70 Long Nails Designs Which Last a Long Time

Long nails types and what instruments need to be used to make your nails strong. How to apply the long nails and how long do they last.

Long nails ideas like white stiletto nails with stars, ruby red shimmering coffin nails, pastel nails with gems and 3D flowers, coffin nails with glitter, pink nails with white tip.

Nowadays, there is so much diversity in the nail industry that every single person can find a style that suits them perfectly or at least try as much as they can, experiment and enjoy! Some people prefer short nails because of their practicality; other people prefer long nails because of their elegance.

Nevertheless, everyone loves a glamorous set of nails, whether they are long or short. Indeed, each type has its advantages and disadvantages; people love them or despise them because of several reasons. However, no one can deny that long nails are somehow a luxury, not in the sense that they are not affordable but because, in comparison with shorter nails, they are rather applied for special occasions and not for daily usage.

3D long nails
3D long nails

This does not mean that long nails cannot be worn daily, but some people enjoy getting the job done without paying too much attention to their nails. And long nails do steal the spotlight completely!

How to Apply Long Nails? Are There Any Advantages?

Long nails present a wide variety of advantages, from very common ones to some advantages that you could not have thought of. Let’s take a look!

  1. There is an endless range of possibilities. You can style the long nails as you want, you can paint them in any color, you can add as many accessories as you desire, you can give them any design that you like and they will still look amazing no matter what.
  2. It may sound weird, but long nails act as a personal secret weapon. There are moments in life when you need help because someone might mess with you, and you need someone or something to defend you. Well, long nails are just like a personal hero.
  3. Long nails are often appraised and admired by everyone. One of the first questions that pop out when someone sees your long nails is, “Are they real?”. So, people do not only appreciate your nail color, design, style, etc., but also the effort and time that you put into growing them beautiful and strong.
  4. Long nails are not just weapons but veritable tools. As long as your nails are strong enough and healthy, you can even open cans with them, and you can slice a tape, you can pick up toast from the toaster, you can flip things and so much more.
  5. Long nails are low maintenance compared to short nails. People usually think that long nails require more attention and sacrifices than short nails, the perception that could not be further away from the truth. Short nails are the ones that need to be trimmed and filed periodically, not to mention that long nails do not retain as much dirt or bacteria under the nails as the short ones do, because it is easier to spot it and easier to clean it, so fewer chances to be infected.
black and red long nails
black and red long nails

How Long Do Acrylic Nails Last?

There are a couple of things that can help you grow long natural nails, and that strengthens the resistance of your nails over time:

  1. Respecting your nails’ hygiene – Long nails are well-known for being exceptionally prone to infections, bacteria, and fungus. Therefore, the long nails need special attention when it comes to cleaning. A good mild soap is the most effective at destroying bacteria. Put your hands under the running hot water, apply soap, let it create some foam and then rinse your hands under the hot water for around 30 seconds. Make sure to scrub the back of your hands, between your fingers and under your nails, because bacteria accustom to settle where you least expect it. Pay extra attention to space under your nails. Use a Q-tip or a special tool to brush them while cleaning them with soap and water. Also, antibacterial hand sanitizers play an important role in cleaning your hands when you do not have access to soap and water. As long as you pick a sanitizer that contains 60% alcohol and does not apply it daily without properly washing your hands beforehand, it should do the trick. Bad habits might damage the nails too. Biting your nails, cutting your cuticles, and pulling off hangnails prove to be more harmful to your nails than you think. It would be best to try to refrain yourself from biting your nails, to not cut your cuticles but to push them back with an orange stick and to not pull off hangnails just like that, but to use a clip or tweezers.
  2. Growing the actual nails – It might prove to be quite difficult to grow your nails to the desired length. Before beginning the process, make sure to soak your nails in lukewarm water for about 5 minutes each because this way, the nail and the skin around it will become more soft and easy to fill or clip. After ensuring the best condition for your nails, the next step is to choose a nail shape. There are plenty of nail shapes, oval, square, squoval (a combination between the previous ones), and so many other nail shapes that it is almost impossible to choose from. However, specialists recommend you to choose the square shape because it is the most durable. After you choose the nail shape, begin to file your nails with a glass file, which is the ideal file for shaping nails.
  3. Preserving your long nails – Not only the process of obtaining long nails is strenuous but also the process of preserving them in an optimal condition. It is important to keep in mind that having long nails does not mean that you are not supposed to trim them anymore. Trimming them regularly is an obligation because each nail has a breaking point, no matter how strong they are. Once you have achieved an ideal nail length, try to stick with it by trimming and cutting them with extra caution around the edges because the edges are the first ones that break. It is not enough to trim them from time to time, but you also need to apply some topcoats and nail hardeners to your nails, to amplify their resistance and prevent potential breakages. There are plenty of products on the market that can help you with this matter; however, make sure not to change your topcoat or hardener because it can also deteriorate your nails’ health. Preserving your nails in a good state means protecting them, so wear gloves when washing dishes or when doing any other household chores because you come into contact with other substances, bacteria, and dust that is as harmful to your nails as chemicals. Last but not least, moisturize your hands periodically and keep a balanced diet with fruits and vegetables because a healthy exterior is the result of a healthy interior.
blue and white long nails
blue and white long nails

