20 Luxury Nails Ideas for a Opulent Look

People’s tastes vary greatly one from the other! Some women enjoy displaying their newly made luxury nails, while other women enjoy keeping their nails as natural and as cheap as possible.

Regardless of their preference, every person tends to spend much more than planned on a beautiful and luxurious manicure, at least once in a while, for a party or a fancy reunion.

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The so-called luxury nails are the epitome of perfection in terms of manicure. To create such sophisticated nails, technicians combine one’s manicure with creativity and create an endless range of decorations, forms, shapes, colors, and styles. There are so many options out there where you can choose from, which can be both qualitative and cheap; however, sometimes, the prices make the difference, and, in this sense, luxury nails are on the whole another level!

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Are luxury nails harmful to your nails?

Luxury nails are a type of nails, a branch coming from the general term “manicure.” At their core, they are supposed to be made out of all the substances that a regular nail style should contain.

However, taking into consideration that we are talking about luxury nails and luxury equals more money, then, if you invest more in a luxury manicure, you should also expect better results, namely no chipping or cracking, stability, resistance and aesthetic (aesthetically pleasing). Therefore, the substances that luxury nails are made of have to be perfected to provide all of those above, so these kinds of nails should not be harmful to your nails by any shape or form, they are a safe alternative.

How long do luxury nails last?

Behind luxury nails’ resistance and durability resides the very same reason mentioned earlier in the previous question. Luxury nails are supposed to be perfected versions of regular or standard nail styles, even more taking into consideration that luxury nails usually come from brands, that they are applied only by specialists and that the customer has to pay much more than for an ordinary pair of nails if they want to purchase them.

Since luxury nails are a safer alternative, they should be able to last longer than the average; however, it is again a matter of how they are applied, how they are styled, and what kind of manual labor you are accustomed to doing. Luxury nails should be able to resist up to three or four weeks if they are applied correctly and if they are handled with care.

Do luxury nails usually hurt?

Once again, luxury nails are not that different from other types of manicure only because they have a unique name.

Luxury nails are usually made out of the same substances that technicians use for the majority of the nails, whether it is acrylics, gel, dipping them in powder, and so forth. However, if we think that luxury nails are more expensive than other kinds of nails, the amount of money that one has to pay should somehow increase the quality and reduce the potential hurting that comes with applying nails in general.

Even so, there are some things that no one can avoid because it is not determined by something you do or what the technician does. For instance, the base on which luxury nails are applied is necessary, in the sense that your natural nails might be allergic to some substances.

On the other hand, maybe the process of application was not done correctly, and that could seriously damage the nails overall. It is also essential to keep in mind that if you apply artificial luxury nails, then it is more than usual to experience a little pain at least during the first day after application because it is something that your body has to get adjusted to.

How can luxury nails be removed?

Regarding removal, luxury nails can be removed as all other types of nails are usually removed. Of course, it is highly recommended to make an appointment to the salon or spa where you applied them to receive some help from a technician who knows how to remove them safely. However, there are still some exciting methods that proved to be useful and can also be tested at home.

How much do luxury nails cost?

The lowest prices one can find to obtain some average nails are somewhere between $10(€7.78) and $20(€15.57) for a standard manicure.

However, taking into consideration that luxury nails are usually applied at salons and spas, then you will have to spend at least $120 (€108.2). Nevertheless, removing them proves to be far more straightforward than actually applying them. The process of removal is way cheaper; however, depending on what type of luxury nails you opt for, the process of removal could reach even $30(€26.9).

It might result quite pricey for the majority of people; still, it is essential to go to a proper salon or spa to get them removed even though it is rather expensive because luxury nails require more attention and care than average nails.

How to remove luxury nails at home:

Acetone-free polish remover

It is the number one go-to option for those who want to remove polish from their nails because it does not deteriorate in any shape or form the actual nail and dries so much the polish that, after dipping your nails in this substance for at least 20 minutes, the nail polish simply falls off.

Filling away the nails

Filling away the nails might also be an option, even though it sounds painful, it is not as bad as it seems. You need a buffing tool, a nail clipper, scissors for cuticles, and a moisturizer. The procedure is quite simple as well, and you just need to trim your artificial nails as close to your natural nails as possible and then to file down the acrylics until there is only a layer of acrylics left.

Then, start clipping away the acrylics with the scissors for cuticles until there is no substance left. Buff the nails once again, clean them and apply moisturizer to keep them healthy.

