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7 Tips How to Find Fake Makeup Brands

by Jennifer
10 Tips how to find Fake Makeup Brands

Everybody knows that designer cosmetics are counterfeited. Designer makeup can be very expensive, buying some and discovering a home that it is a fake is very upsetting. Besides this problem, a more important one is that those fake products are very dangerous for your health.

Buy Cosmetics just from Licensed Sellers

Buy cosmetics from licensed sellers just

Do not let yourself tricked by the large stores that sell some products. If you want to be sure, you have to buy the cosmetics you desire only from authorized retailers. It is very easy, go on the manufacturer’s website and check the list of retailers where you can purchase their products.

Designers’ makeup may be pretty expensive, but fortunately for makeup lovers, retailers sell their products sometimes on lower prices. But if the discount is extremely big, you should be sure that the product is not the original one.

Take Note of the Product Packaging

Take note of the product packaging

Some fake cosmetics are so obvious that every single makeup lover will see the difference. But there are some fake products that look almost the same as the original. One way to be sure that the product you are willing to buy is the authentic one, visit the manufacturer’s website and compare the picture of the product with the product you are looking at.

Every single difference is a sign that the product you want to buy is a fake. So if you notice some differences in font, color, size or packaging, you should not buy the product.

Even holding the product in your hand can be an easy way to tell it is the real or the fake one. If it is light as a feather it is for sure a fake.

Inspect the Bar Code, Identification Number, and also Product Info

Inspect bar code, identification number, and also producing info

If the product is a counterfeit, then the first 2 or 3 digits of the bar code may not match the country of origin listed either on the packaging or product itself.

If the serial number is missing, the product is certainly a counterfeit.  Before you buy something, make sure that the serial number on the product itself matches the number on the box.

The information the manufacturers write on their products is also a way you can tell if the product is original or not. Genuine high-end cosmetic brands often provide their customers with additional information in several languages. If the packaging has very little information about the product, then it isn’t authentic.

Examine the Tones of the Item.

Check the shades of the product

The shades of fake products are most of the time different from the shades of the original product. So before buying cosmetics, you should go on the manufacturer’s website and check the shades of the products you want to buy.

Take Notice of the Scent as well as Uniformity

Pay attention to the smell and consistency

There should not be any strange substances or sparkle in authentic cosmetics, especially when those are matte. Creamy cosmetics should not separate or contain any impurities. And the smell of some original mascara is a very pleasant one.

Inspect Brushes as well as Sponges

Check brushes and sponges

The packaging of the product may look very similar, but do not worry, you can tell the difference by looking at the brushes and sponges. They may differ in size, shape, or color, and the overall quality of them maybe not satisfactory.

Test Makeup Products Before Buying Them

Examination make-up items prior to acquiring

Do not think twice before trying the testers in the store. This is the best way of assuring that the product you desire is the original one. Keep in mind that an original lipstick should apply smoothly and evenly, and an original eye shadow or blush should not smear over the day…

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