How Long Are Long Nails Able to Last?

Longer nails usually pose bigger problems than shorter nails, and it is obvious why. Taking care of nails, in general, is a bumpy road because there are so many things that could go wrong.

However, there is a difference between natural long nails and long artificial nails. When attempting to grow natural long nails, you have to be very careful and patient because it is a time-consuming process. Long natural nails usually have a breaking point when each nail collapses, no matter how strong the long nails prove to be over time.

They accustomed to last for around three weeks, more or less, depending on how long they are and how long you want them to be. Even so, if you do not consume vitamins, if you do a lot of manual labor, if you use your hands for a good amount of time in assiduous household chores, then you can expect them to last even less. On the other hand, artificial nails are applied to your natural nails so they cannot grow any longer than you choose them to be at the very beginning.

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However, artificial nails are made of various substances, people might have allergies to them, they might not be qualitative, and they might also break if you are not careful. Whether we talk about natural or artificial nails, long nails are a challenge that is worth a try.

blue long nails
blue long nails

Do Long Nails Cost More Than Short Nails?

People have the wrong mentality regarding the costs of growing or applying long nails. They think that because they are longer, they need much more attention than short nails. Well, it is not true.

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Long nails are long expressly because they are strong, and they can resist for quite a long time without doing much. On the other hand, short nails need constant trimming and cutting, which is not profitable. Therefore, the price of trying to grow long nails at home and to style them afterward is more or less similar to the price you end up paying for applying artificial nails.

The cost for artificial long nails could reach somewhere between $35 and $45, which means around €31.5 or €40.6, but it also could go up to $60 (€54.1). Of course, there are some high-end places like salons and Spas where you can be charged even $120 (€108.2) for long nails but no more than $100 (€90.2), compared to cheaper places that could ask for $10(€7.78) or $20(€15.57). After taking into consideration all these, it seems more cost-effective to craft them at home.

gray long nails
gray long nails

Instruments You Need to Use Daily to Make Your Nails Strong:

From the very beginning, it is important to highlight that some instruments need to be used every single day if you want your long nails to be as healthy and durable as possible. Starting from the pre-procedure and going to the final touches, each step is important to achieve the perfect manicure. The following tools will help you grow long, powerful nails daily.

  • Instruments that need to be used:

  1. Cotton pads;
  2. Paper towel;
  3. Acetone-free nail polish remover;
  4. Cuticle balm;
  5. Nutritious oil;
  6. Tweezers/ clipper;
  7. Glue/ gel/ acrylics;
  8. Synthetic brush;
  9. Nail buffer;
  10. Topcoat/ hardeners/ strengtheners.
long Classic nails
long Classic nails

Ideas of Designs for Long Nails:

