8 Makeup Tips and Tricks for a Perfect Skin Tone

Beautiful and healthy skin is always the key to perfect makeup. The use of most famous or expensive cosmetics, trying always the new products or following the advice of trendy bloggers are not always giving the desired results. Therefore we have prepared a few useful life hacks to show you how to have good looking skin with minimal effort.

1. Properly Cleanse, Tone, and Moisturize Your SkinProperly cleanse, tone, and moisturize your skin

The most important thing for beautiful and healthy skin is to follow a healthy lifestyle, eat nutritiously and always choose the cosmetics which are appropriate to your skin type and tone. The number one rule for perfect skin is cleansing, toning and moisturizing your skin twice a day – in the morning and the evening. Don’t try to cheat by only rinsing your face but apply tonic water and moisturizing cream, also the cosmetologists recommend peeling your skin once or twice a week and apply nourishing masks.

2. Conceal the Flaws of Your SkinConceal the flaws of your skin

There are concealers of different colors made especially to correct different types of flaws. For example, the green concealer covers well the red spots or pimples- you should apply it directly on the spot with your index finger or a sponge. If you want to cancel yellow or brown pigment spots and freckles then you should choose a purple or a blue concealer.

3. Conceal Eye Circles

To cover up blue eye circles we are using concealer in our makeup routine, but the most common mistake is to apply several thick strokes of concealer directly under the eyes which instead of reducing the blue circles will highlight them. The best is to draw a kind of triangle toward your cheekbone and blend it out carefully with your fingertips.

In the case when the circles are too deep a red lipstick is the trick that will help you out. Apply it under your eyes directly on the blue circles then blend it carefully apply concealer on top then blend it again and by magic, you will have perfect skin under your eyes.

  1. Choose and apply foundation properlyChoose and apply foundation properly

One of the most important parts of a perfect makeup is choosing the right foundation, take this as a serious task and the results of your efforts will be visible on the quality of the foundation base. To choose the most suitable foundation tone to apply several different tones on your neck, this will help you to choose the right color, but keep in mind that our facial skin tone may change sometimes due to the weather, mood or period. The foundation should be applied from the center of the face with a wide brush or fingers being very careful to the sides of the nose and the forehead where the hair grows.

  1. Contour CorrectionContour correction

Contour correction makeup sculpting it helps conceal the flaw and highlight some parts of your face. In the makeup stores, you can find different kinds of products from the liquid or creamy concealers that are not easy to apply aren’t good for everyday makeup to powder concealers and highlighters which give you a natural look, and they are easier to apply.

The main rule of contouring is to highlight the parts you want to accentuate and darken the ones you will like to conceal as you can see in the pictures below.

For an oval face shape, you should darken your chin and the forehead where your hairline starts, to make this narrow face a bit wider you must apply blusher to the cheekbones but do not lengthen the temple line.


On the contrary, if you have a round face you will need to lengthen it by darkening the sides of your face (temples, cheekbones, and jowl) and highlight your chin, forehead, and area under the eyes.

For a triangle face, the things are different, the upper part needs to be narrow and for this, you must darken your temples and the prominent areas of your forehead. The lower part should be visually widened and for this, you should highlight the center of your forehead, chin, and under-eye area.

For a rectangular face, the sharp lines should be smoothened and the face should get the shape of a diamond to get to this result you should darken the area above your temples and your jowls sides after you are done with this highlight the center of your forehead, under-eye area and the tip of your chin.

  1. Apply BlusherApply blusher makeup

It’s not complicated at all to apply a blusher on your cheeks and this will give your skin a healthy and fresh look. To apply a blusher correctly you only need a wider brush or special brush, use pink tones if you have fair skin, while bronze and coral tones are suitable for darker skin. The nude or brown-pink tones suites almost everyone. The best tip is to smile and apply blusher on the prominent areas of your cheeks.

  1. Fix Your MakeupFix your make up

To fix your makeup the best is to use light powder or a mineral one, but first, you have to follow a few important steps for the best results. First, dab your face carefully with a paper towel and apply powder to your chin, T-zone, under your eyes, and around your lips avoid your cheeks to avoid gloss.

  1. Lip RemedyLip remedy

The skin of your lips is very thinned so it darkens easily for various reasons whether it is smoking, drinking too much coffee or tea or just drinking, whatever the reason for dark spots or dark lips, it’s important to cure it from inside and outside as well…

The most important tip is to keep them moisturized but we can also bring back their pink color by preparing a simile homemade remedyː beetroot, honey, and milk applied before you go to bed, and will not take long to see the results.