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50+ Elegant Nails You’ll Love

by Jennifer
Elegant Nails

Elegant nails and what makes them be like that, what color is the best. Where or when can you wear elegant nails, see if you are allowed to accessorize them.

Elegant nails recommendations and how much do they cost, ideas of designs for this type of nails, images to inspire you.

Each person has a greater liking for one type of manicure over another, and trends in the nail art industry are continuously changing! During such a tumultuous period of time when ideas and designs are simply overflowing, it is quite difficult to delineate the concept of elegant nails properly.

white elegant short nails

Elegance is subjective, as well. If we look back in history, names such as Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, and Cate Blanchett are just a few of those people who impacted other people’s lives through their style and glamour. These women concluded that elegance does not reside in flashy nail colors, abundant accessories, and excessively long nails.

They opted for a classy appearance and based their entire existence on the conviction that elegance is not about what you clothes, jewelry, and nails one wears but how one wears those things. Elegant nails also fall into this category. It is definitely an art to be a part of such a huge industry as the nail art one, and it is an act of devotion and imagination to create all kinds of nails, but it takes much more to give them a touch of elegance and grace.

short nails elegant

What Makes Your Nails Elegant?

There are a few points in question that might help you better comprehend what elegant nails actually mean:

  1. Discretion is the best weapon: Trendy colors and ideas such as neon nails and bright colors are not the best options when it comes to elegant nails. Classy does not mean you have to show off your nails whenever you get the chance, but it means that you should allow others to observe and appreciate the simplicity of your nails. You can never go wrong with neutral colors such as pink, white, creams, pastels, and, last but not least, clear polish. French manicure is also strongly encouraged, but only if it is done properly with adequate nail length and adequate colors, mostly pink bases and white tips.
  2. Precise proportions: Well, this aspect should be a rule for any nail style, no matter the occasion. Nails should always be all the same length, and if it happens for just one of them to break or crack, then the others must be filed down as well to make sure that they are still equal. Ideally, nails should not go over more than ¼’’ from your fingertips.
  3. Accessories do matter: As we have discussed previously, the whole idea of elegant nails is to keep them as simple as possible. For this very reason, people usually do not resort to wearing accessories because they think it will hinder their appearance. Nails are complemented by accessories; in our case, most of the time, rings are the objects that give a little spark to an elegant manicure. However, there are some other rules that should be followed to achieve a classy look. For instance, if the ring you chose is too bulky, then you should wear just one ring on one finger for both hands. On the other hand, if the ring of your choice is simple and slick, then you can opt for two of them on two different fingers on each hand. The best option for jewelry material would be gold and platinum, maybe even silver, if it is not too solid.
  4. Keep your cuticles in check: Everyone knows that cuticles represent the dead skin at the base of your nails, and most people accustom to cut it with special scissors for cutting cuticles. However, this is not the best option because cuticles are actually keeping bacteria and infections away from your nails. For example, you can choose to buy some orangewood sticks and gently push your cuticles back when your cuticles are still easy to mold after bathing. After that, it is safe to apply some cuticle oil or olive oil and massage them until the oil is gone.
  5. Cleanliness at its peak: This is another key factor when it comes to applying nails in general. The level of cleanliness should be the best if you want to create a nail style. A mild soap, a gentle towel, some nutritious cream, sticking to your hygiene routine should do the trick.

red ombre elegant nails

Where or When Can You Wear Elegant Nails?

The nail art industry is so vast and all-encompassing that different designs and styles for nails get across other designs and styles. There are plenty of manicures for every single occasion, and there is no such thing as a perfect prototype of elegant nails because what characterizes them the best is diversity.

That fact that manicures ideas converge opens new doors and new possibilities for nail art lovers. However, there are some very specific moments in life when people opt for more elegant nail designs. The most elegant nail polish color is believed to be pastel or clear, the most elegant nail shape is believed to be oval, and the most elegant nail length is believed to be short.

These are just a few beliefs in the nail art industry by which people abide utterly, especially during events such as weddings, business presentations, proms, and so many others that require a special type of nail styles. In this case, elegant nails come to rescue to glam up your appearance!

pink pastel elegant nails

How Much Do Elegant Nails Cost?

Well, elegant nails costs can vary greatly. There are some really low prices for elegant nails, somewhere between $10 (€7.78) or $20 (€15.57), which is truly an accessible price for most people even if its quality might be questionable because of such a low price.

There are also some standard prices for elegant nails, which start from $35 or $45 (which means around €31.5 or €40.6) and go to $60 (€54.1), once again, a reasonable price for the majority, even though there might appear some extra charges, depending on what type of polish and accessories you want, the technique used and so on. At the other end of the options axis, there are those high-end salons and spas, specialized in crafting impressive, elegant nails with impressive prices that might reach even $120 (€108.2), but it should never exceed $100 (€90.2).

As you can see, there are plenty of options you can choose from because some people would not pull out of their pocket huge amounts of money for just a manicure; however, taking into consideration that elegant nails are not a daily thing but somehow a luxury worn at special occasions, there is definitely plenty of space and willingness to make a consensus.

orange elegant nails

Elegant Nails Recommendations:

Whether we talk about weddings, business meetings, proms, special events, etc., elegant nails never fail to make us shine! A splash of color, a little bit of sparkle, a neat appearance, and we are good to go. People are quite reticent to resort to elegant nails as often as they do for other types of nails, mainly because of the fact that there are many more aspects to take into consideration when applying elegant nails, things that people perceive as rules and limitations.

