Best 60 Diamond Nails: Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Diamond nails inspiration from the ones worn by celebrities, find out fi it is harmful to your natural nails to wear these kinds of designs. When did diamond nails appear and how are they done.

Diamond nails techniques, how long do they last, how much do these types of nails cost, step-by-step tutorial, how are diamonds applied, photos for inspiration.

Nowadays, the nail art industry is so broad and all-encompassing that new designs and ideas appear on a daily basis. There is nothing that can take you by surprise anymore. You might have heard of summer nails, of fancy nails, of hombre nails, of coffin nails and so many more; but have you ever heard of diamond nails?

People always say that elegance and glamour reside in accessories such as purses, dresses, jewelry and many more! However, delicacy lies in things that are much more close to us and we can even fathom. For instance, nails.

white diamond nails

Diamond nails might sound like a one-night extravagance and even though they do indeed sound quite pricey and delicate, diamond nails have been gradually becoming a common asset for the past few years.

Whether we talk about a few diamonds sprinkled on your nails or about a manicure fully covered in precious stones, whether we talk about real or fake gems, diamond nails are no longer a simple whim or quirk, but a glittery previous manicure that people can show off at elegant dinner dates, runaways, red carpets or simply walking on the streets and doing the most common tasks simply because everyone deserves a diamond manicure at least once in their life.

white and blue diamond nails

When Did Diamond Nails Appear?

Well, it is safe to say that there was no definite moment when we can say that the diamond nails appeared. However, there are plenty of mentions about them during 2013, 2016 and 2017, up until today.

Kelly Osbourne wore an expensive nail polish made from real diamonds when she attended the Black Diamond Affair in 2013, presented by Azature, a well-known jewelry brand. She wore another $250.000 diamond nail polish made by the same brand during the 2012 Emmys.

wedding diamonds nails

Then, Gigi Hadid was the one who took everyone by surprise when she appeared on the red carpet of the American Music Awards wearing a chrome manicure encrusted in many crystals. Her nail artist, Mar y Soul, revealed that the model’s manicure was pretty expensive. Taking into consideration that she disclosed that the price of 30 crystals was $2.000, we can just speculate how much did the entire manicure cost overall.

Gigi Hadid might have made history during the AMAs and captured everyone’s attention throughout 2016. Even so, diamond nails were bound to make a revolutionary debut during 2017 as well.

swarovski gems for nails

They took the already known “shattered glass nails trend” to another level, perfecting a new technique that concentrated on applying pieces and bits of cellophane onto the nails, creating the impression of broken glass. A South Korean nail artist, Eun Kyung Park, who is also the founder of the Unistella Salon, was the one who created this 3D effect.

On the other hand, diamond nails are believed to be the outcome of another technique, quite similar to the one mentioned previously but different at the same time, because it resorts to glittery holographic “shards” for a better 3D result. Eun Kyung Park has yet to reveal the secrets behind this glittery look; however, people are head over heels with it; they try continuously to pair it up with hundreds of outfits and accessories.

sharp nails with diamond

Is it Harmful to Your Natural Nails to Wear Diamond Nails?

Most diamond nails are not made of real diamonds unless you are willing to pay a good amount of money for those manicures worn by Kelly Osbourne and Gigi Hadid.

Even so, there are many alternatives. For instance, people usually resort to acrylics to obtain diamond nails. Acrylic diamond nails are not that different from average acrylic nails, even though they might be a little bit more expensive.

Therefore, they have the same influence on your natural nails as any other substance used to create artificial nails. However, if you opt for a nail polish that contains pieces of real diamonds, then it is important to know that the manicure will not be completely made out of diamonds.

red nails with gems

These diamond nail polishes are usually created by brands; this means that there is a whole troop of people behind the creation of such a polish, analyzing and testing it as much as possible in order to make sure that they will look perfect and that there will be no harm when it comes into contact with the actual nail.

At the same time, this does not mean that the danger is entirely excluded, because there might be people who are allergic to some substances, the technique used when applying it might not be the best one. There are things that could go well and things that could go wrong, the secret is to take the chance and try it out.

red diamond nails

How Long Do Diamond Nails Last?

Once again, there is a significant difference between fake and real diamonds. If you choose an average nail polish made out of fake diamonds, it will resist as much as a standard nail polish would normally resist, namely around 3 weeks, more or less, depending on how they were applied, on what you accustomed to do for a living and on their quality.

On the other hand, if you opt for a real diamond manicure, it is just normal to be more careful with it taking into consideration how much you end up paying. One may think that diamond nails will be as durable as veritable diamonds, but this could not be farther from the truth.

Diamond nails are not made out of pure diamonds but also other substances that influence their durability. Not to mention that the technique plays a huge role as well. Overall, diamond nails are believed to resist up to more than 4 weeks if you take good care of them.

rainbow diamonds nails

How Much Do Diamond Nails Cost?

Well, if you choose to apply a diamond manicure made form acrylics, the price might vary greatly from $35 or $45 (which means around $31.5 or $40.6) to $60 ($54.1), depending on what type of procedure you opt for and where you decide to apply them. The total cost might reach around $120 ($108.2) if you want to go to do the procedure at a high-end salon or Spa. However, manicures made out of real diamonds are much more expensive.

For example, the manicure considered the most expensive, according to the Guinness Book of Record, was created by Anna Perelmuter at the Israeli Diamond Exchange Ramat Gan Diamond Center (RDC). It was disclosed that a huge number of gemstones were used for this manicure: 100 small carats weighing 4.25 carats, 30 rubies, 0.9 carats sapphires, 2 carats amethysts and 2 big diamonds weighing 4 carats.

