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10 Looks that Will Make You Look Younger

by Jennifer News
10 Looks That Will Make You Look Younger

The way we look is significant for everyone, especially for us, women, because we want to look younger than our biological age. You might not believe this, but with the help of the right hairstyles you can look the way you want.

Here you can see some essential tricks to obtain hairstyles which will make you look at least five years younger.  All you have to do is to follow our advice.


10 Looks That Will Make You Look Younger

Several haircut styles can make you look younger. For example, choose face and neck framing feather cuts, stepwise cuts, ragged-style locks, or layered haircuts.


10 Looks That Will Make You Look Younger

It is not recommended to wear a center parting, because it will make you look older. One side parting and hair back hairstyles make you look more expressive, and they bring out your eyes. A twisted hairstyle is also a good choice. Try different hairstyles with volume, but keep them soft, do not exaggerate.


10 Looks That Will Make You Look Younger

If you want to look younger, one of the best options is to have a haircut with a fringe, because it can hide the wrinkles on your forehead. The best choice is wearing structured medium-thickness strands. It is not recommended to wear your fringe too thick, because it can make your face look chubby.


10 Looks That Will Make You Look Younger

Short hair is an excellent choice for women who want to look younger. The shorter is the hair, the younger will be the look. However, try not to make a final choice because it will ruin your image. The best way is to create an option based upon your face features. One of the most satisfying hair lengths is the one that ranges from chin to mid-neck level.

Hair Color

10 Looks That Will Make You Look Younger

A rejuvenating effect can be created with the help of light hair color. You must be careful when you choose the shade because otherwise you might be disappointed by the results. The best way is to select one up to three tones lighter than your natural color and to select the right shade to match the color of your eyes and the tone of your skin.

If you are not accustomed to wearing a different hair color or if the change is radical, you can always choose to wear selected strands, which will complement your image by making your skin more radiant, and it will add dynamics to your look.


10 Looks That Will Make You Look Younger

The volume will create a more flattering appearance to look younger. An important rule is to maintain a balance, do not exaggerate with the volume and hair spray. Try to look natural. You should avoid slicked hair because the result will be precisely the opposite, and you will look older. Choose to wear layers and curled strands.

Everyday Styling

10 Looks That Will Make You Look Younger

If you have straight hair, avoid wearing a ponytail or another tight hairstyle. A messy hairstyle is also out of the question. It is better to wear something in between, for example, you can wear a ponytail but with a few loose strands or you can adopt a loose hair with slightly curled locks. The asymmetrical haircuts, combined with a few accentuated, waxed, rugged-looking locks, will also make you look younger.

Evening Hairdos


Avoid backcombing, retro hairstyles, or fixed hair your hair when you go out in the evening. Instead, you can choose a more natural look, because it will make you look younger.

Less is More

Try not to use many products when you style your hair. Also, be aware of the quantity of hair styling products each time you go out, no matter if it is day or evening. Another essential advice is to use fewer hair accessories, and make sure they are made by good quality materials, for example, avoid the plastic ones or the ones which look childishly…

If you like to curl your hair, it is recommended to wear big curls instead of the small ones, to avoid adding a few more years to your look if you are older than 25-30. Another good advice to look younger is to have a healthy diet and well-kept hair. Use natural beauty products according to your type of hair to maintain its health.

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