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Geisha Makeup Tutorial and Pictures

by Jennifer
Geisha makeup

A geisha makeup is unique, daring and redefines beauty standards. This special makeup involves a radical and charming transformation. The geisha makeup is perfect for a theme party or for a special evening occasion. If you are one of those women who are not afraid to try something special and different, you must pay attention to our tips and find out how to achieve a perfect geisha look.

You can try a geisha makeup if you follow some advice.

How to obtain a perfect geisha makeup:

  1. You must know that if you want a geisha makeup, you must have a perfect complexion, resembling porcelain. That is why, before starting the actual makeup, you must apply a base. Apply a moisturizing cream and blend it very well.
  2. Then, the next step in a geisha makeup, apply a liquid foundation. Chose a foundation that is a shade lighter than the one you normally use, because this is the right one for the geisha makeup. Spread it very well with a special sponge all over your face and your neck. This is how your face will look like a mask, which is exactly what you need in order to obtain the geisha makeup. Apply a compact translucent powder for a matte look, which is what a geisha makeup require.
  3. The next step in the geisha makeup is to outline your eyebrows. You must pay attention to this step, because it is very important when you are trying to achieve a geisha look.
  4. You have to use a dark pencil to define your eyebrows, in order to achieve a geisha makeup.
  5. Then apply a nude eye shadow on your eyelids and a white one under your eyebrows. Blend the two shades with a special brush. Create shadows using a pink cream eye shadow. Spread it on your entire eyelid up to your eyebrows. You can use a pink fuchsia eye shadow for a bigger impact. Apply this eye shadow with a brush on the eyelid and blur it on the outside corner of the eye. Finish the eye makeup by blending very well the colours you applied.
  6. Apply a black eye-liner starting from the inner corner of the eye to achieve the geisha makeup. On your lower eyelid draw only half a line. Use an eyelash curler and mascara in order to give volume to your eyelashes, which is what it needs for a geisha makeup. You can try some false eyelashes in order to highlight your eyes for a geisha makeup.
  7. Final touch of your geisha makeup: use a provocative red lipstick for your lips and complete your geisha look with an appropriate hairstyle.

We guarantee that you will look fabulous with your geisha makeup!

Modern Geisha

Question: Before we start off with the products to get this geisha look, what do you visualize it when you think about modern geisha makeup?
Geiko: I think my version of the modern geisha is certainly more westernized. To me, she has a marginal amount of face make-up yet a really great cat eye, stunning lashes and flawlessly groomed eyebrows.

Question: What key items do you need to achieve the modern geisha look and exactly how would you apply them?
Geiko: Start with your eyebrows by utilizing a fluid eyebrow liner in a shade that matches your hair colour.
After that use the fluid eyeliner in either espresso or black to ideal your cat eye as well as adhere to up by utilizing an eye pencil in the lower lash line.
Finish the geisha makeup with three layers of the ultra volume mascara, adhered to by 2 layers of the enormous size mascara.

Question: Since we know just how to get the look, what does the modern geisha look embody to you?
Geiko: She is a modern-day woman who uses numerous hats as well as, actually, the majority of our clients fit this description. She is a successful executive, an independent business owner and/or a mother who manages a hectic job as well as house life. She has no time to worry about her makeup smudging or how it could possibly impact her sensitive skin. This is her go-to look as well as she recognizes she wears it well…

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authentic geisha makeup japanese geisha makeup modern geisha makeup traditional-geisha-makeup geisha girl makeupGeisha makeup video tutorial

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