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77 Most Iconic Red Nails for a Supreme Look

by Jennifer
Red nails

Red nails are worn by celebrities, the most iconic red nail designs, the most popular shades of red used. What is the symbolism of the red nails, the best red nail polishes?

Red nails polish that people can wear each month of the year, tutorials, red polishes for cool skin tones, for warm skin tones, for neutral skin tones, and for all skin tones.

Who does not love a vibrant red lipstick or a tight red dress that compliments the figure? Or maybe a pair of red high heels? Red nails? It cannot get any more classic than this!

Red is a universal color! There is no outfit in our wardrobe that does not have a tint of red to it. You can walk into any shop and see plenty of red garments, accessories, make-up products, and decoration items. However, the beauty industry is perhaps the field that exploits this color the most.

red square nails

One of its branches, the nail art industry, turned red manicures into women’s greatest advantages. Red nails have been around for so many years since the foundation of the nail art industry was settled. Red nails have been evolving so much lately that there is a gigantic number of possibilities when wearing them.

There are so many ideas, patterns, decorations, combinations, and styles that you can never get bored while playing with a nice shiny or matte set of red nails. Red is a color for all occasions, for all people, for all generations; red nails will never go out of fashion!

What Is the Symbolism of the Red Nails?

In general, red is the symbol of power, love, sex, and even danger. From ancient times, around 3.000 BC, the members of the Chinese Royal House were creating their own red manicures by mixing beeswax, egg whites, and vegetable dyes.

Egypt seemed to follow the same pattern; only those who were a part of the royalty were entitled to wear red nails. In today’s world, red is a symbol for empowerment, independence, courage, and confidence, and people even confess that by wearing red nails, they feel more confident to speak up their thoughts and opinions.

For example, during the Second World War, women from all over America were busy fighting in the war, building planes and tanks, carrying munitions, everything while rocking bright red lipstick on their nails. Red nails were the embodiment of getting the job well done, of having the right knowledge and the ways in which you can put it into practice.

red nails ideas

Which Were/Are the Most Iconic Red Nails in History?

There is no surprise that red nails have taken the spotlight ever since the 1920s. Many celebrities have been seen wearing red nails in more or less formal environments and outfits because they make a bold statement. Let’s take a look at the course of red nails’ history!

1. 1937 – Marlene Dietrich’s red nails in Angel;Marlene Dietrich red nails in Angel
2. 1941 – Rita Hayworth’s red nails in Blood and Sand;Rita Hayworth red nails in Blood and Sand
3. 1945 – Gene Tierney’s red nails in Leave Her to Heaven;Gene Tierney in Leave Her to Heaven red nails
4. 1950 – Lauren Bacall;
5. 1955 – Lucille Ball;Lucille Ball red nails
6. the 1960s – Dior;Dior 1960 red nails
7. 1965 – Natalie Wood;Natalie Wood 1965 red nails
8. 1972 – Liza Minelli’s red nails in Liza with a Z;Liza Minelli in Liza with a Z red nails
9. 1975 – Barbra Streisand’s red nails in Funny Lady;Barbra Streisand Funny Lady red nails
10. 1978 – Dolly Parton;Dolly Parton 1978 red nails
11. the 1980s – Chanel;Chanel 80s red nails
12. 1981 – Cher;Cher 1981 red nails
13. 1984 – Lana Turner;Lana Turner 1984 red nails
14. 1992 – Princess Diana;Princess Diana 1992 red nails
15. 1994 – Uma Thurman’s red nails in Pulp Fiction;Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction red nails
16. 2005 – Gwen Stefani’s red nails in Hollaback Girl video;Gwen Stefani Hollaback Girl red nails
17. 2006 – Victoria Beckham;Victoria Beckham 2006 red nails
18. 2011 – Iris Apfel’s red nails for MAC;Iris Apfel for MAC 2011 red nails
19. 2012 – Tom Ford;Tom Ford 2012 red nails
20. 2012 – Kate Moss’s red nails for Rimmel;Kate Moss for Rimmel red nails
21. 2013 – Rihanna;

Rihanna 2013 red nails
22. 2013 – Miley Cyrus;Miley Cyrus 2013 red nails
23. 2013 – Selena Gomez;Selena Gomez 2013 red nails
24. 2015 – Beyonce and Blue Ivy;
25. 2016 – Taylor Hill’s red nails for Michael Kors;Taylor Hill for Michael Kors 2016 red nails
26. 2017 – Rihanna;Rihanna 2017 red nails
27. 2017 – Celine Dion;Celine Dion 2017 red nails
28. 2017 – Charlize Theron;Charlize Theron 2017 red nails
29. 2018 – Nicki Minaj;Nicki Minaj 2018 red nails
30. 2019 – Cardi B.Cardi B 2019 red nails

Which Are the Most Popular Red Nail Polishes Used?

