Kylie Jenner before and after surgery

It seems that the body of young Kylie Jenner has changed dramatically in a very short time, and the stories related to this are very diverse. From top to toe, Kylie seems to be a much different person than it was a few years ago and if we analyze carefully some old photos and we compare them with the latest ones you can see great differences between them.

Kylie Jenner`s eyes before and after

Kylie Jenner’s eyes before and after

If before her eyes were rounder and smaller, well, they don`t seem to be the same now. Their shape is more elongated and you have the impression that they are slightly larger than before. They no longer look the same as before, for sure.

Kylie Jenner`s chin before and after

Kylie Jenner’s chin before and after

Her face shape is slightly different now than it was before, and this aspect can be seen easily in the bottom part of her face.

Her chin is slightly elongated and sharper, and it makes her face look less round than before. Her face line is now more pronounced and her whole face looks brighter.

Kylie Jenner lips before and after

Kylie Jenner’s lips before and after

About three years ago, her lips were very small and thin, they could barely be seen from a distance, especially the upper lip. Their naturalness was more than obvious but things don’t seem to be the same so far.

Currently, her lips are much thicker and they look as if they have been swollen. The upper lip is no longer so difficult to see and it has a very similar size to the one below.

Now you surely manage to notice them without getting very close!

Kylie Jenner`s breasts before and after

Kylie Jenner’s breasts before and after

If most celebrities choose to make changes in this area of the body, what would stop Kylie Jenner from making them too? Certainly nothing.

If in the past very low-cut dresses or blouses were not in her advantage, now it seems they managed to highlight her breasts, they are slightly larger and better defined than they were a few years ago.

Kylie Jenner`s hips before and after

Kylie Jenner’s hips before and after

Certainly Kylie Jenner’s hips from now are not the same as the ones she had about three years ago, or perhaps even more. They were not so wide and their form was not as pronounced as it is now. Definitely a form fitting dress did not look as good in the past as it looks now on Kylie’s body.

Her hips are now wider, their form is more curved and certainly she’s not reluctant to wear outfits which highlight them.

Kylie Jenner`s butt before and after

Kylie Jenner’s butt before and after

If in the past her bottom failed in turning too many heads on the street, certainly things are not the same anymore! In the past few years, Kylie’s bottom hardly managed to stand out when she wore a pair of tight jeans, but now it is the first part of her body that is noticed first when she wears a pair of tight-fitting pants.

It seems that something had to match with the curved hips, right?

Kylie Jenner’s entire body has undergone many changes over the years and the before and after pictures that are found all over the internet show them very clearly…