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25 Fancy Nails Design that All Women Will Go Crazy For

by Jennifer
Fancy Nails

Fancy nails – when did they appear, are they harmful to your hands. How long do fancy nails last,do they usually hurt, how can they be removed.

Fancy nails desing ideas, how much do they cost, how to create the most wonderful manicures, great pictures of this kind of nails.

Each and every person wants a pair of fancy nails when going to a salon exactly how everyone wants a pair of elegant shoes when going to a shoe store.

Expectations are high, whether you want fancy nails or elegant shoes, and so are their respective prices. Even so, is there something that a person cannot do for their nails or shoes? Hobbies and passions come in various forms, fancy nails being one of them.

new fancy nails

This term is so broad that there is no complete definition or representation that can capture it. As we already know, there are so many ideas and techniques for decorating the nails, so many colors, shapes, and forms that it is almost impossible not to be tempted to change the nail style as often as possible.

Fancy nails are part of a trend that is always evolving in such a way that no one can really stay away from them. What could be better than a couple of glittery colorful fancy nails to hype up your day? Let’s dive more into them!

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When Did Fancy Nails Appear?

The apparition of nails can be traced back to ancient Egypt, from 5000 B.C. to 3000 B.C., when both men and women (depending on the region where they were living) used to paint their nails in order to show off their social status. Pastel shades were used by low-class people, while those who were considered high-class people were using brighter shades. At the same time, in 3000 B.C., the first nail polish was created in China, and it was made out of vegetable dyes, gum Arabic, egg whites, gelatin, to just name a few.

However, the nail polish was not applied onto the nail as we do it nowadays, but by dipping the nail in the substance and letting it dry for a couple of hours. There was a whole variety of colors, and only those who were royalty were allowed to apply gold and silver to their nails. However, the beginning of what we call “nail art” is believed to be during the 16th century in the already famous Inca Empire when Incas used to decorate their nails by painting eagles on them.

Much later, in 1770, the very first fancy manicure made out of silver and gold was created by the French King Louis XVI, who was well-known for taking great care of his nails.

fancy yelow nails

Are Fancy Nails Harmful to Your Nails?

Fancy nails are not so different from other types of nails. It is a trend as many others are, and it is here to stay. Taking into consideration that people opt for applying nails on a daily basis, it is just normal to question their quality. We already know that substances such as polishes and removers do contain acetone, which can cause dizziness or headaches.

Most nail polishes are well-known for the fact that they contain those “Big Three” dangerous chemicals: dibutyl phthalate (which damages the reproductive systems), toluene (which damages nervous systems), formaldehyde (which causes rashes and even asthma). However, every nail polish creator tries to perfect as much as possible their product and to get rid of the possible negative repercussions, so it should not be a problem in a few years.

Overall, fancy nails should not be harmful to you, in any shape or form, as they are applied properly and crafted with the best materials.

fancy white nails

How Long Do Fancy Nails Last?

Fancy nails are supposed to last for around two or three weeks, just as much as any other type of nails should last. However, depending on the polishes you use, on how healthy your natural nail is, on what technique you decide to apply, fancy nails’ resistance and durability might significantly vary from one to another.

Not to mention that some people are compelled to do more manual labor than others, so it also depends on what kind of work you do. Nevertheless, as long as you use good materials, good polishes, brushes, and decorations, as long you master your technique or resort to a specialist, the result should be exceptional, and your fancy nails should resist for at least a couple of weeks.

Do Fancy Nails Usually Hurt?

Once again, fancy nails are impressively similar to other types and styles of manicures, at least in terms of substances and techniques used. Fancy nails are also made of acrylics, gel, and other substances that are usually used for all types of artificial nails if you choose to apply fake nails and not work on your natural nails.

Fancy nails are not necessarily more expensive than the average; however, if you want a qualitative set of fancy nails, then a little more money should do the trick. These types of nails should not hurt because they have been perfected for the past years, so people are allowed to use them on their own skin. However, there are a couple of reasons why your fancy nails could hurt.

Firstly, allergic reactions are already a common thing, so you need to know beforehand if you are allergic to any substance whatsoever. Secondly, the way in which you fancy nails are applied might also cause some pain. If they are not applied properly, then the nail does not have any stability, and therefore, it brings damage to the natural nails. Withal, keep in mind that it is just normal to feel some sort of pain at least for a day or two after applying the fancy nails, as it is a process foreign to your body, and it just needs time to adjust to it.

fancy tatoo nails

How Can Fancy Nails Be Removed?

Regarding removal, fancy nails can be removed pretty much like any other types of nails, whether we talk about acrylics, gel, etc. Ideally, you should make an appointment to a salon or a specialist in order to get them removed because it is a lot safer and quicker than trying other things, not to mention that you can find their specialists who know exactly how to take care of your nails before and after the actual process with minimal damage.

However, even if you choose to remove them in the comfort of your own house, there are a whole bunch of options you can choose from. You can try to file away the nails, which might prove to be strenuous and quite painful; then, there is this option that helps you remove your nails with dental floss, which proves to be as strenuous and painful as the previous method.

