30 Best Regal Nails to Look like Royalty

Regal nails like the ones worn by the women from the royal families, are these nails long or short. Instruments that are indispensable for creating regal nails.

Regal nails ideas, are these nails expensive, are these nails more resistant than other types of nails, what are the colors for these nail designs.

There is no doubt that every girl has dreamt at least once in their life about becoming a princess or even a queen. Wearing a long gown, an awe-inspiring crown, exuding a dignified presence are not the only things that can make you feel like royalty. The process is not over until you have an impressive set of regal nails.

  1. Does the royal family wear regal nails?
  2. What are the so-called royal colors?
  3. Are regal nails long or short?
  4. Are regal nails more resistant than other types of nails?
  5. Are regal nails expensive?
  6. Instruments that are indispensable for creating regal nails.
  7. Ideas of designs for regal nails.

However, the idea of regal nails is so overrated! When people hear of regal nails they usually think of the type of nails that royal families choose. They could not be further away from the truth.

white royal nails

Indeed, there are also those types of nails that royal families use constantly, but regal nails are not restricted to a solely area. Taking into consideration that the nail art industry is so vast and all-encompassing, there are many ideas that can move across various fields, so regal nails are somehow the outcome of a process of overlap. Everyone must have heard of royal blue before, but there are so many other colors, designs, patterns and decorations to choose from that it is extremely simple to transpose the most withheld corner your imagination into nail art.

Therefore, these types of nails are not literal regal nails, which makes them “regal” is the aura that they manifest while being worn.

Does the Royal Family Wear Regal Nails?

Talking about “royal manicures”, each royal house has its own set of rules and standards. For instance, in the Royal House of England, Queen Elizabeth accustoms to choose the colors of the nail polishes that the Duchess of Cambridge, the Duchess of Sussex and other members of the royal family get to wear.

Also, it is a well-known detail that the Queen wears only one specific nail polish, namely the Essie nail polish. Surprisingly, this brand is not expensive at all; one small recipient of nail polish from Essie costs around $9 (£ 7.00), not to mention that these nail polishes can be found in a multitude of colors.

Queen Elizabeth also has a favorite color, a light pink toned polish called Ballet Slippers. Even if the Queen prefers this light pink hue, it is not a general rule to be followed in the royal house. The Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Sussex can wear other nail polish brands or colors if they wish to do so, as long as they wear nude or neutral colors.

white regal nails

What Are the So-Called Royal Colors?

  • Royal Blue;
  • Purple;
  • Maroon;
  • Azure Blue;
  • Crimson/ Flame/ Scarlet/ Burgundy/ Ruby Reds;
  • Navy Blue;
  • Emerald Green;
  • Bright Warm Yellow;
  • Gold/ Silver/ Platinum;
  • Ivory/ Cream;
  • Wedgewood Blue;
  • Black and white – even though they are technically non-colors.

stiletto regal nails

Even though the royal family is expected to wear more nude or neutral shades, there are no such things as a protocol that delineates this kind of judgment. Both the Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Sussex have been seen before wearing bolder shades such as black and burgundy. In spite of the fact that it is not a very common thing, it is safe to say that there are some colors that are royal-approved, such as:

a. LE VERNIS Longwear Nail Color from Channel that can be found on the nordstron.com site and it costs around $28.00.
b. Nail Lacquer from Tom Ford that can be found on the nordstrom.com site and it costs around $31.45.
c. Enamored Hi-Shine Nail Polish from Marc Jacobs Beauty that can be found on the sephora.com site and it costs around $18.00.
d. Kerfuffle Nail Lacquer from Butter London that can be found on the butterlondon.com site and it costs around $12.00.
e. Hopelessly Devoted to OPI from OPI that can be found on the opi.com site and it costs around $10.24.
f. Zoya Nail Polish from Jack that can be found on the zoya.com site and it costs around $10.00.
g. Bouquet of Kisses from Runway that can be found on the sourcebeauty.me site and it costs around $4.01.
And last but not least, the favorite nail polish of the Royal House of England is:
h. Ballet Slippers from Essie that can be found on the essie.com site and it costs around $9.00. (A fun fact about this nail polish/ brand is that, in 1989, the Queen’s hairdresser wrote a letter to the founder of the Essie brand, Essie Weingarten, in which he was requesting a certain color, namely Ballet Slippers, for the Queen herself. Not to mention that the Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Sussex seem to enjoy and use this nail polish too. Ballet Slippers could definitely be called a regal nail polish!)

Here are some of the most used regal nail polishes and brands by the members of the royal houses around the world, products that are not as expensive as one would expect, and which preserve a very classy and elegant style!

regal nails ideas

Are Regal Nails Long or Short?

Regal nails do not follow a specific pattern; they can be both long and short. This is why you can style them at home or you can make an appointment and go to a salon and let a specialist apply them for you.

Indeed, taking into consideration the huge variety of colors that regal nails can mold into, both long and short nails represent some sort of advantage.

