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Most beautiful 25 Summer Nail Designs

by Jennifer
Summer Nail Design

Summer nail designs are taking control in the warm season! Get the latest nail trends for summer and try them out. Modern girls use various patterns and different motifs as inspiration, and this season brings out a lot of elements as a source of inspiration, which can be implemented in a fashionable manner.

Summer nail designs must catch the eye. Either they are simple or complex, they need to have that special element which draws the attention. The innovative style is very trendy, so you can make use of your imagination and creativity and practice your skills and you will obtain the most beautiful patterns very fast on your nails. Play with the colours, use multiple prints and add stickers, rhinestones, glitters and anything that crosses your mind that you think it will match very well on your nails – you will definitely be admired because of them. Check out the examples below and feel free to try them on your own nails!

Fresh Colours

Make great combination of fresh colours like yellow, green, red as base coat with interesting patterns or prints and you will obtain fun summer nail designs which will emanate energy. For example, you can paint flowers, because they are always fashionable, elegant and appropriate for ladies. You can also imitate fruits, like apples, oranges, kiwis, or anything else that crosses your mind.

cute easy summer nail designs

Unconventional French Style

Make your original French by using inventive patterns like the diagonal French tip nail design. You can start by applying a nude base in pale pink or sweet peach, and add a dark shade in the same tone which must be drawn across on a diagonal and filled up in that spot. Plus, the unconventional French tip patterns are some very elegant summer nail designs. You can also use nail polish in pale or contrastant tones for the unconventional French manicure.

summer nails designs

Geometric Shapes and Neon Colours

Use triangles, squares, rounds to create interesting and abstract summer nail designs. For more intensity, you can use contrasting tones or neon colours, which are a big trend in summer: intense orange, sturdy reds, fresh green and electric blue – these colours will make you stand out for sure. You can also use glitter for a brighter manicure.

summer nail designs 2015

Polka Dots and Nautical Prints

Use the simple Polka dots to create fun dotted clouds, storm drops, sun rays, waves and smiley faces. Use contrasting colours for a greater effect. Other excellent choices are the nautical prints like sailor symbols and stripes in blue, dark red, white and black colours. These make perfect summer nail designs!

summer nail design ideas

Ombre Nails

The cool effect of the ombre style can make you create mysterious summer nail designs. There are plenty alternatives you can try: a sunset in reds and yellows, ocean waves in blues and greens, stylish ombre in dark purple and black with some silver glitter to imitate the stars from a clear night sky, or you can make a rainbow on your nails. Or, you might as well find a cool mix between different colors…

Not every woman has long nails, but if you have short ones, you can also benefit from the cute designs and patterns by wearing them on your your manicure. Choose what suits you best and prepare to have the most beautiful summer nail designs!

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