  1. Ballerina Pink for Ballerina Nails – a pastel pink base on long coffin/ ballerina nails (@riyathai87)
  2. ‘These are not droids’ Space Age Nail Design – a white base with metallic effect and one accent nail with precious gems (@nailsbymztina)
  3. Yellow Ombre Nails With Diamond Details – a clear base with a yellow ombre gradient and diamond details (@elinasnailart)
  4. Pastel Pink Natural Manicure with a Twist – a pastel pink base with a glossy effect alternative patterns (@botanicnails)
  5. Mother of Dragons Green Manicure with Glitter – alternative earthy toned colors with glittery and glossy effects, patterns and rhinestones (@victorianatdha)
  6. High Gloss Gold and Tailored Rhinestones Nail Art – a pastel pink and nude base with glossy effect, diamonds and different patterns (@nailsbybano)
  7. Turquoise Studs Weekend Nail Designs – a bright turquoise base with diamonds and gems (@nailsbymztina)
  8. Snow Queen Light Pink Shimmery Glitter – a pastel pink base with alternative glittery accents (@beautybyela)
  9. Black and Gold Coffin Nails – alternative black and gold bases with diamonds, rhinestones, glittery and glossy effects (@solinsnaglar)
  10. Natural Ultra Long Coffin Nails – a white base with glossy effects on ultra-long coffin nails (@lacquenailbar)
  11. Ultra Long Matte White, Glitter, Rhinestones, Coffin Nails – a white base with glittery and glossy effects, rhinestones and gems (@margaritasnailz)
  12. Oxblood and Rhinestones Elegant Manicure – a dark red base with glossy effects and rhinestones (@thenailsqueen)
  13. Beauty and the Beast Inspired Manicure – a nude-toned base with one accent nail with floral patterns (@botanicnails)
  14. Gold Dust Woman Glitter Manicure – a see-through base with alternative gold glittery nails and golden French tips (@solinsnaglar)
  15. Unicorn Magic Pink Glitter Nails – a pastel pink base with glossy effect and alternative glittery nails (@margaritasnailz)
  16. 2001 A Space Odyssey Navy Nails – a matte navy blue base with alternative marble patterned nails and cosmic glittery nails (@elinasnailart)
long fashion nails
long fashion nails

In conclusion, long nails are no longer a trend but a lifestyle! There are plenty of options where you can choose from, and now, that you know how many advantages long nails actually bring to you, you should definitely try them at least once. Long nails are a veritable canvas for creating the most unique and elaborate nail designs, they are truly appreciated by everyone for their beauty, and these are just a few reasons why long nails are practically securing their spot in the nail art industry.

1. White Stiletto Nails with Stars

White Stiletto Nails with a Starry Look

To create this look, you’ll need to color your long nails white. Make certain to make use of a number of coats in order that the white is opaque sufficient, which you could now not see the nail that you’re portraying. Then, select two nails to accent on every hand, and paint a single layer of gel nail glitter within the form of stars on these long nails…

2. Ruby Red Shimmering Coffin Nails

Ruby Red Shimmering Coffin Nails

This look goes to look nice on long nails. Choose one nail on every hand to have a matte look, whereas the remainder stays shiny. Once the polish dries, add a glitter coating to at least one or two of the shiny nails. These shades of purple will look nice, and the inventive design appears to prefer it takes a number of effort to create.

3. Pastel Nails with Gems and 3D Flowers

Pastel Nails with Gems and Floral Accents

These pastel purple nails are so stunning that they’ll go along with any outfit. To add some class to this lengthy nail artwork, there are two accent fingers. The first is a fragile sample of gems that sparkle within the gentle, whereas the second is a floral show of whereas daisies that may go completely with a pearl necklace or a lacy costume.

4. Coffin Nails with Glitter

Aquamarine Coffin Nails with Sparkle Accents

If you want blue, this is among the greatest designs for long nails that one can find in this gallery. Each finger has a distinct accent, so you will notice a nail with glitter, a nail with a blue tip, a metallic nail, and a softer blue nail. They are all an analogous shade; however, the look of every varies a bit.

5. Pink Nails with White Tip

Pretty Pink Nails with a White Tip

For anybody who’s in search of a pure, pure search for your long nails, that is the best choice. It is simple to create this look with pure nails, and if you wish to add refined accents to the design, doing so shall be a simple job that won’t change this traditional, pure look.

