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Easy Tricks to Make Your Skin Glow

by Jennifer
Easy Tricks to Make Your Skin Glow

There are so many beauty tips to use in order to make the skin glow, but not all women know what will work better for them. We gathered the most important pieces of advice which we believe they are useful for any woman who wants to have a naturally glowing skin.

These tricks are easy to use and they will help you obtain and maintain the glowing aspect of your perfect skin. Try them and you will notice the difference!

The Base

If you choose the right base (foundation) for your type of skin and your practice to apply it correctly, your skin will have a wonderful glow and it will be refreshed. Here are the steps you need to follow to apply the base:

  • When you buy the foundation, do not test it on your wrist or the bend of your arm, because the skin in those places is not like the skin on your face. If you want to test it, do it right upon your face, wait several minutes, and then you will notice if it is the right option for your skin type.
  • Be careful when you choose the foundation, because it should improve your skin. For example, buy the ones with oil-free formulas if your skin is prone to break out in spots, and buy the ones with moisturizing formulas if you have normal or dry skin. If your skin is sensitive, you must use a hypoallergenic foundation.
  • Before applying any foundation, keep in mind to apply a moisturizing cream, allow it to dry, and then wipe off the excess cream using a towel.
  • Use a sponge or a brush before applying the foundation.
  • Apply the foundation and then pat your face using a tissue.
  • When you apply the foundation, make circular motions and start with the center, moving on to the periphery.
  • Keep in mind not to apply a large quantity of foundation. The right amount to obtain a natural look is about pea-size.
  • It is recommended to apply the foundation at natural light. So, to be sure you cover all the parts correctly, do this during daytime hours.


Concealer is important for every woman, so it is better if you have one in your makeup kit. This beauty product is useful because it can hide the traces of tiredness and the lines under your eyes, it can cover the spots and blemishes on your skin. Keep in mind these steps:

  • When you choose the concealer, buy one which is lighter in tone than your color, because it will create a balance.
  • Apply your usual eye cream, to prepare your skin by moisturizing it.
  • Warm up your fingers and then apply the foundation, because it will help you apply it easier.
  • Use the foundation and then apply the concealer.
  • Keep in mind that the foundation and the concealer are different products and you must not use one instead of the other.



The powder represents a famous beauty product and it is used to hide the deficiencies in your skin by covering them or by absorbing the grease on your skin and it will remove the excess of brightness. If you use face powder, your face will be smoother and it will look wonderful. Here it is what you need to know about the face powder:

  • Choose the right powder according to your skin type. The most famous and recommended is the compact powder.
  • Before applying the powder, use a moisturizing cream or a foundation and wait for it to dry.
  • There is a trick to applying correctly the powder: use a brush, a powder puff or a sponge.
  • Follow this pattern when you are applying the powder: start with your forehead, and then apply it on the side of your nose, your chin, your cheeks, cheekbones, and finish with the remaining areas.


This beauty product is very used by many women, but only a few of them know the exact way to apply it. We want to help you by giving you the following tricks:

  • When you use the blusher, apply it in several thin layers, to last longer.
  • For pale skin, use a light coral, a light pink, or a peach shade. For the skin that is neither too pale, nor too dark, use a rich pink, warm lilac, or rich peach color. For darker skin, choose a rich fuchsia, dark brown or plum tone.
  • Maybe you never thought about this, but when you apply the blusher, the best trick is to smile. Move the brush from the part of your cheeks that protrudes the most in the direction of your cheekbones, and that is all.
  • Less is more when you apply the blusher. It is recommended to use a small quantity instead of a large one, and the best way to apply it is step-by-step, in the natural light.



The right bronzer will help your skin by revitalizing it and offering it a wonderful tan, but at the same time it will enhance the beautiful features of your face. Here it is what you need to know about the bronzer:

  • When you choose the bronzer, pay attention to the fact that you should opt for one which is one or two shades darker than your natural skin color. If you use this trick, you will avoid having an artificial look.
  • Do not apply the bronzer on your entire face, but only on the most prominent parts, because the sunlight will make them noticeable.
  • Do not forget about your neckline, because you must use bronzer on that part too, otherwise it will look pale comparing to your face…
  • The right movement when you are applying the bronzer it looks as if you are drawing the number “3” on your face, and then apply the bronzer on the forehead and your cheekbones. Finish by applying bronzer on the chin.

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