Korean Makeup Tutorial and Pictures

Korean makeup is very popular, not only because of the captivating looks which are obtained with it, but also because the Korean beauty products are often enriched with natural ingredients and light formulas to highlight the natural beauty.

Korean makeup always looks radiant and beautiful. Find out how you can achieve a splendid look by using the right products and techniques!

A woman can stand out from the crowd if she has an original and fabulous outfit and if her makeup is flawless. If you want to be one of these wonderful women you have to dress well and you have to learn how to obtain a perfect makeup. We want to help you and that is why we’ll give you pieces of advice on achieving Korean makeup.

With this kind of makeup, you will impress everyone around you and you will be the center of attention. Learn how to obtain a Korean makeup by just following some easy steps. Pay attention and find out everything about the Korean makeup!

How to Look Great With a Korean Makeup

The Korean makeup has become over the years more and more popular and many women are looking to learn how to achieve it. This look is characterized by a radiant face and well-chosen colors. Here is what you have to do in order to get a Korean makeup.

The first thing you have to do to get a Korean makeup is to take into consideration your complexion. If you want a Korean makeup, you must clean your skin very well. Then you can apply a foundation and a concealer if needed. Apply these with a special sponge and blend very well.

Then, you must focus on your eyebrows. Korean makeup means you must have straight eyebrows. Apply some glue with a brush and then apply concealer over the glue. Blend very well. Then apply some color on the rest of your eyebrows.

Use light eyeshadow on your upper and lower eyelids. Then, apply some mascara and an orange blush on your cheekbones. Don’t skip this step if you want a real Korean makeup.

korean eye makeup tutorial

The final step of this part of the Korean makeup tutorial is that you need to follow is to apply a good lipstick. Before applying the lipstick, you must apply some concealer or some foundation on your lips in order to obtain the perfect base. After that, you can apply a pink lipstick that will shape your lips. This will complete your Korean makeup and will make you look great.

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As you may have seen, the Korean makeup is not very hard to achieve if you follow some tips and some general steps. You have to try achieving this look even if you don’t obtain it from the beginning. After a while, you will improve your technique and you will achieve a modern and feminine look with this Korean makeup.

korean eye makeup

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Korean Makeup Step-by-Step

To understand what the “Korean makeup look” is, simply observe photos of preferred female Korean stars such as Song Hye Kyo and Krystal.

It is their perfect skin, dewy skin, as well as the youthful vibe that really makes the “Korean appearance” so preferable to practically everybody throughout Asia!

To help you accomplish the Korean look, we’ve assembled a quick as well as simple Korean makeup tutorial that also beginners can adhere to along with.

The Koreans are most well-known for their dewy, radiant skin – however, it is not produced completely with highlighters!

1. The secret to attaining Korean ‘porcelain skin’ is really making certain that your skin is moisturized as well as moistened. For this reason, it is essential to always moisturize your skin in the night and day. If your skin is on the completely dry side, you can take into consideration using a leave-on night mask lotion that will certainly offer you the extra dampness increase that you require.

Korean makeup

2. Because the major objective of this Korean makeup tutorial is to be fast as well as easy, we advise that you take a look at BB lotion or cushion compacts if you have not currently.

korean makeup BB CREAM

Both integrate makeup and also skincare right into one hassle-free formula, so you would certainly be able to moisturize your skin while applying foundation as well as concealer at the same time.

The tiny, all-in-one product packaging of BB paddings are specifically helpful if you’re the type that travels regularly, or just intend to retouch your Korean makeup on the go!

BB cream has actually been among the most sought-after makeup products when it initially emerged in the Korean charm scene, as well as has actually since made waves all around the Globe. If you are looking for something light-weight however which can likewise cover imperfections, you can use BB lotion in place of foundation and also concealer.

