7 ways to include metallic shades to your clothing and look definitely magnificent

These metallic season colors come back in trend. Adding a metallic color to your outfit will make your appearance more exciting and beautiful. Metallic shoes, skirts, handbags, nails, and lips look amazing, combined with neutral colors. You may think that metallic colors are hard to combine, and if you do not have enough knowledge about possible combinations, you might ruin your outfit. Because we want you to know the perfect ways to add metallic colors to achieve the perfect look, we have made up a list for you.


metallic Shoes

Metallic colors can be added to every kind of outfit. Try to be a little more adventurous when it comes to your outfits and add some metallic shoes.

  • Metallic shoes look amazing, combined with neutral colors.
  • You should choose a metallic color that matches your skin tone. If you have lighter skin, choose silver. If you have darker skin, choose gold.
  • Metallic shoes can be combined with casual and evening outfits.


metallic jewellery metallic jewellery

This is how you should wear metallic silver:

  • Don’t wear too much – choose whether a big metallic necklace or big earrings, do not combine a big chain with big earrings.
  • Darker makeup goes very well with metallic colors
  • Do not wear metallic accessories with bright dresses as they can completely ruin your look.

Outfits with metallic elements

Outfits with metallic elements Outfits with metallic elements

You might think that this kind of outfits is a bit risky, but if you combine metallic elements with other elements that have a neutral color, the result will be amazing.

Metallic accessories

Metallic accessories

If you do not want to risk too much, you should choose some metallic accessories. These accessories will add some uniqueness to your look. Choose some metallic belts, bags, shoes, and jewelry, and you will love the result.


metallic makeup

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If you are not brave enough to opt for some gold and silver lipstick, you should opt for some pearly lipstick or some neutral color lipstick and then add some metallic gloss.

For evening looks, you should opt for some metallic eye shadows.

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Manicure and pedicure

metallic nails

Metallic manicure and pedicure are amazing, and they can perfectly finish your look. You can even opt for a French manicure with a metallic shade. Your nails will, for sure, look super stylish.

Metallic Hair color

Metallic Hair color

For the brave ones among our readers, we suggest you try some metallic hair colors. These will not just make all your outfits look more amazing, but they will also catch everybody’s eye.