Red nail polishes can be found in a variety of shades, prices, and styles. Red nails can be accessible or more expensive, lighter, or darker, simpler, or more accessorized one for each taste and need. Here are some of the most well-known red nail polishes:

  1. Essie – Really Red – it was created around the ’80s, so it is among Essie’s first nail polishes. Its composition is truly unique, and it is somewhere in between creamy and jelly, it is extremely shiny, a perfect medium red nail polish at a very good price;
  2. OPI – Big Apple Red – customers pointed out that it illustrates the perfect hue of red. Like the previous one, it is somewhere between creamy and jelly, so it has a very soft formula too. It also has the ability to portray a brighter red in natural light and a darker red in the dark, without being too glittery or shiny;
  3. Christian Louboutin – Rouge Louboutin – going past its interesting and revolutionary design, this nail polish is richly pigmented, long-lasting and non-toxic, giving off a very glossy finish, even though it is a little bit more expensive than many others;
  4. Dior – Rouge 999 – this nail polish offers a very luscious gel-like effect, a vibrant classic red color, not too summery or wintery as well as consistency and resistance for a considerable amount of time;
  5. Revlon – Revlon Red – this nail polish is one of the best classic deep red nail polish on the market at the moment because it does not stain, it is consistent, creamy and resistant for about a week, at a very good price too.

Red Nail Polishes that People Can Wear Each Month:

  1. January – JINsoon Nail Polish in Coquette – a cherry red nail polish with purple tints;JINsoon Nail Polish in Coquette
  2. February – Dior Nail Lacquer in Rouge 999 – another bright cherry red nail polish, perfect for Valentine’s Day;Dior Nail Lacquer in Rouge 999
  3. March – Smith and Cult Nail Polish in Kundalini Hustle – bright red nail polish with pink tints;Smith and Cult Nail Polish in Kundalini Hustle
  4. April – Revlon Nail Polish in Revlon Red – a strawberry-like red nail polish;Revlon Nail Polish in Revlon Red
  5. May – Zoya Nail Polish in Dixie – a watermelon-like red nail polish;Zoya Nail Polish in Dixie
  6. June – OPI Nail Lacquer in Cajun Shrimp – a bright coral cherry red nail polish;OPI Nail Lacquer in Cajun Shrimp
  7. July – NARS Nail Polish in Paradiso – a blood-colored red nail polish;NARS Nail Polish in Paradiso
  8. August – OPI Nail Lacquer in Big Apple Red – a classic red nail polish;OPI Nail Lacquer in Big Apple Red
  9. September – Chanel Le Vernis Longwear Nail Color in Vamp – a vampy red nail polish;Chanel Le Vernis Longwear Nail Color in Vamp
  10. October – Smith and Cult Nail Polish in The Message – a metallic crimson-like red nail polish;Smith and Cult Nail Polish in The Message
  11. November – Zoya Nail Polish in Ember – a liquid metallic red nail polish with blue undertones;Zoya Nail Polish in Ember
  12. December – JINsoon Nail Polish in Opulence – a darker metallic red nail polish.JINsoon Nail Polish in Opulence

Which Are the Best Red Nail Polishes According to Your Skin Tone?

Choosing a nail polish can generally be very difficult because there is such a wide variety that people do not relay know what to choose and from where. In regards to red nail polishes, the task becomes even more difficult because it depends on your undertones. There are people with cool skin tones, with warm skin tones, with neutral skin tones, and with all skin tones.

Red Nail Polishes for Cool Skin Tones:
People who have cool skin tones should wear red nail polishes with blue undertones. For example, darker red nail polishes like burgundy and chocolate reds are the best option; while copper, golden reds should be avoided because they do not match with cool skin tones.

