Perfect Makeup in Just 9 Steps

You cannot obtain a perfect look without the right makeup, and this is something that can be obtained by practicing. But if you know the tricks, it is easier and faster to achieve great results.

These tricks are effective, and you will be surprised how easy it is to look amazing each time you use them.

  1. Contouring your face

Contouring your face

Learn how to contour your face the right way, according to your face shape. First of all, you must choose a good quality foundation and then apply it using specific techniques. This aspect will change how your face looks, and you can benefit from it because it will flatter your features.

Keep in mind that every makeup depends on the face shape, but all of the styles have a basis, which is the following: you apply contour shades on the areas you want to hide because otherwise, they will create a disadvantage for you. Also, you want to highlight the areas which can be considered as qualities.

2. Shaping the eyebrows

Shaping the eyebrows

You must follow two simple rules to create the perfect shape of your eyebrows.

One of the rules is the fact that the width of the eyebrow should equal the width of the upper lip. If you have big eyes, you need to have thicker eyebrows, because they make your face look more balanced. If you have small eyes, you need thinner eyebrows to create the balance. The thick eyebrows associated with the small eyes will make your face look too small.

The second rule is to consider the distance between your eyebrows and your eyes. If you have your eyebrows higher, it is recommended to let them be thicker to obtain a more balanced look. On the contrary, if your eyebrows are close to your eyes, the best look is to have thinner eyebrows; this way, you will avoid having a frown face all the time.

3. Easy eye makeup tricks

Easy eye makeup tricks

It is hard to apply eyeliner because you must draw a straight line across each eye. But if you practice, you will be able to do this like a pro. Although it looks difficult to create this makeup on your own, it is easier if you use this trick: draw a row of dots with the eyeliner and then connect them with small short strokes.

4. Another trick is to use a spoon or a fork to apply makeup when you are at home. It is the easiest and fastest way to create eyeliner wings shapes on your eyes. Be careful not to hurt yourself while doing this.

Perfect Makeup eyes tricks

5. You can even use your credit card to apply makeup; the secret is to know the right direction to angle it to obtain the super-straight lines.

credit card to apply makeup

6. Another easy trick is to use tape as an alternative for extra supplies. Stick a piece of tape to the back of your hand to get some of its tackiness off, and then place it at the outer corner of your eye, apply makeup and remove the tape. It cannot be easier than this!

7. If you want to maintain your curled lashes for a longer time, you must heat your eyelash curler with your hairdryer.

8. To avoid clumpy and matted eyelashes, here is a trick: remove the excess mascara from the brush, and then apply it.

remove the excess mascara from the brush

9. To make your lips look fuller, apply a light concealer around or inside the lip line and then put lipstick on. The result will be amazing!

makeup lips tricks