For example, long nails can be filed into different shapes: oval, square, squoval (a combination between the two), etc.; and be painted in navy/ royal blue or crimson/ scarlet/ burgundy if you want to make a bolder statement. On the other hand, short nails go better with nude or neutral colors such as ivory and cream, bright warm yellow, gold silver and platinum, or even black and white, which are non-colors.

There are also plenty of ideas for decoration: accessories, precious gems, rhinestones, studs, glitter, minimalist bows, stripes, lines and so on. The secret is to know what you want and to try to combine all these to the perfection. If you want to keep it simple, then a nude/ neutral color and a minimum of accessories could be the best option.

But, if you want to go for a daring look, then a bolder shade and classy accessories are all that you need to shine.

regal nails design

Are Regal Nails More Resistant than Other Types of Nails?

Well, the level of resistance of the regal nails is not measured in names or titles. The quality is the crucial aspect that nails always depend on.

Regal nails are not that different from other nail art styles. We have already seen that even the members of the royal houses accustom to wear simplistic and minimalist manicures, which are surprisingly not expensive at all. Even though the common mentality is that cheap means low quality, this does not always apply.

You can imagine that the members of the royal houses around the world do put significance on the nail polishes that they use, so even if some brands that they use are not as expensive as everyone would expect, this does not mean that they are not quality, it is the other way around. However, if we refer to nail polishes or nail styles that look regal or that give off a regal vibe, then it all depends on the color we opt for, the accessories that we use, and on how we decide to wear them.

Therefore, there are many options one can choose from and not every option is as good as we would think, so regal nails are not necessarily more resistant than other types of nails. The substances that are used on the nails are as relevant as the way in which we take care of them, how healthy they are and what potential problems might arise on the journey (bacteria, fungus, infections).

red regal nails

Are Regal Nails Expensive?

People have a wrong mentality regarding the costs of regal nails, whether you choose to apply or grow them. Nevertheless, it is definitely not the case. Regal nails are not as expensive as everyone thinks. As we have already discussed the Queen of England uses the same nail polish brand which is the opposite of expensive.

Therefore, regal nails can be obtained paying only $10 (€7.78) or $20 (€15.57) for them, which is the cheapest alternative. The standard prices for this type of nails usually rank somewhere between $35 or $45 (around €31.5 or €40.6) and it could go up to $60 (€54.1) when extra charges are made for special requirements regarding decoration, patterns, accessories, and so on.

Of course, there are also those luxurious places such as salons and spas that can ask even $120 (€108.2) if they apply some crystal-based nail polishes or decoration, however, they should not go over $100 (€90.2). Nevertheless, regal nails can also be achieved at home, using the proper tools and paying special attention to them, not only while doing the procedure but before and after the process as well.

purple regal nails

Instruments that Are Indispensable for Creating Regal Nails:

From the very beginning, it is important to highlight that there are some tools that can help you create your own regal nails without actually going to a salon or Spa. These instruments are essential when it comes to the maintaining process, which is crucial for applying or growing these regal nails.

Instruments that need to be used:

  1. Tweezers/ clipper;
  2. Nail buffer;
  3. Cuticle balm;
  4. Nutritious oil;
  5. Cotton pads;
  6. Paper towel;
  7. Glue/ gel/ acrylics;
  8. Synthetic brush;
  9. Acetone-free nail polish remover;
  10. Topcoat/ hardeners/ strengtheners.

purple and gold regal nails

Ideas of designs for regal nails:

Rose Gold Tip Fit for a Queen – a clear base with a yellow ombre gradient and diamond details (@_linadoll

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@vetro_usa drippin' gold ?

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Dazzling Pink and Glitter Nails – a pastel pink base with glossy effect, glittery French tips and once accent nail with glittery effect (@solinsnaglar)

A Hint of Glimmer – a white toned base with a glossy effect and glittery French tips (@bulaevanails)

Classy Baby Bloomer Nails – a nude toned base with an ombre pattern (@miss_fancy_nails)

White and Gold Glitter – a white toned base with golden decorations and one accent nail with golden glittery effects (@melcisme)

White Manicure with Sparkles – a white tone base with glossy effect and one accent nail with precious gems (@nail_sunny)

Classy Sassy Burgundy Nail Designs – a burgundy base with a glossy ombre design and rhinestones (@thenailsqueen)

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Matte Minimalist Geometric Burgundy Nails – a matte burgundy base with stripes and lines patterns (@natalimyname)

Chic and Short Classic Burgundy Manicure – a darker burgundy toned base with glossy effect on short square tipped nails (@so_nailicious)

In conclusion, regal nails are another branch of the entire nail art industry, a branch that encompasses a wide range of styles and designs. Regal nails are elegant, glamorous, simple and fancy at the same time…

They can be used on special occasions, on the red carpet, at a wedding reception, at a business meeting or even while walking on the street. Regal nails are so compact and powerful that they can camouflage and adapt to any occasion and person, the secret is to know how to properly accessorize them in order to still preserve a classy yet fun look.

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