13 Wardrobe Tips to Look Younger Even if You’re Thirty-something Years Old

Many thirty-something year old women try to look younger, but they make some mistakes which have terrible consequences because they end up looking like teenagers, but in a way that does not suit them. If you are in the same situation, here are 13 tips to help you look younger and stylish.

You must be realistic and you must not exaggerate while you choose your clothes and accessories. Another thing you need to keep in mind is the right makeup. Follow these tips and you will definitely improve your style. Nobody will guess your real age!

Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans

  1. Skinny jeans

To look younger and to wear skinny jeans that fit without adding volume to your bottom and hips. To obtain a proper look, it is recommended to wear a looser top and high heels, heavy boots, sports shoes or ankle boots. Avoid the ballet flats, flat sandals or other minimalistic shoes.

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  1. Handbags and backpacks

You must choose your handbags and backpacks carefully. For example, it is better to avoid the shapelessness ones and instead to choose the ones with strict outlines, even if they have big capacity. The simple backpacks with geometric shapes are also great choices.

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  1. Fitted dresses

It is recommended to choose a dress that fits you without being too tight. It is better if that dress has voluminous details in the upper part, because your body will look well-proportioned.

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  1. Sporty style shoes with a dress or a coat

Sporty style shoes (not the classical sneakers) go well with a simple tailored dress or coat. Avoid the flower print dresses; instead, opt for neutral clothes without extra details.

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  1. Cropped tops

Do not show your entire belly if you are a thirty-something lady and your belly is not flatter enough. You can wear cropped tops only with high-waisted skirts so that only a narrow skin line is visible. This way, your belly will look flatter and your body will look well proportioned.

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  1. Aggressive sexy style VS intelligent sexuality

You need to make the difference between the aggressive sexy style and the intelligent sexuality. It is recommended to avoid the combination of lacing, high cut, décolleté, short skirts. Instead, opt for a simpler style.

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  1. Shorts

Pay attention when you choose your shorts. Avoid the ones with lace or other similar fabrics, because they do not look good on a thirty-something woman. Plus, they make your bottom seem more voluminous. Opt for loose cut, closed top quality shorts made from dense fabric. To look amazing on you and give the impression that you are younger, you must wear shorts that keep the form well and do not rumple. Keep in mind that you must never pair the shorts with a top which is too open. The loose tops will suit best. You can accessorize your outfit with quality shoes and handbags in strict outlines or geometric shapes.

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  1. Fitted puffy dresses VS A-line dresses

Do not wear light dresses with an elastic band at the waist, because they will not suit you and you will look awful. To look younger and stylish, choose the A-line dresses; they will make you look delicate and they will also show your slender legs.

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  1. Short bell skirts VS A-line skirts

It is recommended to choose the short bell skirts with the A-line skirts. If you do not look like a model, you must choose A-line skirts with the right upper part to define the hips without adding extra volume to make you look fat.


  1. Multilayered Asian style

Even if you are a thirty-something lady, you can experiment the Japanese and Korean fashion styles like the multilayered outfits, loose dresses, tight pants, and interesting textures. If you make the right choices, those styles will fit you well and you will look gorgeous!

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  1. Miniskirt

Although most people believe the miniskirts do not suit the thirty-something women, it is not entirely true, because there is a rule in fashion that allows this: you can wear a miniskirt with a close top or a slightly loose top which hides the belly. It is recommended to opt for the miniskirts made from dense fabric and the ones which are well fitted, without changing their shape. Do not wear knitted miniskirts.

The right combination

  1. The right combination

You can combine jeans and jacket/cardigan or a leather jacket and accessories like sunglasses or scarves. You will definitely obtain gorgeous outfits and everybody will admire your looks…

Cool details

  1. Cool details

Be careful to choose the right details when it comes to your outfits. You can opt for cool details like lace, unusual fabric, an interesting combination of shades or other exquisite, good quality elements.