Kendall Jenner Makeup Tutorial 2020

Kendall Jenner makeup tutorial for the day, for the evening, natural makeup, tips and steps to follow. Different styles of Kendall Jenner makeup tutorial to try if you want to look like her.

Kendall Jenner makeup tutorial for different occasions, what products to use for the eyes, brows, lips, cheeks, and how is the proper way to apply them.

When you first see Kendall Jenner’s makeup, either it’s a day one, or it’s an evening one, but you certainly say “Wow! That’s perfect makeup!” because all of them seem to be so. Kendall Jenner’s makeup looks always fresh and she always manages to attract others attention, even if it’s natural makeup.

Kendall Jenner makeup

Her makeup styles are never too intense, they are moderate, and she always manages to impress with their help.

If you want to get a natural Kendall Jenner makeup, here are a few tips and steps you have to follow:

Kendall Jenner Makeup Tutorial

Step 1

This is the first step of Kendall Jenner makeup tutorial: apply a strobe cream on the high points of your face, namely on your upper cheek, on the bridge of your nose and under the brows.

Step 2

Next, you will apply a foundation. We recommend you to use a stick foundation, it’s much easier to apply, and to use a lighter shade, for example, a “05 Natural” one. Apply it in small stripes all over your face, according to the Kendall Jenner makeup tutorial. Then take a buffing brush and buff the foundation in your skin, covering it completely.

Make sure you stretch it evenly, otherwise in some areas, you might see a thicker layer than in others and your Kendall Jenner makeup tutorial will not be correct.

Step 3

We have reached the third step of Kendall Jenner makeup tutorial. Now we will continue with the brows. Using an arch brow sculpting pencil, one that is suited to your brow color, comb first the browns so that they look arranged, and then fill up the gaps using the pencil, according to the Kendall Jenner makeup tutorial. Try to give your eyebrows a more natural look so that they don’t look as if they were painted.

Step 4

The fourth step of the Kendall Jenner makeup tutorial is about the eyes. Apply the eyeshadow. Try to choose only two colors so that your eyelids don’t seem to laden. In the corners of your eyes apply a lighter shade, and on the rest of the eyelids apply a slightly darker shade, but not a black one – don’t forget you want to get a natural look!

Start applying the eyeshadow from the outer corner and advance toward the inner one, where you apply the lighter shade, according to the Kendall Jenner makeup tutorial.

For a little bit more definition, apply the darker shade under your eyes in a narrow line.

Step 5

Next, we have the eyeliner, as the Kendall Jenner makeup tutorial instructs. If you don’t have a liquid eyeliner, you can also apply it by using a special brush which looks like a pencil, because this is another good choice. Try to make a thin line along the edge of the eyelids and try not to overdo it.

Kendall Jenner makeup 2019

Step 6

If you want a 100% Kendall Jenner makeup, you will have to apply false eyelashes, but if you don’t have them, you can apply the usual mascara. If you want your eyelashes to look thicker, apply several coats.

If you apply false eyelashes you can apply a coat of mascara on them to look more natural.

Step 7

Next, you will apply contour in your cheekbone areas, to make your cheeks stand out a little bit, according to the Kendall Jenner makeup tutorial. Apply it starting from your ears, try to blend it a little bit and don’t forget to apply it using a brush. After you’ve applied the contour apply a highlighter in the bright areas of your face.

Step 8

This is the eighth and final step of the Kendall Jenner makeup tutorial: apply the lipstick or the lip gloss. If you want to use both of them, first you can apply a little foundation on your lips to make them more resistant. For the lips apply a nude shade lipstick, a brown perfect-nude one, and then apply the lip gloss to obtain some glow…

If you follow these 8 steps strictly, you will definitely get a Kendall Jenner makeup, a natural and beautiful one!

Kendall Jenner VIDEO Makeup Tutorial