3. Much of us aren’t honored with perfect skin, however, that’s OKAY, since there is constantly concealer to save your day.

korean makeup CONCEALER

To achieve that remarkable complexion, you’ll most likely need something a little extra intense for those persistent blemishes that are still slightly visible even after using base makeup. It can also conceal those dark eye circles, acne marks, or even soreness on your skin.

If you wish to make your cheekbones and nose more famous, you can additionally make use of concealer as a highlighter. Select a concealer that is one shade lighter, and also use it as you would with a highlighter.

4. In Korea, eye makeup is additionally referred to as point makeup as they desire their eyes to be the main “factor” on their face.


Some of the distinctive Korean eye makeup looks include the “puppy eyes” eyeliner and aegyo sal.

For eyeshadow, Koreans favor keeping colors on the eyelids to a minimum as they prefer a more all-natural appearance as opposed to having makeup as well clearly overdone. Therefore, it is recommended that you make use of neutral or light colors, such as brown, pink, or coral to achieve the perfect Korean makeup.

A pointer for choosing the best eye shadow is to discover colors that fit your skin tone. Head over to pharmacies or Sephora as well as swatch different tones of eye shadows to discover a shade that matches or emphasizes your eyes.

5. Did you know that brows play a big role in shaping your face? An additional component to the younger, innocent Korean appearance is to have straight brows with a slight arc at the end. If you take a look at images of Korean women celebrities, you will certainly observe just how they tend to draw their eyebrows in a straight manner!


However, nowadays you will discover that less Korean lady celebs spot straight eyebrows, however, choose instead for an extra all-natural arc that frames their face. Bae Suzy, for example, has replaced her straight eyebrows with normally curved ones:

Whichever you choose, you have to remember that eyebrow forms look different on everyone. You can have a look at our short article on the different kinds of eyebrows and also exactly how to attract your eyebrows conveniently right here.

If you are certain that the Korean straight brow is for you, you can attempt to pluck away those roaming hairs and gradually shape it. Nevertheless, if you doubt your own abilities, you can always entrust your brows to beauty therapists in brow hair salons and allow them to understand the shape you wish to have.

The next step to get the Korean makeup is to fill out your eyebrows. Begin with light strokes at the start of your brows as well as slowly work your method throughout, tapering it down to a point. You can choose to work with a brow pencil or brow powder, whichever you’re extra comfortable with.

Also if you are going with a straight eyebrow appearance, there must still be a very small arc near completion of the eyebrow, and the arc must begin around the external edge of your eye. Remember to mix out any kind of rough sides with a spoolie.

Some Koreans also like to utilize brow tints to lighten their eyebrow color so that it will certainly match their skin as well as hair color better, specifically if they have actually dyed their hair a much lighter color. Offer it a try and you might be surprised by the outcome!

6. Since we are finished with your base makeup for the Korean makeup, we require to add some healthy glow back onto the face. To do so, you can use powder, cream, or fluid blushers, depending upon your choice! For newbies, we recommend utilizing powder blushers as they are generally less complicated to mix.


Apply them from peaks of your cheeks (commonly described as the apples of your cheeks) in the direction of your holy places as well as mix it to appear the glow is coming naturally from within. In Korea, females prefer to use blushers in the color of reefs as well as rosy pink as it complements their complexion.

Don’t hesitate to apply even more color too – although the Koreans supporter for all-natural makeup, they simulate more color reward with their blushes to make sure that they get a healthy and balanced, radiant radiance!

7. The slope lip makeup trend has taken control of the globe however it actually stemmed from Korea. It makes your lips look fuller, and additionally makes them look tantalizingly just-bitten. The fundamental concept behind a sloping lip is to use a darker shade on the internal lips and then utilize a lip brush, a cotton swab, or your finger to mix it outwards to develop a slope result.



Slope lips have actually come to be so popular that many Korean makeup brands (and also non-Korean brand names) have actually generated two-tone lipsticks which declare to help you accomplish the gradient look with one swipe and without mixing them…

Korean Makeup Video Tutorial