6. Light Pink Nails with Gems

Soft Pink Nails with Gem Accents

This is a protracted nail design that has a distinct sample on every nail. It begins with a pink base coat that’s comparatively pale in coloration. It is then accented with gems that sparkle within the gentle. Some long nails have a number of gems on the base of the nail, whereas others are absolutely coated.

7. Pink and Purple Nails with Gems

Pink and Purple Nails with Gem Accents

Cute Gem Accents look nice on long nails, and this nail artwork combines a pure nail with some colorful accents. Start by coating your nails in a delicate pink polish, then select two to stud with gems in an easy, but elegant design. The different nails will get a purple swirl over the pink polish to create a tie-dye impact.

8. Long Nails with Colorful Striped Tips

Natural Nails with Colorful Striped Tips

The greatest long nails designs often incorporate the information, and this design really nails artwork, price recreating in your nails. The suggestions appear like they have been brushed on with a paintbrush, so the tops are a bit jagged. The suggestions are coated in strips, which might be shades of pink, yellow, and blue, and the remainder of the nail sports activities a pure look.

9. Peach Nails with Glitter

Perfectly Peach Design with Shimmering Accent Nails

This is the right lengthy nail design if you wish to sport a traditional look with a little bit of aptitude. To create this straightforward look, paint your entire nails with a base coat of the peach color that you just see right here. Then, select a number of nails to accent with a coating of glitter earlier than including a transparent coat.

10. Yellow Nails with a Flowers

Yellow Nails with a Cute Floral Design

This nail concept is admittedly a simple design to recreate. Start by coating your nails with a yellow color. Make certain that it’s thick sufficient that your long nails don’t present by means of the paint. Then, add some small flowers to the appropriate and left facet of your long nails. The flowers don’t have to look good on long nails.

11. Matte Black Long Nails

Matte Black Nails with a Snake Accent

This is the right lengthy nail artwork for Halloween; however, it is going to look good all year long as properly. The majority of your long nails are going to be a matte black color; however, you’ll depart one nail unpainted in order that it may be accepted. In this picture, the ring finger is accented by a small snake that’s slithering on a transparent stiletto nail.

12. Pink Nails with Glitter Tips

Pretty Pink Nails with Shimmering Tips

If you get pleasure from designing your nails at dwelling, then that is one other simple concept that may take mere minutes to create. Start by portraying your nails a shade of pink that’s just like the color that you just see on this picture. Then, when the paint is dry, add a layer of glitter to the information of your nails.

13. Purple Almonds Nails with GoldViolet Almonds with a Splash of Color

Almond-shaped nails offer you a number of design choices; however, this pastel purple paint and the accent nails look wonderful on this design. The accent nails are a delicate mixture of pink and yellow that’s coated with a gold foil design that basically pops in opposition to the delicate color of the nails. One to 2 accent fingers per hand shall be ideally suited.

14. Transparent Stilettos with Pink Glitter

Long Crystal Stilettos with Pink Glitter

If you want distinctive trying lengthy nails, then it is a nice search for you. These nails have nearly a crystal-like design that resembles an icicle. The suggestions of the nails stay clear; however, the remainder of the nail is coated in each small and huge glitter. This glitter will give your nails a nearly magical look that appears nice.

15. Beautiful Purple Nails with Gold Accents

Beautiful Mauve Nails with Royal Gold Accents

This color is one that basically appears nice on lengthy nails; however, the accent nails that you just see on this design are actually what attracts your consideration. They are painted with a pure color polish after which coated with gold glitter to present the model a regal look. The tip on one of many nails stays white to create some distinction to the design.

16. Nude Nails with Gold Foil

Natural Nude Nails with Gold Foil Details

A nude look is an effective way to have nails that you could put on to an off-the-cuff setting in addition to a proper event; however, this look has a gold accent on the ring finger that makes it a bit extra elegant. Most probably, that is finished utilizing a stencil to create the sample, but it surely needs to be simple to recreate by hand.

17. Matte Green Long Nails

Matte and Shiny Shades of Green

Long nail artwork doesn’t need to all the time have an intricate sample that’s troublesome to create. In truth, This concept is one that solely adjustments the inexperienced coloration in your nails barely. Some of the nails have a shiny prime coating, whereas others have a matte color that appears nearly metallic within the gentle.

