70 Most Exclusive French Tip Nail Designs for Modern Women

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French tip nail designs have suffered improvements these days. Offer more elegance to your hands and avoid the boredom of wearing the same popular French design all over again by trying the latest trends of French tip styles which will bring diversity to your manicure. Take a look at our examples of French tip nail designs and try to use your skills to create special tips for your French nails!

French tip nail designs

French tip nail designs represent some of the most beautiful and classy styles, therefore, you should try them. The French tip nail designs are suitable for any occasion and for everyday wear. But these days, the manicurists have made important changes regarding the French tip nail designs, and this way, they have developed the possibilities of having a modern Parisian look. Many women show their preference for the French manicure, but this classy style is plain, very conservative. It is good to make a change once in a while, and modern women embrace various colors or patterns for the tips, this is why the French tip nail designs were created.  For the best results, we recommend you to use high quality products for these French tip nail designs.

black cute french tips nail design

French manicure has actually not been designed in France. Like we stated, its beginning can be mapped to the experiment of Mr. Jeff Pink, the creator of Orly.

At a motion picture collection, in the ’70s, the team would love to alter the shade of a starlet’ nail with each outfit modification she put on, as well as Pink discovered a service. He produced what would certainly be a hot cake of manicure that the globe would certainly require and also appreciate like sweatshirts in wintertime. Due to the fact that it is rapid as well as conserves the staff a whole lot of time, the French manicure is best at that factor.

Some resources have various tale to inform. One claims the father of contemporary cosmetics, Max Factor, brought the aim to live for the fashionistas of Paris in 1930. One more specifies the design was first utilized also previously than that, as far back as 1800.

How to Do French Manicure at Your House

How to Do French Manicure in the house

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Like whatever you will certainly do to make you look lovely, it has to have a method to boost your look. It must, actually, be secure ad provide you an optimal advantage. Below is the procedure to have such with a French manicure.

Action 1: Prepare Your Nails

  • Tidy your nails. Usage nail gloss cleaner to get rid of the old nail gloss.
  • Maintain the nails long. French manicures are gorgeous when your nails are long. So, it you want to obtain French tip nail designs, you must have long hails.
  • If you would utilize acrylic nails (you understand, it is extra like including additional size), after that you can cut the nail short. The polymer will certainly include size to it later on.
  • Submit your nails to a square or round form. The side should be well cut and also smooth. A nail file is a very best device below. These forms are the best for the French tip nail designs.
  • It is time to soften your follicles. Put some milk or olive oil or water in a dish. Moist your fingers in it for 3 mins minimum. This is another important step if you want to obtain French tip nail designs.
  • With an emery board, push back your follicles. Press it back or reduce it out with either a follicle cutter or nail scissors if there is any type of persistent hangnail or mess.
  • Have you done the above? Use some follicle oil on your follicles. Do not miss this step if you want to get the French tip nail designs the right way.

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Action 2: Use Your nail Gloss

You need to have a top-quality French manicure set to obtain the ideal look and also optimize the advantages. Check our finest French tip nail designs!

  • Use the skim coat. The selection of a skim coat that is suggested for French manicure is a lotion, light pink, or clear.
  • Use a red stripe down the center of your nail. Comply with that with 2 red stripes heading either side. Turn all-time low of the gloss ahead; currently, repaint from the follicle in the direction of the pointer.
  •  Do these to all the nails, in order to get the perfect French tip nail designs.
  • Include white nail gloss. When using white gloss, quit right at the end of your nails’ white. Include the French nail ideas picking the very best application approach for you (talked about listed below).
  • Allow it completely dry. And also include a 2nd layer over the initial, if you desire.
  • Secure the surface area of your manicured nails with a leading layer. This is another important step of the French tip nail designs tutorial.

Action 3: Include the French Nails Tips

To include the ideas there are various approaches. All the techniques are straightforward relying on what is convenient for you. Continue analysis to discover the ideal technique for you to get the French tip nail designs you want.

For those that are poor painters, make use of scotch tape to obtain an ideal side and also pointer.

  • Cut a little size of the scotch tape. Put it on your completed nail, leaving the pointer that you desire to repaint.
  • Use the white gloss on top of your nail. If you make an error, the tape will certainly make the side of the repainted pointer exact and also excellent also.
  • Allow it completely dry, and also eliminate the tape. This is another important step of the French tip nail designs tutorial.

