60+ Extraordinary Pink Nails Pics with WOW Factor

Pink nails tutorials, pink water marble nail art, pink French ombre nail art, pink gel nail polish How long do pink nails usually last, how much do they usually cost, what instruments to use.

Pink nails to match everybody’s taste, steps to follow when creating pink nail art, pictures and detailed videos for inspiration.

Among all the other colors in this world, the most feminine one is considered to be pink. Every little girl is usually dressed in pink, everyone enjoys a pink-tinted lip-gloss or make-up, and there is at least one pink object in your room or surroundings. Pink is everywhere! Now, it is even on your nails – the famous pink nails!

There is no doubt that pink is a color that will never go out of fashion! You might have seen or worn pink clothes, pink make-up, pink jewelry, etc., but have you ever seen or worn a good set of pink nails? People guarantee there is nothing that screams more girly or feminine than pink does.

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Pink nails come in a variety of designs, shapes, and models, with so many decoration ideas and potential that you can basically combine this color with pretty much everything and still make something extraordinary out of it. Whether we talk about pastel pink or brighter pink, about ombre pink nails or French tips, pink nails made out of acrylics, gel or simply natural, this type of nails illustrates a classic choice in the nail art industry.

The pink nails art has been around for so many years that people sometimes tend to overlook it; however, the secret is to know how to embellish your pink nails accordingly, in order to make a splendid comeback!

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How Long Do Pink Nails Usually Last?

Well, the color does not determine the resistance of a nail set. The durability is such a subjective topic that the color of your nails cannot predict whether or not your nails are going to resist for a long time. Pink nails are as special as the other nail polish colors on the market.

However, there are other aspects that could damage your nails. For example, if you choose to create your pink nails at home, there are many things that could go wrong. Even if you decide to make an appointment at a salon, there is no guarantee that the process will go smoothly. Maybe the technique used is not the proper one, maybe the instruments were not sterilized as they should or maybe the choice overall was not the best for your nails.

There are also some issues that do not depend on either you or the specialist, there could be some natural causes such as infections, bacteria, and fungus that appear all of a sudden if your nails are not properly taken care of. If the nail is healthy enough, then it might last up to 3 or 4 weeks. Therefore, pink nails can go through all kinds of damages as other types of nails do.

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How Much Do Pink Nails Usually Cost?

Pink nails are indeed special nails but they are not different in terms of price and cost. Actually, since it is considered to be such a standard manicure, the cost of pink nails is not as high up as everyone thinks it is. The average price for pink nails is usually somewhere between $20 (€15.57), $35 and $45, which means around €31.5 or €40.6, but it also could go up to $60 (€54.1) if you decide to go to more expensive salons and Spas.

Taking into consideration that pink nails represent a great base for further decoration, the overall price for your pink nails could go higher depending on what kind of decoration you opt for. However, it should not go over $100 (€90.2) in truly extreme cases.

On the other hand, doing the pink nails manicure by yourself at home can end up as pricey as resorting to a technician, because you have to purchase every single tool for the entire process, not to mention that you have to arm yourself with a lot of patience, optimism, and creativity.

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Pink Nails Tutorials

Pink Water Marble Nail Art Tutorial:

Instruments that need to be used for these pink nails:
1. Cotton pads;
2. Paper towel;
3. Acetone-free nail polish remover;
4. Nail polishes – different shades of nail polish;
5. Nutritious oil;
6. Dotting tool;
7. Nail base coat;
8. Liquid latex;
9. Nail buffer;
10. Topcoat.


  1. The first step to make Pink Water Marble Nails is to file your nails to the desired shape and length. After filling the nails, buff them once again if it is necessary. It is also recommended by this pink nails tutorial to wash your hands in between these two processes to make sure there is nothing left on the nail.
  2. After filling and buffing your natural nails, apply a base coat that will protect your nails from staining or from being damaged by the nail polish, it acts as a protective layer.
  3. Once the base coat is applied, proceed applying another base layer, according to this pink nails tutorial. Its color should be one of your choices, usually white is recommended to be used because it creates a very neat effect, almost as a canvas, however, taking into consideration that we are talking about Pink Water Marble Nails, then it is just fine to choose a pastel pink shade for the base layer.
  4. The fourth step of this pink nails tutorial is to apply liquid latex around your nail. You should be very careful with this substance because it should not come in contact with the nail polish. It should be placed onto the skin around the nails in order to protect it. However, if you do not have liquid latex, then you can also apply vaseline or tape.
  5. After applying the liquid latex/ Vaseline/ tape/, it is time to go to more complicated things. For this step of the pink nails tutorial, you need a cup of room temperature water. It would be better to put the water into a small recipient because too much water could damage the effect.
  6. The following step is to put nail polish into the recipient filled with water, one drop at a time, just above the surface; otherwise, it might sink in the bottom. Now that the nail polish is floating on the water, you are free to make a marble pattern with the help of a dotting tool, dragging each side and corner so as to not destroy the pattern.
  7. After creating the desired patterned, dip your finger into the water and position right where your pattern is. Remember to keep it at a 45-degree angle in order to make sure that water bubbles will not pop up on your nail later. Once your Pink Water Marble pattern is firmly settled, try to dry the nail as best as you can.
  8. After the nail dries out, you can finally remove the latex/ vaseline/ tape around the nail and clean the skin carefully with a nail polish remover, according to the pink nails tutorial.
  9. The final step of this pink nails tutorial is to apply another layer of topcoat, to protect the nail polish and make it more durable, resistant and shiny.
  10. For a bolder look, it would be a good idea to try various shades of pink; for example, you can try pastel pink for the base and brighter pink for the highlights.