Example of the right red nails shade: Essie Berry Naughty or Essie Ace of Shades;Essie Ace of Shades

Red Nail Polishes for Warm Skin Tones:
People who have warm skin tones should opt for red nail polishes that resemble tomatoes, auburn, and chestnuts. It is recommended to avoid darker reds or blue reds because warmer skin tones are usually washed out by strong colors.

Example of the right red nails shade: Essie Geranium or Alia California Love;Essie Geranium

Red Nail Polishes for Neutral Skin Tones:
People who have neutral skin tones should choose true, intense reds, but they are also allowed to play with reds that have both cool and warm undertones.

Example of the right red nails shade: Olive and June JG or YSL La Laque Couture 1 Rouge Pop Art;YSL La Laque Couture 1 Rouge Pop Art

Red Nail Polishes for All Skin Tones:
People who have all skin tones should go for pinky reds because they complement them better. Even if you purchased the wrong shade of red, you can simply add some pink, mix it, and then you have the perfect pinky red.

Example of the right red nails shade: Smith and Cult Color Nail Polish in Psycho Candy.Smith and Cult Color Nail Polish in Psycho Candy

How to Make the Best Red Manicure at Home?

Red manicures are not that expensive, so there is no problem in making an appointment to a proper salon or Spa, or resorting to a specialist in order to achieve a perfect red manicure.

However, people either like to spend less money, or they actually enjoy doing their red manicure by themselves from the comfort of their home. There are plenty of options to choose from when creating the perfect red nails, so you are allowed to choose among easier ones or maybe more complicated techniques.

Therefore, there are many ways in which you can obtain a red manicure, but we will detail only one of them, dividing and explaining the entire process step-by-step.

Steps to Be Followed to Obtain One of the Best Red Manicures:

  1. Take good care of your natural nails: this step highlights the importance of taking care of your cuticles and your nails, your hands overall. It is extremely important to have a solid foundation so you can actually start from somewhere and make sure that your manicure will last long. Therefore, buff and file your nails as much as you consider necessary, but do not forget to keep your hands moisturized and clean and not to cut your cuticles because they are also a part of the nail bed and have a protective function.
  2. Apply a base coat/ strengthener: another important step is to apply a base coat, or a strengthener as this layer will protect your natural nails from staining or chipping, especially when it comes to a set of red nails.
  3. Choose the proper red color: many people disregard this step, but it is of no use to follow all the other steps religiously if you are not able to choose the right color for your skin tone and your intentions. We have already discussed how to choose a proper red shade depending on the skin tone, on the season, on the months, and on the brand.
  4. Paint patiently: when doing their nails, people accustom to do it in a rush. Well, painting nails proves to be one of the most challenging processes on Earth because it requires patience, time, attention, and accuracy, according to this red nails tutorial. If you create a mess around your nails or if it covers the cuticle, it would be difficult to redress the situation.
  5. Accessorize wisely: If you paint your nails patiently and take your time, do not accessorize them quickly just to get the job done. Red nails require more patience, attention, time and special accessories than many other nail styles because red is already a special color that stands out on its own, so you have to be careful not to overshadow the color with unnecessary jewelry, drawings or patterns, according to this red manicure tutorial.
  6. Make sure you apply a topcoat: since it is the last step, people tend not to give it as much credit as they should. The topcoat, as well as the base coat, acts as a protective layer, according to the red manicure tutorial; it prevents the nail polish from chipping or cracking or being damaged in any shape or form, and it also gives a shiny, glittery touch to it too.
    In conclusion, red nails are a timeless trend that matches everyone around the Globe! The red manicure is also extremely admired and preferred because it gives off a very feminine appeal with a touch of sexiness. Red nails do not only help you rediscover your inner goddess, but they also make you know yourself better.

red nails models

For example, there are certain shades of red that go well with some outfits, some accessories, some skin tones, and so on and so forth. While playing with this color, you can actually discover more about your own preferences and needs, about who you are and what you can do…

Always keep in mind the famous quote by the designer Bill Blass: “When in doubt, wear red.” Well, we could not agree more. If we were to name one trend that has never gone out of style, that would be red nails.

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