60 Amazing Black and White Nail Designs

Black and white nail designs with geometric patterns, polka dots, stripes, interesting animal prints. The most beautiful black and white nail designs with classy floral art.

Black and white nail designs with decorations, a mix of forms and shapes, jeweled nail art, ballerina nails with roses, stiletto nails, flower nails art, Hollywood film celebrity nails, black and white water marble, and many more.

Black and white nail designs create great contrasting effects. This combination is generally loved and accepted as universal because it matches any outfit no matter its color. In this article, we present to you the most beautiful ideas of black and white manicure.

Black and white nail designs are the best choices for glamorous occasions, fancy cocktails and cool parties, but they look good also in everyday wear. This versatile combination is very permissive: you can try so many classy designs, which will never get out of style with the black and white nail designs.

white and black nail designs

You can make an impression even if you wear a black and white manicure. There is much more to explore when it comes to black and white combination, so when you are tired of too much color on your manicure. Take a look at our suggestions and you will see for yourself how beautiful and elegant your nails will look with these special black and white nail designs!

Top 60 Black and White Nail Designs

1. Geometric Patterns

geometric black and white nails

You can enjoy the multitude of geometric patterns and artistic shapes right on your nails with these black and white nail designs! These can be obtained very easily with the help of some scotch tape and it is not necessary to be symmetrical.

2. Polka Dots

Polka Dots black and white nails

Black and white Polka dot nails are extremely fashionable and trendy. You can make the dots in different sizes and alternate black and white as you wish. Choose to be different by trying a lot of Polka dots styles! Another great idea is the fact that you can use the matte and shining contrast to reflect better the dots. Plus, you can create them very easy with the help of a special dotting instrument or if you do not have one, you can use a toothpick. These black and white nail designs are wonderful.

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3. Stripes

black and white nail designs with stripes

Paint your nails with vertical, horizontal diagonal, or zigzag lines, there are so many possibilities to try when it comes to black and white nail designs! If you want to have perfect stripes, but do not manage to maintain your hands steady, then you should use the scotch tape technique to create them, or stamp stripes with stripes template. The black and white nail designs look amazing!

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4. Interesting Animal Prints

animal print nails

Here you can find all kinds of interesting prints. Try the animal ones like zebra, panda or white tiger, snow leopard, or you can be creative and make your own prints. These black and white nail designs look even better if you have acrylic nails.

5. Classy Floral Nail Art

black and white nail with flowers

Black and white nail designs with flowers are very sophisticated and feminine. Dress up your manicure with gorgeous floral designs to draw attention wherever you go. Choose similar or different sized flowers to add special details upon your nails and your manicure will become even more special. Opt for these black and white nail designs whenever you like.

6. Black and White Nail Decorations

Black and white nail decorations

Use black and white rhinestones, stickers, strands, glitter or other elements to decorate your manicure. You can create a 3D contrast, or you have the possibility to make the difference by using matte nail polish and shiny nail accessories. These black and white nail designs are gorgeous!

7. A Mix of Forms and Shapes

nails with mix of forms and shapes

Black and white nail designs look fabulous when many forms and shapes are combined. Put your imagination to work, test your skills and you will obtain great results. Your black and white nail designs will be appreciated and you will be in the center of attention!

8. Jeweled Nail Art

Jeweled Nail Art

This nail art style is really stylish along with clever. The just standard is that it can be finished on wide nails. It is a great way to enhance the beauty of your manicure with these black and white nail designs.

9. Ballerina Nails with Roses

Ballerina Nails with Roses

These nails are primarily black; nevertheless, the 2 nails on the 2 center fingers of each hand are done in a different way. The various other is all-natural, apart from some stunning black roses that cover the sides of each ring finger nail. You will impress everybody with these black and white nail designs.

10. Stiletto Nails

black and white Stiletto nails

Slope or ombre strategy is among one of the most preferred nail layouts this period when it comes to black and white nail designs. The trump card for this technique is a make-up sponge. You’ll be able to put on the slope appearance on their very own or incorporate it with various other methods like freehand nail layout or marking as soon as you have actually understood this strategy.

11. Flower Nails Art

Flower Nails Art black and white

These kinds of nail art layouts will certainly use you something special appearance. In this one, the artist used tri-color nail gloss: black, blue and white. These black and white nail designs are eye-catching.

12. Hollywood Film Celebrity

Hollywood Film Celebrity nails

These black and white nail designs simply could do the method if you are looking for something that makes you look like a Hollywood queen. They are white and also black nails, yet these nails have a metallic luster to them that makes them really stand apart as well as be discovered. The gems and silver studs on the center finger are additionally really attractive and also beautiful.

13. Black & White Water Marble

Black & White Water Marble nails

Constantly pick water at temperature level and do not fail to remember to secure the skin around the nail with tape, or a fat lotion, to make it simpler to eliminate the continuing to be gloss. These black and white nail designs are stunning!

14. Easy Black and White Nails

Easy black and white nails

These black and white nail designs are simple to make, however, they are likewise extremely classy. 4 of the 5 nails are carried out in a strong black layer, however, the nails on the center fingers of each hand have white nail art on them made to resemble adorable little blossoms and butterflies. These black and white nail designs are fantastic for any type of celebration, in spite of their simpleness.