Well, it could not be further away from the truth. Indeed, there are some things you should be more careful of, but it does not limit in any shape or form all those amazing ideas that can be implemented into your manicure. Let’s check what we have in store!

gold and black elegant nails

What Color Is the Best for My Elegant Nails?

As you can imagine, when you are going to a wedding or other stylish events, there is a dress code you should follow, and your manicure should abide by it as well.

Regarding elegant nails, they should always stick with creamy colors such as pink, white, pastels, or even better, plain, and clear polishes. Matte nails and glossy nails are also perfect options as long as you keep their appearance as natural as possible. However, if you are a fan of darker shades, then you can choose a purple or red shade that is in some sort of contrast with your natural skin color in order to make a bold statement that portrays you as strong and independent.

geometric elegant nails

Am I Allowed to Accessorize My Nails?

Another wrong perception of elegant nails is that glitter is a no-no. Again, that is definitely not the case. In fact, glitter, sparkles, diamonds are the epitome of elegance, of course, as long as they are used with moderation.

Nail accessories are more than welcome, especially glitter and crystals that complement your base polish, essentially in the same color and shade as your polish. Nail marbles are a perfect acquisition as well! They never go out of style and add more glamour and grace to your initial polish.

Even more so, if you can add one or two subtle crystals on the marbles to make them look even classier. Some other good ideas to accessorize your nails could be some gradients (again, simpler is better, neutral colors are the ideal option even when it comes to gradients) and lines/ stripes (whether you choose to apply them right in the middle of your nail or you make them a French tip, as long as they are simple and somehow glittery).

elgant long nails

Ideas of Designs for Elegant Nails:

Nude Elegant Nails with Rhinestones – a nude-colored base with rhinestones on coffin/ ballerina nails (@philglamournails)

Glam Matte Black Elegant Nails – a matte black base with one accent nails with glitter stripes and lines (@salandaeva_nails)

Elegant Nails with Beautiful Nail Art – a toned nude base with rhinestones and accent nails with glittery designs (@kangannynails)

Matte Ombre Elegant Nails – a matte ombre burgundy base with crystals and glittery accents (@riyathai87)

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Red CateyeGel No. C21 #riyagelpolish #riyamattetopcoat #Nailpro#cle

A post shared by Riya's Nail Salon💅🏻 (@riyathai87) on

Elegant Coffin Nails – simple nude-toned coffin/ ballerina nails (@victoriaoliviaxo)

Glam Glitter Tip Elegant Nails – a clear or nude base with glittery French tips on coffin/ ballerina nails (@nataly_gorskaya)

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White Elegant Nails with Crystals and Gems – a white base with crystals and gems and one accent nail with glitter on coffin/ ballerina nails (@philglamournails)

Beige and Blue Stiletto Elegant Nail Art – a beige and blue-toned base with watery and floral patterns (@tsvitlana33)

Grey and Silver Elegant Nails – a grey base with crystals and gems and silver floral patterns (@misscelinas)

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Elegant Ombre Coffin Nails – a nude ombre base with glittery effects and precious gems (@nailsbykatrins)

Pearly White Designs for Elegant Short Nails – a white base with glossy effect and patterns on coffin/ ballerina nails (@caitlynstorey)

Pastel and Petal Elegant Nails – a pastel blue-toned base with an accent nail with floral patterns (@paintboxnails)

Astrology Elegant Nails – a neutral base with astrological patterns and glitter on short square-tipped nails (@thehangedit)

Minimal Matte Elegant Nails – a pastel blue-toned base with stripes and lines patterns on short square-tipped nails (@paintboxnails)

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Bringing in the next decade with our New Year’s nail: matte black (and brights!) with gold sparks.💥

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Negative-Space Elegant Nails – a nude base with stripes and lines patterns on short square-tipped nails (@paintboxnails)

Graphic Grayscale Nails – alternative white and black patterns with a glossy effect on short square-tipped nails (@paintboxnails)

Confetti Elegant Nails – alternative pastel orange base and white base with glossy effects and dots patterns on short square-tipped nails (@oliveandjune)

Translucent Elegant Nails with Subtle Shine – a clear translucent base with glossy and glittery effects (@galichaiaolga)

Disco Glam Elegant Nail Art – alternative black and white bases with glittery patterns and glossy effects (@semerikovanails)

In conclusion, elegant nails will never go out of trend! You can wear them whenever you want, wherever you go because they will always compliment your outfit and accessories in such a way that they will make heads turn. If you go to a wedding, elegant nails might outshine the bride…

If you go to a business meeting, your nails might attract the entire attention. And if you go to a night out with your friends, your elegant nails might become the talk of the town. There are plenty of design ideas where you can get inspired from; however, what is for sure is that elegant nails are no longer a trend but a lifestyle!

elegant light blue nails elegant green nails elegant gold stiletto nails elegant flowers nails elegant chrome nails elegant burgundy nails elegant brown nails elegant blue nails elegant black nails elegant black manicure elegant black and gold nails elegant 3D nails elegant 3D flowers nails black gold elegant nails black glitter elegant nails black and silver elegant nails

elengat pink manicure elegenat black nails elegant wedding nails elegant tip nails elegant short nails elegant red and gold nails elegant purple nails elegant purple manicure elegant pink nails elegant pink and glitter nails elegant nails with stripes elegant nails ideas elegant nails design elegant nails black and silver elegant love nails elegant long white nails

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