Among all the methods you can think of, the acetone-free polish remover is hands down the best option when it comes to getting rid of your fancy nails without too much effort and with no pain at all. If you choose to do it at home, do not forget to apply some moisturizer, some nutritious oil, or some cream to your hands and nails to keep them healthy and strong.

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How Much Do Fancy Nails Cost?

Usually, a person ends up paying around $10 (€7.78) or $20 (€15.57) for a cheap set of nails, which is a reasonable price for a well-done manicure. However, when you think of fancy nails, you usually think of high-end salons and spas, where the common price for such a procedure could reach even $120 (€108.2).

Even so, fancy nails are not all about price. Elegance and glamour can be achieved even at lower prices. For example, a standard fancy manicure should not go over $35 or $45, which means around €31.5 or €40.6. Of course, the price can vary depending on what kind of decoration you want or on what changes you want to make. Even so, these prices are still quite accessible, even more taking into consideration that you pay this amount of money for a professional manicure, and gathering all the tools and materials necessary might cost more than this.

fancy purple nails

  • Fancy nails – decoration options:
  1. Glitter;
  2. Stamps;
  3. Rhinestones;
  4. Beads;
  5. Miniature bow-ties;
  6. Aluminum foil;
  7. Water marbling;
  8. Studs;
  9. Piercing;
  10. Nail art pens – nail dotters for making dots, colored striping pens, sponges (for gradients), stickers, nail brushes, etc.

 Fancy nails – new types of revolutionary polishes:

  1. Nail stickers – stickers, strips, and wraps that are used to look like nail polish without really exposing yourself to any harmful chemicals;
  2. Matte nails – new types of polishes that are now able to transform a previously glossy polish into a matte one without looking too cumbersome;
  3. Thermochromic nails – new types of polishes that are able to change their color when they are exposed to hot or cold objects or temperatures;
  4. Velvet nails – this is a truly revolutionary nail idea that concentrates on sprinkling velvet fibers also known as velveteen onto the already applied polish, offering a velvety look to it;
  5. Inverse French Manicure – it is the opposite of the well-known French manicure in the sense that the top of the nail, which appears as half of a moon is painted in one color while the rest of the nail is painted in another color.

fancy pastel nails

 Fancy Nails Design Ideas:

  1. Nice Black Nail Art with Crystals – a darker toned base with white stripes and dots and crystals decorations, as minimal and sparkly as possible;
  2. Bow and Rainbow Nail Design – brighter neon shades for the base using the colors of a rainbow and miniature plastic bow ties in matching colors;
  3. Blue Colored Glitter Finger Nails Design – a bright or pastel blue colored base with glitter (the glitter can be of the same color on one of the nails or of different colors on different nails);
  4. Fancy Gel Nail Art Design – a base made out of gel on which one can apply either a pastel or a bright colored tone and flowery patterns, dots, stripes or different kinds of decoration on one of the nails (for example, a French tip with a miniature bow that separates the French tip from the rest of the nail);
  5. White and Black Nail Art for Long Nails – a minimalistic set of fancy nails made out of either white or black tones for the base and rhinestones, crystals, stripes, dots, bows, etc. (another idea could be: white and black tones for the base with a French tip alternating the set of colors, white base – black French tip, black base – white French tip);
  6. Pink and White Bow Acrylic Nails – a pastel-toned base (either pink or white) and a minimal pastel-colored bow tie (you can use pink and white alternatively in order to maintain some sort of chromatic balance of the entire nail style);
  7. Different Colored Bling Nail Design – brighter tones for the base in different colors and glitter (you can choose to apply a glittery nail polish from the very beginning, or you can choose to add shimmer applying crystals, rhinestones, sparkles, etc.)
  8. Fancy Flowered Nail Art Design – a toned pastel base and a flowery pattern (for a good balance of the visual aspect, it is recommended to maintain the same tones for both the base and the pattern);
  9. Glitter Drip Design on White Nails – a toned white base and either bright or pastel-colored accents (the upper part of the nails should be covered in colorful glitter and shaped as it is dripping off the nail creating a special visual effect);
  10. Funky Nail Designs – a bright-toned base as colorful as possible and funky decorations on top (rhinestones, crystals, stickers, lines, dots, small drawings, etc.).

Do not forget to also apply a clear topcoat after setting the polish and whatever decoration you might want to choose because the topcoat strengthens your natural nails, it nourishes your natural nail, prolongs the resistance and durability of your polish and it gives a special shimmer to the nails!

In conclusion, fancy nails are one of the most innovative examples of nail art, if not the most innovative out of all. These kinds of nails come in a huge variety of colors, shades, forms, shapes, styles, with different styles of decoration, accessories, and designs.

Fancy nails are the perfect representation of how human beings accustomed to putting their whole imagination into crafting something so unique but common at the same time…

Fancy nails also illustrate a trend that has been dominating the beauty industry for a good couple of years, and people seem not to get enough of it. We have already seen that there are so many techniques and tools, options, and decorations that all that is left to do is an experiment as much as possible with everything and create as many amazing sets of fancy nails as possible.

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