15. Polishes Effect White and Black Nails

Polishes Effect white and black nails

There are numerous impact nail brightens accessible in the marketplace like Crackle result, Magnetic impact, Croc result, Shade altering gloss and so on. You can just use them for a quick in addition to a different nail appearance. These black and white nail designs look great!

16. Two-Toned White and Black Nails

Two-Toned white and black nails

These white and black nails are just that – black and white nails. Fifty percent of the nail is repainted in black, while the other half is repainted in white. Since the shades are corresponding, the black and white nail designs look definitely cute, yet they are likewise trendy sufficient to match your official clothes.

17. New Year’s Eve White and Black Stars

New Year's Eve white and black Stars

These black and white nail designs are adored by celebrities because they are perfect for New Year´s Eve.

18. Marbled Black and White Nails

Marbled black and white nails

These white and black nails are very shiny and beautiful. There are mainly strong shades, so they are simple, yet they do have a marbleized 4th finger as well as red stripes via the pinky fingers of each hand, both of which provide that little additional aspect of course as well as design. These black and white nail designs will impress everybody.

19. Cross Nails

Cross nails

Some ladies could be versus placing spiritual signs on their nails yet regardless, this nail style looks terrific as well as is very easy to make.

20. Zebra White and Black Nails

Zebra white and black nails

Zebra black and white nail designs appear awesome while done correctly and with accuracy. You can use zebra prints nail art in dissimilar ways depends on the dimension of the room you will effort with. These black and white nail designs are stunning!

21. Rounded Strip

Rounded strip nails

These black and white nail designs are an attractive black shade with a rounded red stripe with the center of each. These black and white nail designs are really hard rock, as well as they are unbelievably simple to produce.

22. Adorable Nails White and Black

Adorable nails white and black

This cute nail design is in white and black, it will certainly brighten up your mood and day. Wear these white and black nail designs if you want to have a special manicure.

23. Polka Dots

Polka Dots black and white nails

Take a look at these white and black nail designs. This polka dot nail art looks stylish and elegant with a white clear surrounding, designed by tiny black dots. These white and black nail designs are exquisite.

24. White and Black Flowers

White and Black Flowers nails

The primary shade in this specific manicure style is black; as a matter of fact, 4 of the 5 nails on each hand are performed in strong black that has a pale shimmer to it. The third finger of each hand, nonetheless, is white with a fragile, elaborate blossom repainted on it in grays and blacks. It is a stylish and very chic style that looks wonderful on any individual as well as with any kind of clothing.

25. Black Tip Nails

Black tip nails

The timeless French manicure is a classic appearance yet with time it can come to be dull and pretty boring. To stay clear of the monotony of putting on the exact same appearance throughout once more, we advise this enhanced French nail layout with black tips. It’s still advanced yet much more contemporary. These white and black nail designs are classy.

26. Cat Nails

Cat Nails

Now, draw 2 black dots for the eyes and 1 for the nose. Topcoat your nails to stick in your drawing. These white and black nail designs are minimalist.

27. Shine Nails

Shine nails

These white and black nail designs have everything they need to be a little extra and over the top. The gemstones on the random nails really add that extra bit of flair. Wear these white and black nail designs at a special occasion.

28. Googly Eyes Nails Style

black Googly eyes Nails

Apply your favorite black polish as a base coat and let it dry. Create white parts of the eyes with a bigger end of a dotting tool and black parts with a smaller one. These white and black nail designs are really funny.

29. White and Black Stripes

black and white Stripes nails

These particular white and black nail designs use a natural nail base, but the sides of the nails have white and black swirls running up one side of the nail from the nail bed to the tip of the nail. The rest of the nail is covered in black and white horizontal stripes. These white and black nail designs look wonderful!

30. Yin and Yang Nails


One of the most prominent nail styles in white and black is most definitely Yin and also Yang. Not just that these white and black nail designs look lovely, however they likewise assist harness your internal chi.

31. Bling Bling White And Black Nails

Bling Bling White And Black Nails

These white and black nail designs are one more of my faves on the checklist. They are definitely spectacular, and also they will most definitely have passers by asking “Who did those nails?!” The thumb, center, as well as pinky fingers of each hand  are done in a glossy black, yet they have actually beautiful diamonds included on for that additional little bit of style. The nails of the ring fingers are done to look like fragile white roses in complete flower.

32. Diamond Nail Style

Diamond nail style

Diamonds are a ladies’ friend! Not everybody can manage a ruby on their finger, however … you can constantly attract one on your nail!

33. Pattern Nails

Pattern nails

To recreate this stylish, spirited appearance, you require a constant arm and also some spare time. Since the end outcome is remarkable, it’s worth it!

34. Chanel Nails

Chanel nails

The pinky fingernail is done in a shimmery, silvery black, while the center finger is done in a pure black that looks abundant as well as deep. The ring finger is repainted in a matte black base and it has some one-of-a-kind white nail art to attract the eye. The index finger is done in entirely various designs, showcasing the all-natural nail and also only paint the idea in a glitter-covered black.

