How to make a wedding makeup

The wedding makeup must complete the perfect image of a bride by giving her confidence and the feeling that she looks exactly how she wanted. There are some easy tricks any woman can learn so that everybody will have the impression it was done by a professional makeup artist.

The wedding makeup is not that difficult to obtain if you know the correct technique to apply the respective products. You only need high quality products with long-lasting effect and time to practice a few trials before getting the final result on the big day. Do not choose a style which makes you feel uncomfortable, but one that matches your personality and your taste.

Clear your skin and moisturize it, apply a silica-based primer to even the skin tone, smooth the skin and which makes the rest of the products last for the rest of the day without giving the impression of obstructing the pores. The women with oily skin can use oil free primers. Then, apply a foundation. You must pay attention to the foundations or skincare products that you use when it comes to a wedding makeup.

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Some foundations have Titanium Dioxide, an ingredient which makes your skin look pale in the flash of the photo camera, so if you do not want to look pale in the most important day of your life, you must choose carefully. It is better to test the foundation and take a photo with a camera (not with your phone, because it is not the same thing) and see if it looks good. After the foundation, apply the concealer – simply tap the product with your finger and blend it to cover when is necessary.

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After you took care of your skin, you need to follow the next step of the wedding makeup. Use long lasting, high quality products and start with the eyes: first apply the eye shadow primer and the colours, then take care of your brows. Do not use too much powder for your cheekbones. It is better to choose a translucent one. If you want glow, then you should apply shiny powder on the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin), and use a matte one on the rest of the face, but make sure you do not use too much. If you have oily skin type, use specific products for it. There are various wedding makeup styles you can try, for example:

• If you want a classic wedding makeup, then you should match the colour of the lipstick with the blusher, to be in harmony with each other.

• If you want to define the shape of your eyes to stand out, use eye liner and kohl pencil. Define the lashes without exaggerating; press it a little along the lash line.

• If you are an eccentric bride, you can break the conventional rules and use bolder or darker colours as eye shades, according to what suits you best. There is always the chance to try something new and like it.

• For a vintage wedding makeup, you may choose a matte red lipstick. You will look amazing, but keep in mind that red lipstick needs more attention and maintenance.

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