Angelina Jolie Called Brad Pitt a “Wonderful Father”

Angelina Jolie formerly opened regarding the tender minute that boy Maddox initially called Brad Pitt his dad.

The 44-year-old Maleficent celebrity discussed the heartfelt life occasion in a 2007 interview with Vogue.

Ange had met Brad on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith a couple of years previously, and the 56-year-old Hollywood legend separated Jennifer Aniston in 2005, after five years of marital relationship, to ensure that he might be with Angelina.

The couple embraced Maddox, that is currently 18, from an orphanage in Cambodia, and Angelina remembered the minute that he got used to his new mom and dad. She became aware that Brad had the prospective to be a “wonderful father.”


It has been extensively reported that throughout his mid-teenage years, Maddox had a couple of problems with Brad as they clashed on various occasions, with them still fixing the connection since he has maturated.

Back in 2007, it was a various issue, and Brad was revealing he was the amatory dad, and Maddox was caring it.

During the Vogue interview, Angelina was honest regarding their new household formula and exactly how everything altered for her when she became aware that Brad was “naturally just a wonderful father.”

Speaking at the time, Angelina stated: “He just out of the blue called him ‘Dad’. It was impressive.

We were having fun with automobiles on the flooring of a resort area, and we both heard it and didn’t claim anything and simply considered each other.

And after that, we kind of allow it to go on, and after that, he simply remained to do it, and that was it.

So that was most likely one of the most specifying minutes when he made a decision that we would all be a household.”


The starlet, after that, took place to mention the fostering of little girl Zahara, that was birthed in Ethiopia.

Angelina included: “It evolved in that way where he committed to them as a man commits to a child; it just happens emotionally when you make that internal decision, and you just behave accordingly. He’s just naturally there for them…”

Angelina and Brad split in 2016 and have been co-parenting their six youngsters with Ange having them throughout the coronavirus lockdown duration.