35. Puzzle Nail Layout

Puzzle nails

Utilizing a populating device for nail art makes this puzzle style very easy. If you desire to attempt out various other shade mixes on your accent nail, go for it!

36. Stripes

White and Black Stripes

These nails are primarily black, with the exception of one white nail on the third finger of each hand. Each nail has actually various sized red stripes, either in the all-natural shade, white, or black. They are easy, simple to make, and extremely charming.

37. Alternating White and Black Nails

Alternating white and black Nails

These nails are really simple to repaint, and also though they are simple in style, they are no much less fashionable for every one of that. One nail is white, the following is black, the following is white, and so forth. The nails are almond-shaped as well as glossy, and also they match any kind of sort of attire with which you select to combine them.

38. Floral Monochrome Nails

Floral Monochrome Nails

A flower nail style is an excellent increase to obtain the warm-weather spirit.

39. Cool Ombre

Cool ombre black and white nails

The nails on the center fingers of each hand have this special white to grey to black ombre paint layout that looks expert and also actually awesome. The various other nails, with various paint designs, evoke the concept of stellar skies as well as galaxies. These are a few of the most effective ballerina design nails on the listing, specifically, if you’re from a galaxy much, away.

40. White Accent Nail with Rocks

White accent nail with rocks

Without black rocks on the white accent nail, this claw would certainly be simply the regular one. Small details can do marvels!

41. Mix Textures

Mix Textures nails

Include a little measurement to your nail art by functioning with at the very least 2 various nail gloss surfaces. Think about blending black matte with a black metal color or a luscious nontransparent white with a sparkling white.

42. Music Nails

black and white music nail designs

This beautiful nail style will certainly bring music to your ears. Perfect claws for all artists around.

43. Stiletto Nails

Stiletto nails black and white

These stiletto nails have a whole lot going on, and they are bound to transform heads. The alternative in between black nails, white nails, and also nails covered in white shine.

44. Half-moon Nails

Half-moon nails black and white

Including diamonds, rocks or pearls to a white and also black nail layout is a very easy means to include some glam without moring than the top.

45. Zig-Zags

Zig-Zags nails black and white

These white nails are rather charming in their simpleness. They have these stunning Indigenous American kind styles on them in black that truly attract the eye. The styles are just done, however, they look really wonderful, as well as the useful size, and the forms of the nails imply they can be put on also while mosting likely to function or doing home jobs.

46. Love Nails

Love nails

This is a basic nail layout that we wish to replicate right now! Word ‘love’, you can compose: enjoyable, laugh, life.

47. Panda Nails

panda nails black and white

Panda nails are just one of those enjoyable and also lovable try to find your nails.

48. White and Black Nails with Gold

black and white with gold nails

These nails are sophisticated as well as stunning. The solitary gold nail, the gold styles on the ring fingers, and also the slashes of gold accents throughout the white as well as black nails include a touch of shade and also twinkle.

49. Short Nails

Short black and white nails

White, as well as black nail gloss, can develop some rather intriguing styles. This is just one of them.

50. Moon Monochrome Nails Art

White and black Nails Moon

This layout is one-of-a-kind and also stunning. The nails are repainted a matte black, that makes the moons repainted on them stand and also beam out clearly. The moons are repainted with such information that they, in fact, appear like mini variations of the moon in the evening skies.

51. Math Nail Design

Math nail design

The very best method to rip off on your examination without obtaining captured? Created the formula on your nails!

52. Henna Nails

Henna black and white nails

This nail style is influenced by henna, a non-permanent tattoo that’s made use of as skin accessory between East, South Asia as well as North Africa.

53. White and also Sparkly Black Nails Art

White and also sparkly black Nails Art

This style is for those opting for an extra official, recognizable appearance. They are a combination of easy, solid-color black and white nails with a great deal of silver radiance and also beam included for accents. This is a lovely layout that will certainly enhance your evening wear wonderfully, as well as the silver radiance offers it an extremely wintery appearance.

54. Triangular Nail Style

Triangular nail style

This triangular manicure is the ideal means to rock stylish geometric layouts.

55. Swarovski Nails Style

Swarovski Nails black and white

One more variation of geometric layout, however this moment with nail diamonds for some glam as well as luster.

56. 3D White and Black Nail Styles

3D white and black nail styles

Match a shiny black gloss with a matte white for a stylish appearance.

57. Elegance Nails Black and White

Elegance nails black and white

This layout utilizes the charm of your very own, all-natural nails blended with strong, deep black. The last 2 nails are carried out in strong black, while the very first 2 fingers display the all-natural nail, bordered by faux-diamonds on one finger and a dash of glittery silver on the various other. It is a fantastic selection to match your little black gown for an evening out on the community.

58. Wintertime Nails

Wintertime nails

Jazz up your wintertime attire with these very easy and adorable distinctive nails.

59. Black Nails with a White Tip

Black nails with a white tip

This white-tipped manicure is a refined nail style for any kind of event as well as day-to-day wear.

60. White, Black, and also Gold Nails

White and black Nails with Gold

These nails are done in an extremely distinct design. There is likewise a milklike white shine to the black nails that include their originality…