What Does It Mean When You Dream About Teeth?

What does it mean when you dream about teeth? The dreams like this are very common, many people experience them and they seem vivid. In this article, we offer you the meanings of teeth in your dreams.

What does it mean when you dream about teeth? These dreams are very shocking because they seem real and we cannot but be horrified about this idea that we can lose our teeth. If you are curious about this topic, read below all the interpretations of teeth in your dreams.

The symbols of the teeth in the dreams

What does it mean when you dream about teeth? The main interpretation is that teeth are a symbol of anxieties and the way others perceive you from the way you look. You are preoccupied with your looks and you have insecurities about how attractive you are.

Among the things that concern you, there are the fear of getting rejected and the idea of becoming undesirable, especially if you feel older. Another symbolic meaning is that the teeth are associated with the communication. If you dream about them in this circumstance, you may encounter difficulty in expressing yourself.

If you dreamt that your teeth are falling

What does it mean when you dream about teeth? This dream is very common. If you dream about fallen teeth, for example, they are falling one by one, or they crumble in your hands, they start to rot or they grow crooked.

You feel embarrassed and you are scared of making a fool of yourself. You may also feel inferior because you lost your power in a situation. Try to have more confidence in yourself. A dream where your teeth are falling can represent a way your body is trying to transmit you should be more careful about your health.

For example, you may have a poor diet, so you must try to eat healthily. The fallen teeth can indicate loss in your real-life, like you are losing a part of yourself; you may confront a major life transition or some type of personal insecurity.

If you dreamt about dentures

If you saw dentures in your dream, this represents a loss of your integrity or the fact that you are getting old and you start to lose your abilities. Dentures are a symbol of insecurity and falseness. This situation represents that someone you know is false and they will betray you.

If you dreamt about cavities

Anything related to cavities is associated with an argument with somebody. It does not matter if there is about someone from the family or from work, there will be a harsh exchange of words.

If you dreamt about broken teeth

What does it mean when you dream about teeth? Here are other common interpretations for dreams about broken teeth:

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  • Guilt;
  • Concerns over broken promises;
  • Disruptive challenges;
  • Instability and lack of balance;
  • Stress;
  • Emotional pain;
  • An invitation to look at your current actions;
  • The price paid for costly compromises…

Now, that you have found out the answers to the “What does it mean when you dream about teeth?” question, you can understand better their interpretations.

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