Pink French Ombre Nail Art Tutorial:

Instruments that need to be used for these pink nails:
1. Cotton pads;
2. Paper towel;
3. Acetone-free nail polish remover;
4. Nail polishes – pale pink and white;
5. Nutritious oil;
6. Make-up sponge;
7. Nail base coat;
8. Small synthetic brush;
9. Nail file;
10. Topcoat.


  1. a. The first step in order to create Pink French Ombre Nails is to wash your hands and nails thoroughly, to use a nail file to make your nails smoother and neater, to get rid of the rough edges and prepare them for the next steps.
  2. The second step of the pink nails tutorial after the preparation procedure ends is to apply a base coat that protects your nails from potential damages coming from nail polishes and other substances.
  3. Once the base coat is applied, we can move on to bigger and better things. The next step of this pink nails tutorial is to take your make-up sponge and apply two stripes of nail polish. The pink stripe of nail polish should be the larger one and the white stripe of nail polish should be the narrower. Also, do not forget that the white stripe should be placed above the pink stripe.
  4. The fourth step of this pink nails tutorial is to press your sponge to your nail as hard as you can, just like a stamp. The colors should cover the entire nail even if it looks messy at a first glance. Continue with the process for the other nails as well. If you feel like the colors need more pigment, then you can apply two or three layers in addition to the initial layer to give them more color.
  5. After applying all those layers, once you feel satisfied with the effect, let the nails dry completely. The larger pink stripe should look like a base while the narrower white stripe should look like a French tip, therefore the ombre pattern.
  6. The next step of this pink nails tutorial is to clean the nails once they have dried completely. Use a small brush dipped in acetone or nail polish remover to clean up the skin around the nails from any residual nail polish left on the edges.
  7. The last step is to complete the manicure with a topcoat that should make your nail polish more resistant and shiny. Do not forget to keep your hands moisturized, using a nutritious oil for both your skin and your nails.
    You can always change the colors of these nail polishes with others. For example, you can try a pastel pink base and a brighter pink tip or even vice versa. Also, you are more than welcome to style and accessorize them as you please!

Pink Gel Nail Polish/ Nail Art Tutorial:

Instruments that need to be used for these pink nails:

  • 1. Cotton pads;
  • Paper towel;
  • Acetone-free nail polish remover;
  • Gel Nail polishes;
  • Gel primer;
  • Make-up sponge;
  • Nail base coat;
  • Small synthetic brush;
  • Nail file;
  • Topcoat.


  1. The first step to creating Pink Gel Nail Polish/ Nail Art is to make sure that your hands are properly washed and your nails completely clean. Also, try to push back your cuticles as much as you can to not interfere with the rest of the process. It is not necessary to cut them, but to push them back with a special stick or to soften them by soaking your nails in water.
  2. The second step is to file the nails until you obtain the shape and length you want. If you need to file or buff them repeatedly, make sure you also wash them once again before actually applying the gel.
  3. The third step is to apply a gel primer that makes the surface sticky. The amount of gel primer that needs to be applied depends on what types of nails you have. For instance, if you have oily nails and skin, then you should apply more gel primer than you should usually do. For this part, use a synthetic brush, moving it in a circular way or just around the tip, letting your nails dry by themselves for 40 seconds.
  4. The fourth step is to apply the base coat that acts as a protective layer between your natural nail and the other substances. After applying the base coat, cure your nails under the UV lamp for 15 minutes each and let them dry for another 30 seconds by themselves before actually touching them.
  5. After the gel primer and the base coat, you can finally apply the gel nail polish. Wait for the surface to dry for at least 15 minutes before going on to the next nail. Also, you can go over the initial layer as much as you want until you obtain the desired color.
  6. Before the final step, you should apply a top coat, but only after you make sure that the other layers are completely dry. Do it with great caution as the brush could come into contact with the other colors.
  7. The last step is to wipe your nails with a gel cleanser or a simple sponge, in order to create a better settled and glossy effect.

This is just one of the multitudes of methods you can use to create gel nail polishes, therefore, feel free to follow any other method as well. Also, Pink Gel Nail Polish/ Nail Art is the easiest manicure to accessorize, so feel free to put your imagination to good use…

In conclusion, pink nails are much more than a generic manicure. There are so many great ideas for decorating and accessorizing that can be applied to these pink nails that it feels like working on canvas. Pink is no longer an exclusive color for little girls, it is no longer a stereotype; it is an essential part of our day-to-day life and appearance. Pink nails are a trend that will definitely prevail for years to come!

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