18. Orange and White

Shades of Orange and White Camouflage

This distinctive look has two completely different nail designs that you’ll love. The first one is a peach color polish that’s coated in a superb glitter, and the re-examination is extra of a camouflage design that pops when it’s subsequent to strong color. These nails are strong white with orange, brown, and yellow designs on them.

19. Maroon Nails with Gems

Long, Shiny Maroon Nails with Small Gems

This subsequent concept is a good choice for actually lengthy nails. The nails shall be a strong color that appears almost black in the appropriate gentle, however, it’s really extra of a maroon color that appears mystical. Choose a finger to accent, after which connect two small gems subsequent to your cuticle and perhaps add a gold streak down a number of nails.

20. Burgundy Nails with Glitter

Mauve Nails with Silver Glitter Accent Nails

This is the right lengthy nail design for somebody who needs to create a glance that’s elegant, but mysterious and enjoyable. The essential fingers are all a mauve coloration like the color that’s proven on this picture, however, there are two accent fingers on every hand which might be coated in glitter, which says that you’re a little extra enjoyable.

21. Long Red Stiletto Nails

Long, Shiny Ruby Red Stiletto Nails

These ruby-purple nails are vivid and alluring to the attention. This shiny nail design appears good for an evening in town, but it surely is also the right l you’re planning on dressing up as a cartoon villain for Halloween. It can be simple to create a design, so if you happen to want superior nails in a rush, strive these.

22. Animal Print Nails

Almond Nails with Colorful Accent Smudges

The subsequent design that we’ve is one that may look higher with lengthy nails. The base coat is the orange color, however, you possibly can select any vivid tone. Then, use tiny brush strokes to create uneven traces and smudges in numerous colors. This design makes use of orange, black, and pink, however, you possibly can select any color that matches your outfit.

23. Pretty Pink Coffin Nails with Gems

Pretty Pink Coffin Nails with Gem Accents

Pink is among the most used colors for nail designs, particularly when you’ve got lengthy nails that might be coffin-shaped. To make this concept a bit extra artistic, there may be an accent nail that’s studded with gems. These gems are positioned considerably sparsely in order that the pink might be seen between the gems without masking up an excessive amount of the essential design.

24. Nails with Colors Accents

Pale Nails with Warm Accents

This nail design begins with a pale base that’s barely pink in coloration. Over the highest coat, it has heat smudges that may be seen in purple, orange, and yellow. There can be a black streak on every nail that stands out a bit greater than the opposite colors and serves as an accent.

25. Nude Pink Nails with Gems and Glitter

Pale Pink Nails with Gems and Glitter

If you’re in search of a design that’s a match for a queen, then this one goes to be one which you’ll want to contemplate. This design begins with a delicate pink coat of paint. Once the polish dries, select two nails for accent. One could have glitter densely throughout the nail, whereas the opposite is roofed in gems of various sizes and styles.

26. Long Brown Nails

Classy Natural Look with Glitter Accent Fingers

This look combines a delicate brown polish and bronze glitter right into a cute look that you’ll love. The accent nails keep a pure look, whereas the information is coated in glitter. The different fingernails solely have one color, however, they’re all coated with a transparent polish that creates a shine that may look nice with night put on.

27. Pink and Purple Nail Graphic

Cool Pink and Purple Plaid Nail Design

This is an enjoyable nail artwork concept that makes use of squares and diamonds to create a singular look that’s good for any event. It begins with a base that’s pink in the direction of the cuticle and adjustments to extra of a purple color the nearer you get to the tip. Then, white traces are painted on the nails to create the patterns that you just see right here.

28. Pink Nails with Pastel Colors

Soft Pink Nails with Pastel Accents

If you’ve got lengthy nails, you possibly can simply recreate this nail artwork. The base polish that you will use for this design is a delicate pink color, and the accent nails are coated in pastels. Each one has a rainbow of colors, which incorporates orange, yellow, purple, inexperienced, and purple that may coat your entire nail or simply the information.