Tips for Perfect French Tip Nail Designs

Do you understand you can make a nail art over your manicured nails? With these ideas, you will certainly include a lovely and also error-free French tip nail designs.

An excellent selection of manicure package goes a long way. It ought to have all the needed devices you will certainly require, consisting of a timeless skim coat, a leading shade, and so on.

At every phase, it is necessary to allow a layer completely dry off prior to you proceed.

Tidy nails to boost the look of your French manicure:

  • An excellent selection of a base shade isn’t just pink or lotion. Usage red, purple, blue, environment-friendly or any other shade that pleases you.This is an important step from the French tip nail designs tutorial.
  • Choose a white nail gloss or a different shade for the suggestions.
  • When you intend to use the white idea, you can hold the brush in a hand, and also relocate the hands you wish to repaint under the brush.
  • When you intend to repaint the pointer, make certain it is not also thick.
  • After repainting your nail with a white nail gloss, placed a Q-tip inside a nail gloss cleaner to fix blunders. You can review the suggestions with any kind of various other enjoyable or pinkish silver light shade.
  • Make use of a cotton bud to use some vaseline (or oil jelly) on the skin around your nails prior to your manicure with French tip nail designs.
  • Do you desire the side of the pointers throughout the nails to look curved? Cut the tape to have the preferred form prior to you use it to the nails.
  • Repaint 2 layers of skim coat to avoid your nail from breaking. The very first layer will certainly cover the whole nail; the secondly will certainly be used on top in the direction of the suggestion.

If you saturate your nails in cool water after paint, the gloss will certainly dry out much faster.

  • Conversely, you might spray some nonstick food preparation spray.
  • Utilize the soft feeling of your tongue to remedy smudged paint after making use of completely dry gloss.
  • Pre-paint on a sandwich bag. Allow it completely dry also, and peel it off to adhesive to your nails with a base layer. Do not miss this step when you are creating the French tip nail designs.
  •  Apply small nail art devices like diamonds on your nails with the suggestion of a pencil eyeliner.

Colored French Manicure


You can use two or multiple different colors to create diversified French tip nail designs. These are some great styles for parties, where you can wear something unconventional and less formal. There are so many possibilities of combining the colors, to obtain French tip nail designs, so you can use whatever you like, including the ombre technique, but make sure you avoid the neon nail polish, because it is not fashionable for the French manicure. Use classy nail polishes to obtain gorgeous French tip nail designs. For example, paint a base in one color and add black French tips – this will reflect your elegance of your French tip nail designs.

Colored French Tips

Use the same idea as in the previous section, but instead of using colors for the whole nail; apply it only on the tips. For the rest of the nail, use only the nude nail polish. You can have only one color for the tips, or you can use multiple ones, depending on how you wish. These colored French tip nail designs are very fun and trendy!

colored french tip nail designs

Nude Base and Black Nail Tips

Here is interesting perspective: instead of white, use the black nail polish for the tips of your French manicure. You can also add some symbols on it, for example, stars, polka dots or stripes. This style is extremely elegant and you will have a rock vibe on your manicure. These French tip nail designs are amazing!

Decorative Elements

There are multiple creative possibilities of obtaining sophisticated French tip nail designs. For example, you can use the sequins to apply them after you have painted the base color of your choice for the tips. Then insert some cool sequins on it and wait for them to dry on your nails, and then add a clear topcoat for better resistance. Your manicure will look gorgeous and it will stand out! Other great decorative elements are the stickers and the rhinestones. These French tip nail designs are complex.

cool french tip nail designs

Matte Nail Polish and Shiny French Tips

You can make a great combination between a matte nail polish base and a normal one for the tips to shine. You can use the same color because the matte texture will change the effect and the normal nail polish will turn the design into a great style. Remember that this time you must not use a clear topcoat, because if you do so, you will ruin the aspect. These are wonderful French tip nail designs.

A Touch of Glitter

This style is very festive and chic for the French tip nail designs. Use nude shades for the base and white tips, but add some delicate glitter line on them – the look will change instantly into something really impressive with these French tip nail designs…

Your manicure will shine and it will make you be in the center of attention with these modern French tip nail designs. If you like the styles we have shown you, then feel free to try them now!

cute french tip nail designs

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