50 Glitter Nail Designs for Shiny Hands

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Glitter nail designs are perfect if you want a shiny manicure. You can create some exquisite nail patterns with the help of glitter. Just look at our collection of photos of glitter nail designs and take into consideration our suggestions, if they match your taste and personality.

Glitter nail designs represent a simple manner of drawing attention. When it is used properly, the glitter it can lead to some great results which will catch the eye of everybody around you. These sophisticated glitter nail designs will make you look extraordinary if you try them. Generally, glitter is very easy to use, but if you have difficulties when creating your own manicure based upon glitter nail designs, then ask a friend to help you or you can see a professional who will make sure you obtain the perfect manicure based upon the glitter nail designs you wish for. Glitter can be used on any type of nail shape: round, square, stiletto, all of them look very good.

Glitter Nail Designs Step-by-Step

Step 1. Tidy, trim, and also shape your nails. Clean your nails down with nail gloss cleaner. Trim your nails down with clippers, after that form them with data.

Step 2. Apply a skim coat and also base color. Use a slim layer of skim coat to every nail, after that allow it to dry. Comply with up with a single layer of your preferred nail gloss per nail. Wait for the polish to dry prior to continuing.
Your nail polish can be flat, matte, or pearlescent, however, it requires to match the glitter that you will certainly be utilizing.

Step 3. Apply a 2nd coat of nail gloss to your first nail. If you paint all of the nails currently, the gloss will dry and the radiance won’t stick.

Step 4. Work over a sheet of paper to catch the excess glitter that drops off your nail. You can use nail art shine, as well as cosmetic-grade glitter or also crafting shine.
Be sure to utilize the finest grain you can discover if you are using crafting glitter.

Step 5. Twist your hand so that your nail is encountering the paper. Next, turn your finger back over as well as wait for your nail to dry. This can take a couple of mins, so you can move on to your other nails at this factor.

Step 6. Use a thin coat of nail gloss, then drink on the radiance. Tap the excess glitter off, after that relocate onto the following nail. Make certain that all of your nails are nails are completely dry prior to moving onto the next action.

Step 7. Delicately clean the excess of glitter off with a soft brush once the gloss is completely dry. Run a soft eye shadow brush over each nail, beginning at the nail bed as well as finishing past the tip.

Step 8. Wipe your nails down with nail gloss cleaner. Adhere to up with a single coat of your wanted nail gloss to each nail. Use the 2nd coat of nail gloss to your initial nail. Make sure that all of your nails are dry prior to moving onto the following action.

Step 9. Run a soft eyeshadow brush over each nail, starting at the nail bed and ending up past the idea.

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Simple Glitter Patterns

The simple, casual glitter nail designs can be worn every day and match any outfit. Glitter highlights any manicure, no matter the pattern. You can add a glitter twist to almost any style: for example, opt for pink or nude French style with a little silver glitter on the tips, ombre nail art, funky glitter nail designs, or romantic glitter lace effect. These are excellent glitter nail designs.

Festive Glitter Nail Art

It is a great idea to have festive glitter nail designs. These classy glitter nail designs are appropriate for the parties, where you have the opportunity to look glamorous. A subtle sparkle of glitter is the right choice if you are a more conservative person. But if you are a bold woman, then try extravagant glitter nail designs. For better results, we recommend you to add a layer of clear nail polish at the end. Your festive glitter nail designs will impress everybody!

simple glitter nail designs

Loose Glitter Nail Styles

The loose glitter is a big trend right now and many women became fascinated with it. This type of glitter adds a special texture to your manicure and very much brightness. It is not very hard to achieve these loose glitter nail designs: add a base coat, a scotch tape if you want a certain design, then you need lose glitter in the color of your choice to pour it upon your nails with the help of a paper or a recipient, and if you wish, you can add other nail ornaments too, like strands, for example. You will obtain a stunning manicure based upon the loose glitter nail designs! These loose glitter nail designs are wonderful.

Acrylic Glitter Nails

If you have acrylic nails, you can paint them too with glitter. There is no rule according to which you cannot use nail jewelry (like pearls or rhinestones), or delicate sequins in the same manicure with glitter; on the contrary, if you dose the glitter properly, you can achieve some spectacular glitter nail designs.

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Colored Glitter Nail Designs

You can choose the type of glitter to match any outfit you like and even mix the glitter types. There are a lot of glitter colors that look amazing when they are used in the same manicure type. For example, the combinations like silver and gold, or blue with orange, pastels or contrasting effects between a dark polish base and shimmery glitter. These colored glitter nail designs are stunning.

Feel free to use any kind of glitter you want when you follow the glitter nail designs tutorial, depending on the type of manicure you decide upon. You will feel amazing when you will receive many compliments regarding your glitter nail designs…

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