29. Almond Nails with Matte Plum Color

Round Nails with a Matte Plum Coloration

If you’re in search of an enjoyable color to color your nails that shall be acceptable to your day-by-day model in addition to an evening out in the town, then this plum polish often is the ideally suited choice. It is a matte model of paint, so there may be not a number of shine to it, but it surely appears nice, particularly on spherical or almond nails.

30. French Pink Nails with White

Hot Pink Nails with Cool White Tips

This subsequent lengthy nail design is one that stands out not solely as a result of it appears higher on longer nails, however, as a result of the polish is scorching pink. As you progress away from the cuticle to the information, the nail fades from the pink to white. If you like a softer color, the identical design might be created with a distinct color of polish.

31. Stars and Stripes Nail Design

A Simple Stars and Stripes Nail Design

If you’re feeling patriotic, then this nail design is one price attempting. Most of your nails shall be painted purple, however, paint two accent fingers blue. Then, create stripes on the nails which might be purple and stars on those which might be blue to create the colors of the flag. Polish without a shine will look greatest with this design.

32. Pink Sparkle

Pink Passion with Accents that Sparkle

These pink nails are fairly easy to create, and they’ll look wonderful with almost any outfit. The base polish that you’ll want to make use of for this design is one that’s refined, but shiny. Once the primary coat dries, select two accent nails so as to add a transparent coat of glitter, and you should have stunning lengthy nail artwork for any event.

33. Ombre Pink

Pretty Pink Nails with Short White Tips

This subsequent design concept is one that’s fairly cute, particularly for individuals who have considerably brief nails. The nails are painted pink, after which they’re coated with white polish till the pink fades right into a white color on the suggestions of your nails. If you need, you possibly can depart a few of the nails strong pink in order that they supply a cool accent.

34. Pastels

Coffin Nails Colored in Pastels

This subsequent design will add a splash of color to your life. Each nail is a distinct color, however, they’re all strong pastels throughout each finger. In this gallery picture, you will notice purple, pink, orange, yellow, blue, inexperienced, and purple nails, however, you possibly can select which nails are which color if you recreate this lengthy nail artwork.

35. Pink Nails with Flower Designs

Soft Pink Nails with Beautiful Flower Designs

The subsequent design in our gallery is one that is a bit more troublesome to create without a regular hand or the flexibility to color small particulars. The nails are painted a delicate pink color, after which darkish pink and blue flowers are created over the bottom coat. Each nail has a barely completely different design, which lets you be artistic as you create this cool design for lengthy nails.

36. Pink with Flowers

Natural Pink with a Beautiful Carnation Accent

The essential focus of this nail concept is just not the pure pink nails, however somewhat, it’s the accent nail that may be seen on the ring finger within the picture. This pretty carnation may be very fairly, however it is going to take a little bit of focus and a gentle hand to get all the particulars excellent on each finger.

37. Blue with Gems

Blue Nails with Shimmers and Gem Accents

These almond nails look nice with the blue nail polish, particularly the nails which might be accented to face out and catch your eye. One of the accent nails is just glittering that sparkles within the gentle on the proper angle, however, the different one has an intricate gem sample that makes your nail appear like it’s carrying a sapphire necklace.

38. Black Nails with Glitter

Black Nails with a Cosmic Sparkle

This is a singular nail design that resembles the celebrities within the cosmos if you look into the sky from Earth. The base color of this design is black, however, there’s a single coat of small glitter that appears like distant stars. The design is then coated in a transparent polish that may add shine to your nails and actually make them stand out.

39. Matte Green and Green

Matte Green with Gold Accent Design Nail

Sometimes the easy lengthy nail designs are those that draw our curiosity probably the most. This concept is one which makes use of an uncommon shade of inexperienced as the bottom, however, it’s a delicate color that may look good together with your day-to-day put on. The ring finger is accented with a gold stencil design that may by no means come out precisely the identical twice.

40. Natural Pink with Gems

Soft Pink with a Ring of Gem

Subtle nails are ideally suited if you need one thing that may look good for days. This design has delicate pink nails, however, there’s a slight accent on the ring finger of every hand. Around the cuticle, there’s a U-shape of gems that appear like they’re encircling the finger like a hoop. This design works greatest for lengthy nails.

