer corner, you take the chance of making your eyes look smaller and also thus minimizing your stunning brownish eyes.

How to Apply Smokey Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes


Step 1. Apply cream and a makeup primer. Make sure you have an ideal canvas prior to you begin placing on your makeup.

  • Massage a blob of moisturizer into your skin utilizing your fingertips. Effectively moisturized skin will certainly help your makeup to stick and stay looking excellent for longer.
  • After you have actually hydrated, massage in a pea-sized amount of makeup guide to your cheeks, nose, forehead, and chin.
  • Brush on a layer of eye primer to your top eyelids. General makeup guides can likewise function, however, specialized eye guides are more gentle and also have much better results.

Step 2. Use a curling device to the base of your lashes. Crinkling your eyelashes make eyes look more open and also will specifically enhance great smoky makeup.
You might also select to do this action after including eyeliner. Simply make certain to curl before applying mascara to stop clumping as well as breakage.

Step 3. Use your normal non-eye makeup. General skin makeup needs to be finished before you include eyeshadow. If you prefer not utilizing all of these products, feel cost-free to skip one or even more.
Wait till after you’ve completed your eye makeup prior to you place on any kind of lip color.

Step 4. Since your eyebrows will be mounting your smoky eyes, you want to make certain that they’re remarkable. Vibrant, dark eyebrows couple well with smoky brown eyes.

  • Stay on par with brow forming to get a dramatic arc, yet try not to over-tweeze.
  • If your all-natural eyebrows are a little thin or light, consider completing or drawing on your brows. You may utilize eyebrow pencil or various other makeup of your selection. Consider establishing your brows with colored brow gel.

Step 5. Use a neutral eye shadow around your lid. Use your fingertip to apply a pin-sized quantity makeup guide over each your eyelid. Then use a soft brush to move a neutral, skin-toned shade of eye shadow to establish the primer. This will give you an also base for your great smoky eye shadow.
You can additionally apply some loosened powder listed below the cover to catch any “fall out” from your great smoky darkness application. Brush it off for a tidy finish after you’ve applied your eyeshadow.

Step 6. Pick an eyeshadow tone that matches brown eyes, such as purple, navy, gray, or eco-friendly.
This eye shadow must be a little lighter than the black eye shadow you will apply in the next action. Brush it on starting at your crease and also quitting regarding midway down your eyelid.
Yellow and orange tones can create a special great smoky appearance that makes brown eyes pop.

Step 7. Create a definition with your darkest color of eye shadow. Use an eye shadow brush to load your upper eyelid fold with a black eye shadow. Consider the area from your lash line to the crease of your eye in a changed V shape. When packing your brush with powder, don’t forget to touch it over the container. Removing excess eyeshadow will prevent “results” on your cheeks.

  • Use other dark shades besides black if you want. Navy blue, imperial purple, as well as charcoal grey work well. Just make sure whatever you pick for the base is the darkest eye shadow color you intend on using.
  • Cream eye shadows function best for this step.
  • You can also make use of an eyeliner pencil for the base. Describe your lid with the pencil and also smudge it across your whole eyelid with a brush or smudging tool.

Step 8. Make use of a blending brush. These brushes have thinner bristles in contrast to eyeshadow brushes, and they are created to produce an airbrushed result. Utilizing your wrist, make a tiny circular “buffing” activity with your brush.

  • Mix the two eye shadows with each other at the lighter shade’s reduced side. This will certainly make the transition between the currently close colors totally seamless. Start from the side furthest from your nose, and work your way horizontally across your whole lid.
  • Mix the eye shadow at your fold. With a fresh brush, make these very same buffing activities at your eye’s crease. Stop regarding midway between your crease and also your brow.

Step 9. Highlight your eyebrow bone. Pick a 3rd extremely light eyeshadow to make use of as an emphasize. This can be either a shimmery metal or a nude shade. Brush up some of this eyeshadow right into a little line along the external lower edge of your eyebrow. You can likewise dab some shimmery shadow onto the internal edges of your eyes for lightening up impact. A dash of gold eyeshadow will especially make brown eyes pop.

Applying a dot of shimmery shadow onto the facility of the eyelid, sometimes called harlequining the eye, can make your eyes look bigger as well as offer your makeup much more dimension.

Step 10. Apply eyeliner to both lash lines. Pick an eyeliner that is either black or a similar shade to your first eyeshadow. A pencil liner will function best, as fluid liner is challenging to smudge.

  • Attract the eyeliner throughout your upper lash line, beginning on the external side and thinning the line towards your nose.
  • Apply eyeliner to the outer third of your lower lash line. Connect the top and the lower lines at the external corner of your eye.

Apply 2-3 coats of black mascara to your top lashes. If you find your lashes clumping, separate them with a lash comb…

Step 11. General skin makeup should be ended up prior to you add eyeshadow. Use a soft brush to sweep a neutral, skin-toned color of eyeshadow to establish the guide. Utilize an eye shadow brush to fill your upper eyelid crease with a black eye shadow. Simply make certain whatever you choose for the base is the darkest eyeshadow shade you prepare on making use of.
A splash of gold eye shadow will particularly make brownish eyes pop.

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