Removing luxury nails with dental floss

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This method is not recommended for those who have very strong and firm nails because it is quite painful to remove a strongly applied nail without any solvent. However, dental floss proves to be quite handy when it comes to removing softer nails.

The only thing you need to do is to pry up the bottom edge of the nail and move back and forth the dental floss underneath it. This process can become very painful, and it is not 100% recommended, as you can end up with your natural nails torn or cracked. Thus, it would be better to buffer them once again in the end and apply a nutritious cream.

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Difference between luxury nails and cheap nails – How to distinguish them

  1. The quality of the brush: The quality of your luxury nails depends not only on the quality of the polish but also on the quality of your brush. High-quality brushes go better with high-quality polishes, so it would be better to pay more to purchase a good brush that will make justice to your luxury nails than choose a cheaper brush just to spend less.
  2. The quality of the polish: The quality of the polish is an essential aspect when it comes to luxury nails. Of course, there are cases and cases. Some cheap polishes might prove to be more qualitative than more expensive polishes. However, most of the time, it should be vice versa in the sense that pricier polishes last longer than the cheaper versions. Luxury nails need qualitative nails to make sure that you can show them off for a longer time. Not to mention that, by purchasing a cheaper polish, there is no stable foundation for your luxury nails. Therefore, you will need to reapply the polish or to build the entire style from scratch, so cheaper is not necessarily safer.
  3. Drying time: A fairly known trick in the nail art industry is that cheap polishes usually come in thicker amounts than the expensive ones. As we already know, thicker equals more time to dry. Taking into consideration that is waiting is not so fun when doing your nails; the expensive polishes that come in thinner layers are a better choice. Luxury nails should benefit from qualitative polishes that are well balanced from a substances’ point of view, less drying time, and more decorating time.
  4. Technique used: Luxury nails require a couple of good materials; however, nothing can be achieved without a proper technique. The technique that a specialist uses or the one you choose to use is crucial in the process of creating luxury nails. Even if you have a qualitative brush or polish, nothing can compare with how you want to use them. Specialists strongly recommend applying a transparent topcoat layer before applying the actual polish because this additional layer protects the natural nails and supports better the polish, adding quality to your luxury nails.
  5. Consistency: When purchasing cheaper nail polishes, especially when attempting to craft luxury nails, people usually try to change their polish of choice periodically because they are not satisfied with how it turns out to be. Cheaper nail polishes also change from time to time, their composition, and substances to perfect them. On the other hand, top-notch polish brands are ideal for luxury nails because they have some sort of stability, they do not change their substances and composition that often, so you can always rely on them, especially for luxury nails.

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 Luxury nails – the most expensive manicures:

  1. Azature White Diamond – It is a type of polish infused with 98 carats of white diamond. It was created by the LA-based brand Azature in 2013 for charity, and it can be purchased for the price of $1 million. Both Kelly Osbourne wore it and Toni Braxton at the Black Diamond Affair presented by Azature.
  2. Azature Black Diamond – It is one of the polishes provided by the brand Azature, and it resembles the previous example; however, this one is made out of black diamonds and costs around $250.000. Osbourne wore this polish at the 64th annual Emmy Awards.
  3. Models Own Gold Rush Couture Polish – This polish was the definite winner in the Guinness World Record Book for the category “Most expensive polish” in 2011. Created by Models Own, the polish was made of real gold leaf while the bottle lid was made of real gold and diamonds. Its present cost can reach $150.000.
  4. The manicurist created Leighton Denny Nails Diamond, Ruby “Encapsulation” – This polish Denny Leighton, who is well-known for using only expensive jewels such as rubies, sapphires, and diamonds when creating polishes. Its price has decreased quite significantly, reaching only $32.000.

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In conclusion, luxury nails are a dream-come-true for all nail art lovers! Everyone loves a luxurious manicure, some qualitative polishes, and brushes, and an excellent technique to follow. And much more than this, everyone loves a fantastic result!

Luxury nails are the epitome of glamour and elegance, or they might also be the picture-perfect example of eccentric and revolutionary styles. Depending on what kind of products do you choose, on what kind of ideas do you have, and on how you decide to implement them, luxury nails are a promising trend that keeps on thriving and flourishing so much that, despite their expensive costs, luxury nails are very much in high demand.

Whether you choose costly ones made by huge brands or relatively cheaper ones, luxury nails are rightfully called so because of how you envision and create them. As long as you let your imagination guide you, with the right materials, you might be the next influencer in the field of the beauty industry…

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