41. Natural Nails with Gold Rings

Natural Peach Nails with Gold Ring Accents

This is one other easy design that doesn’t take a number of efforts to create. The nails are a delicate color, however, if you happen to have a look at the index finger, you’ll discover a single gold ring that’s designed as an accent for this concept, and there are two rings on the ring finger so as to add much more class to the model.

42. Red Nails with White

Rosy Red Nails with Fall Highlights

If you want the purple nail polish, check out this subsequent design choice for lengthy nails. Most of the nails are painted a stunning shade of purple, however, the fingers which might be accented are white, which contrasts the look fully. Leaves are painted on the white floor to create an attention-grabbing design that attracts your consideration.

43. Metallic Ombre

Soft Pink Nails with Metallic Tips

Not all lengthy nail designs need to be refined, and this subsequent concept is one that breaks all the expectations in relation to conventional nails. The nail is a delicate pink close to the cuticle, however as you progress out in the direction of the tip of the nail, it adjustments. First, it’s a shade of purple; then, it turns into a metallic gold color.

44. Natural Nails with Glitters

Natural Nails with Glittered Tips of Silver

This subsequent design is a sassy twist on a pure look. These French manicured nails are a pale pink color, however, the suggestions have a thick coat of glitter on them that may take your nails from fairly and easy to chill and thrilling. Finally, you want a transparent coat over the glitter in order that it shines when below the sunshine.

45. Black Nails with Gold Tips

Matte Black Nails with Royal Gold Tips

Black and gold are two colors that usually look nice collectively, and on this design, the nails are painted utilizing a black polish that doesn’t shine, and the information is painted gold. This is a concept that works nicely for longer nails as a result of the longer your nail is, the extra gold it is possible for you to get on the information of them.

46. Gems and Glitter Pink Nails

Gems and Glitter on Soft Pink Nails

This subsequent design is just not a simple one to handle, however, it is going to work greatest on lengthy nails. The nails themselves are a delicate pink. Some of them have white suggestions, however, the majority of the accent on this design comes from glitter and gems which might be positioned on the nail to create a singular look. The gems are ideally suited on the center finger.

47. Natural Nails

Cute Tan Nails with a Shine

Sometimes, the perfect sort of nail design that you could select is an easy one that doesn’t have a number of flairs. This one is painted with an impartial tan color that may go along with any clothes, so whether or not you’ll the mall or dance, you’ve got a trendy look that matches the invoice.

48. Pink Cute Floral Tips

Natural Nails with Cute Floral Tips

Long nails look nice with tip designs as a result of they’ve more room for intricate designs. This concept is one that has a pure have a look at the cuticle, however, the suggestions are pink with floral patterns and designs that basically pop. Each nail has a distinct design, however, all of them look cute and sassy. There are additionally gold confetti items on the nails.

49. Yellow Nails with Dots

Yellow Nails with Dots and Cute Designs

These nails are superior as a result of they incorporate some distinctive designs. The base is yellow, however on the nails, that are all completely different, you possibly can see dots, spots, ice cream cones, and extra. In truth, there may be even a mouth on one nail that appears prefer it is able to devour the ice cream and a weird face trying again at you on one other…

50. White Nails with Blue and Pink Accents

White Nails with Blue and Pink Designs

long french nails
long french nails
yellow long nails
yellow long nails
pink long nails with glitter
pink long nails with glitter
pink and red long nails
pink and red long nails
pink and gold long nails
pink and gold long nails
metalic long nails
metalic long nails
louis vuitton long nails
louis vuitton long nails
long stiletto nails
long stiletto nails
long red nails
long red nails
long purple nails
long purple nails
long Gucci nails
long Gucci nails
long gems nails
long gems nails

The closing lengthy nail artwork design that we’re going to have a look at is one which sports activities a white base coat. On prime of the bottom coat, there are a number of color smudges of pink and blue that give the design a nearly feather-like look. It is delicate and refined, but it surely jumps out at you on the identical time. This works greatest with spherical or almond-shaped nails.

rose gold long nails
rose gold long nails