How to make cute nail designs at home

Cute nail designs are not so hard to get. Every woman dreams for a perfect manicure and so we asked many persons who said that an article about getting your nails right and sweet is perfect to them.

Cute nail designs are meant for casual meeting. I think that less is more and today we are going to explain you how to make your French manicure right. I know it might sound easy and not so special, but we are going to use many colours for our French and we are getting more than one design for your nails.

4th-of-July nails design

  • First step:

Clean your nails. Be careful because it might seem easy but for a perfect manicure is important to get away all the imperfections. You might, as well, use a primer solution for nails. It is very useful and not so expensive.

  • Step two:

Choose the colour for your French!

We want more than one design for your nails and the colour changes everything. Blue, black, red or the immaculate white gives you a whole different image for your nails.

  • Step three:

After you have chosen the colour, you have to check the nail gel. This must not be sticky. We think that this gel is the most important element when you decide to get your nail design by yourself. The gel must lie perfectly on the nail to give you that desired model.

  • Step four:

You have the primer, the colour and the gel in front of you. Get that primer on. It might seem a long way but it is so simple if you follow these instructions. Apply adhezive-tape atthe end of the nail and be careful when you apply the colour. You have to wait until the colour is dry.

  • Step five:

Get away that adhezive-tape and search again if the nail gel is not sticky. Now, with a lot of patience, apply the gel on the nails. Wait until the first layer is dry and apply another one.

  • Step six:

Wait! Wait until it is all dry.

Now you have your cute nail design. Of course, you can add a simple model on the first and the fourth nail, so it can seem a little different. A lot of women think that French manicure is hard to do at home. The most important thing is to be patient and to have a little inspiration.

You can combine all the colours you like. For that short line, you can choose what colour you like and when it comes to one special model you can choose a contrasting colour.

There is no difficulty in having cute nail designs!

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