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Acrylic nail designs

by Jennifer News
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Acrylic nail designs are appropriate for any gathering, occasion, event or party. You will never fail to impress the ones around you with this sophisticated style. From simple and very attractive, to colourful hues or impressive decorations, you have plenty choices you might want to try, and in this article we show you a cool photo gallery to inspire you.

What does the acrylic nail designs mean?

This kind of press-on nail art exists from early 1970s, and has its origins in some old aboriginal tradition of wearing something in the right shape pressed upon the nails. In time, as the technology evolved, the procedure improved and the materials changed too. The acrylic is a type of resin used as glue between the natural nails and the artificial ones. The modern acrylic nail designs became stronger than it were about 45 years ago and they are really beautiful in every manicure without damaging the natural nails.

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Discover your preferences

The main idea of creating the acrylic nail designs is based upon a mixture of a liquid form of acrylic and a powder one. By homogenization, they form a small, soft ball which is spreadable without being excessively wet. When it comes to designs, there are multiple trends to choose from: square, sharp, oblique or oval edge, floral designs, animal print paint, shiny decorations, colourful print design, unique complex accessories, cute stickers or elegant 3D models and many more. They last longer than usual nail polish painting and you can always wear them at the length you desire without waiting for your natural nails to grow out.

Keep in mind that the acrylic nail designs must be done in a sterile environment to prevent infection and it is necessary to permit them to breath for 2 weeks after you wear the acrylic nails for long periods of time. You can choose to go to a saloon or you can ask a friend to make your nails in this manner, but there is also the possibility to learn yourself how to do them on your own, because it is not that hard, you only need patience and perseverance…

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