Even so, the most expensive diamond nail polish is believed to be the one that costs a quarter of million dollars, Azature’s $250.000 Black Diamond Nail Polish, the same nail polish that Kelly Osbourne had the privilege to wear in 2012.

pink diamond nails

Diamond Nails Step-by-Step Tutorial:

  • Instruments that need to be used:
  1. Tweezers/ clipper;
  2. Glue/ gel/ acrylics/ resin;
  3. Diamond powder;
  4. Catalyst spray;
  5. Synthetic brush;
  6. Cuticle balm;
  7. Nutritious oil;
  8. Acetone-free nail polish remover;
  9. Nail buffer.

How Are Diamond Nails Applied?

Step 1 – Cleaning:

The first step before applying anything to your nails is to make sure that they are properly cleaned using a scrub, a brush, tweezers, and a clipper. Then, file the nails in order to make them even give them a shape and, if you choose artificial nails, try to mold them. For the last part, rinse them once again and wipe them dry carefully with a towel so that there is no residue left.

Step 2 – On-going procedure:

After taking care of your natural nails, it is recommended to apply some resin gel onto the nails. It would be best to apply only one layer or maybe two, as thin as possible so that there will be no excess left around the nails.

If there is still some resin gel excess on the sides, wipe it gently, making sure to leave a small distance between the gel and the skin around the nail. The following step is to dip your nails one by one in crystal powder, but no more than once. The powder gives your nails a crystal effect and adds more durability to them. It is recommended to dip the tip of the nail firstly and then press the rest of the nail lightly into the powder.

After applying the powder all over the nail, try setting the nails with a catalyst spray or a top coat polish. It would be better to hold the spray at a 16-18 inches distance from the nails and apply only 2 or 3 pumps. If you do not have a catalyst spray, a topcoat polish will do the trick. Wait around 15-20 minutes for the nails to dry after applying for the protection.

Step 3 – Accessorizing the nails:

The third step is to accessorize the diamond nails. If you are not satisfied with the level of glittery on your nails, you are free to add more shimmer with the help of glitter polish.

These polishes can be found in a multitude of colors so you can add a splash of joy onto your nails. Also, you can always add some jewels and stickers to your nails; sapphires, emeralds, rubies can be placed on your nails as you please, making all kinds of shapes, forms, symbols, perfectly customized to fit your manicure.

Step 4 – Taking care of the nails:

Diamond nails are difficult to be taken cared of; however, there are plenty of methods to use when necessary. Firstly, a topcoat is the perfect option. After applying the nail polish, it would be better to add a layer of topcoat and renew it every two or three days in order to strengthen them…

Also, even if you finished the manicure, this does not mean that you cannot file them as you want if you find it compulsory. Do not forget to wash your hands with mild soaps and avoid chemicals as much as possible!

Ideas of designs for diamond nails:

Sapphire Blue – a navy blue-toned base with crystals (@nails_by_evanails

Lunula Embellishments – a clear base with colorful patterns and precious gems (@nailsbydon239)

Baby Pink Almond Nails with Silver Diamonds – a pastel pink base with crystals (@nail_sunny)

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Pink and Plum Accent Nails with Tiaras – a neutral-toned base with diamonds and pearls (@m.z_nails)

Marbled Ballerina Nails with Red Diamonds – a red matte base with marble patterns, crystals, and diamonds (@nailsbymztina)

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Matte Nude Nails with Purple Diamonds – a neutral-toned base with precious gems (@nails__bylily)

Dazzling Aquamarine Holo Nails with Diamond Studs – an aquamarine toned base with glitter and diamonds (@pyramid_nail)

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Bling nails ! @hardrocknails #hardrocknails #toronto

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Grey Mountain Peak Nails with Feather Art – a grey-toned base with spooky patterns and precious gems (@beautiful)

French Tipped Almond Nails with Diamond Thumbs – a clear base with French tips and diamonds applied on the thumbs (@natalimyname)

Black and White Nails with Pearls and Diamonds – alternative black and white base with black and white patterns, pearls and diamonds (@nailsbymztina)

Blue Tipped Square Nails with Diamond Borders – a bright blue base on half of the nail and a clear base on the other half of the nail with diamonds as borders (@bdettenails)

Grey and Glittered Ballerina Nails with Diamonds – a grey and glittered base with diamonds (@nailsbybano)

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Black and Gold Jewel Studded Nails – a black base with gold studded patterns/ gradients and diamonds (@thenailsqueen)

In conclusion, diamond nails represent a precious manicure, literally and figuratively! Who would not love to wear crystals on a daily basis? Well, diamond nails make this dream come true! They might sound expensive and they truly are, if you choose veritable diamonds. However, there are alternatives to them, artificial diamonds that have the same wow factor as the real ones, at a cheaper price!

dark red nails with gems colored gems nails colored diamonds nails blue nails with gems blue nails with diamonds black nails with gems black nails with diamonds black nails colored diamonds black and white nails with diamonds acrylic nails with gems 3D gems nails 3D diamond nails

light pink nails with gems green nails with gems gray diamond nails gray and white diamonds nails gold diamonds nails glitter nails with gems glitter nails with diamonds gems on nails gems nails gems for nails french diamond nails flower nails diamonds diamond short nails diamond nails Swarovski diamond nails ideas diamond nails design diamond glitter nails diamond gel nails

toenails with diamonds pink diamond nails pastel nails with gems ombre nails with gems nude nails with diamonds nude gems nails long nails with gems long nails black and gold long diamons nails