Rarity Nails! Best Rarity Nails Designs

Rarity nails are essential for those women who want to express their femininity and try something new. If you like to be different and in the same time you are interested in the nail art, then you are in the right place, because we will offer you the best source of inspiration when it comes to these types of manicures.

Rarity nails – the latest innovation of manicures filed is about efficiency, style, and variety. Learn how to be a lady without any waste of money; all you need to be the center of attention is a tutorial about red nails.

Rarity nails is a young company launched in July of 2017, and it offers you the fastest way to do beautiful nails without significant waste of time. The high quality of the product is due to different manufacturers, China being the source of raw materials and the USA (Texas) being the partner in charge of design, assembly, packaging, and delivery. There are made a hundred options of colors and different designs, and you just need to choose your favorite one.

rarity sparkling nails

What Are, in Fact, the Rarity Nails?

Rarity nails are 100% nail polish, and, because of their safe ingredients, there is no risk of irritation or nail fungus. They are free of Formaldehyde, DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde Resin, Xylene, Tosylamide, Ethyl, Camphor, but, most importantly, Parabens and Triphenyl phosphate. Their ingredients are inoffensive, as the Propenoic acid, Nitrocellulose, Ethyl acetate, Butyl acetate, Acrylic polymer, Dipentaerythritol, Isopropyl Alcohol, and Steralkoniu M Hectorite are carefully combined, to obtain thin nail sheets, that would be both durable and flexible. However, they are very known for their elasticity.

The application of rarity nails works wonderfully because you don’t need any particular glues or removers, no heat, or any special tools to apply. You need almost ten minutes per hand to get ready. By the way, the durability of nail sheets is guaranteed and validated by the beauty bloggers’ industry.

Rarity Nails ideas

Every package of rarity nails has a different design, clear and concise instructions about the application. You need to know that every package contains 20 double-ended strips, of multiple sizes. They last up to 14 days, and because of their superior structure, there is no danger for your nails, they are almost a professional-home nail care.

Rarity nails tend to become more and more searched because they fit perfectly with our complicated times when you need both to save money and time. This product was strategically designed for that power women who know how to manage their time to succeed in everything. We live in a time when our tasks have to be done with the speed of light, but no matter what is going on around us, we should never forget about our bodies.

black and white Rarity Nails

Dedicate time for self-care and wear what makes you feel great, more self-confident, a proper body care is a way to create your temple where you need to think, to meditate, at least a place full of you and yourself.

So, your transformation could start with testing the new models from rarity nails at a price of only $ 5-7. Let’s learn how easy it is to become the princess of the ball, instead of a poor Cinderella. I am sure you will save the next tutorial about red nails. If you are going to be at a party tonight, choose the pure brilliant red to be unforgettable. But, if you just want to have an elegant daily look, you can pick a shade of mattered.

long Rarity Nails

So, to get ready, firstly, you will need to clean your nails: keep each hand for 10 minutes in a bowl of warm water to get your dead skin and cuticles soft. Then, very attentively cut the unwanted skin. For a maximum safe treatment, then wipe your nails with an alcohol prep pad.

Now you are ready to choose the red nail strips shade you like most and fit perfectly with the nails. For a long-lasting result, use the nail polish strips at room temperature. So, remove the clean cover, peel the polish strip and take away the rectangular end of the nail strip. Now you have to apply it exactly on the nail shape and avoid getting on the skin around the nail. Then file the excess and tip of the nails. Now enjoy your new look!

red Rarity Nails

Some additional tips:

  • Because of their fragility, the resistance of the rarity nail strips depends a lot on the temperature. Room temperature has to be between 22 and 25 degrees Celsius. In a cold temperature, they risk to become rough; they also lose their adhesion and may harden before applying on nails. So, cold temperature means no more elastic nail strips. On the same note, hot temperatures also negatively influence on the long-term quality of the nail strips. They become too flexible, and it would be impossible to fix them on the nails.
  • Likewise, you should now that you have to be very fast when applying rarity nails because once you removed the clear cover, you must apply immediately as the air tends to dry them.
  • Take 30 minutes after application to read a book, to do your makeup, or better choose to watch an episode of Friends, because you have to refrain from getting your nails wet.
  • Keep on the nail strips no more than 10-14 days per chosen package; of course, they resist much more, but usually, in this time, the nails can grow, so take care of the look of your nails.

Rarity nails is a young and small company owned by some simple girls who want to encourage women to work on their dreams and never to be afraid to take the risk, better to regret that you tried than to be too scared of failures. They prove that every single success is 1 percent talent and ideas, and the remaining 99 percent is about a lot of hard work.

burgundy Rarity Nails

Simultaneously, the owners of these innovative products show that great things aren’t absolutely about radicalism, as many women think that if God doesn’t bless you with an extraordinary sense, like a passion for aeronautics, economics or cinematography, you are not able to become a famous business lady. Real success is about ingenuity and action, you think about what do you want to do in your free time, what you could bring new in that field and of course, how are you going to make some money…

The girls from Rarity nails prove that the beauty industry could be updated endlessly, especially because this is our kingdom. Who besides us women could know better what we need to be both fatally beautiful and careerist?
So, dare to be like the girls from Rarity nails!

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