70 Marvelous Chrome Nails Design that Will Bring a Touch of Edge

Chrome nails trends, metallic nails, find out if it is harmful to your natural nails to wear chrome nails. How long do chrome nails last, how much do they cost.

Chrome nails step-by-step tutorial, ideas of designs for such nails, photo gallery of the most interesting and classiest metallic nails.

The nail industry reinvents itself on a daily basis so trends appear constantly and they usually outdo one another in terms of aspect, composition, decoration, and design. There is no chance you have not heard about the latest trend in gel nails: the mirror chrome gel nails!

  1. Is it harmful to your natural nails to wear chrome nails?
  2. How long do chrome nails last?
  3. How much do chrome nails cost?
  4. Chrome Nails Step-by-Step Tutorial
  5. Ideas of designs for chrome nails

The chrome nail trend is a movement that revolutionizes the nail art game. These nails represent a style that goes well with everyone, no matter people’s personal preferences or needs, because they are so malleable and innovative that everyone can find the middle ground and craft their dream manicure.

Chrome nails look so luxurious and elegant but they are at the same time so accessible and undemanding that they have become slowly but surely everyone’s favorite option.

chrome nails ideas

Even though the procedure sounds quite complicated, in fact, it is the exact opposite; these mirrored, high-shines, extremely metallic nails offer a wide variety of colors, decoration ideas, and designs, so the process is bound to be fun and entertaining. They are so eye-catching that there is no surprise that chrome nails are everyone’s go-to manicure.

Is it Harmful to Your Natural Nails to Wear Chrome Nails?

Most chrome nails are made by dipping the nails into powder, which is a relatively new technique in the nail art industry, but that does not mean that there is any risk of inhalation or harm. They are not created with acrylics and gel, so they do not into contact with UV rays, so there is less chance of developing skin cancer because of repetitive use.

chrome nails designs

Chrome nails created with dip powder represent considerable competition for acrylic and gel manicures, mainly because of all the beneficial things that they do offer. For instance, the powder within the chrome nails allows your natural nails to expand to their fullest potential without cracking the polish or scratching it while opening a soda or a can.

Also, most dip powders contain vitamins that support your natural nails by amplifying their flexibility and strengthening them, not to mention that they do not give off any kind of odor.

Chrome nails should not be that harmful, but there might be some occurrences that cannot be blamed on anyone because they are still a branch of nail polishes so they do contain chemicals. Maybe someone is allergic to the powder, maybe the technician was not careful enough, maybe the materials used were not that qualitative or maybe the natural nails are not in their best condition.

There are so many “ifs” and “buts”, but one thing is for sure: chrome nails are able to bring only joy and color to any day-to-day monotony.

rose gold chrome nails

How Long Do Chrome Nails Last?

Compared to other nail art techniques and substances such as acrylics and gel, chrome nails are simpler to apply and more durable, which also means that they take much more time to remove than acrylics and gel.

They are able to resist for around three or four weeks, because they are made out of special substances that give them not only shimmer and flexibility, but also durability, especially if you add one extra layer of protective polish, as it sets the entire manicure.

Of course, it also depends on what you do for a living. If you accustom to wash dishes or clothes by hand more than on a regular basis, if your work requires you to use your hands more than usual, your manicure might crack or might be chipped, because small incidents do occur and there is nothing you can do to prevent them.

The longevity of chrome nails also depends on how they are applied, if the technique which was used was a proper one, if the materials were qualitative, and if the state in which your nails were before applying the chrome nails was at least favorable. There are many obstacles in the way of achieving a splendid chrome manicure, but it is definitely worth a try.

pink chrome nails

How Much Do Chrome Nails Cost?

Well, if you choose to obtain chrome nails at a cheaper place, then the price might be somewhere between $10 (€7.78) or $20 (€15.57), with some small extra charges according to what type of materials they use, what type of technique you choose, the time that you allow to the application process, and so on.

A standard price for chrome nails might vary from $35 or $45 (which means around €31.5 or €40.6) to $60 (€54.1), however, for a couple of extra bucks, they guarantee you quality, resistance, and shimmer. Even so, if you are a fan of high-end salons or Spas, the total cost might skyrocket to $120 (€108.2) but it should never exceed $100 (€90.2). All these prices are more or less accessible for any kind of person.

There are people who would not pull out of their pocket too much for a manicure, while others make appointments weekly. Taking into consideration that the dip powder method is still quite recent, its prices are also relatively higher than other prices, not to mention that salons, spas, technicians and specialists have to make an effort to get hold of this powder. It is still a matter of debate and depends on each person’s taste.

white chrome nails

Chrome nails might also be done from the comfort of your own home if you pay enough attention and handle them with great care.

Chrome Nails Step-by-Step Tutorial:

  • Instruments that need to be used:
  1. Tweezers/ clipper;
  2. UV gel nail polish;
  3. Powder;
  4. Synthetic brush;
  5. Cuticle balm;
  6. Nutritious oil;
  7. Acetone-free nail polish remover;
  8. Nail buffer;
  9. Topcoat;
  10. LED manicure lamp.
  • How Are Chrome Nails Applied?

Step 1 – Preparation process:

The first step before going to the actual procedure is to make sure your natural nails are as healthy as possible, properly filed, neat and ready to go on with the procedure. Cleanse them with soap, buff them is necessary, apply nutritious oils, take good care of the cuticles and cleanse them once again even if it might result strenuous. An impeccable manicure requires impeccable natural nails.

Before going on to the next step, it is important to know that there are two methods that can be used when creating chrome nails. The first one is using regular polish or non-UV Gel Polish and the second one is using UV gel nail polish as it follows:

Using Regular Polish/ non-UV Gel Nail Polish:

Step 2 – On-going procedure:

After taking care of your natural nails, it is recommended to apply a base coat for protection and two layers of nail polish. You can choose any color for the nail polish, however, keep in mind that chrome nails look best on black polish. After applying the base coat and those two layers, add some topcoat but do not let the top coat dry completely, just until it is rubbery enough, but not sticky.

This is a very tricky part because if you let the top coat dry completely, the powder will not stick to the nail anymore, but if it is not rubbery enough, then you will ruin the base. Indeed, it is easier to work on UV gel nail polish compared to non-UV gel nail polish, but the result is quite promising for the second option as well!

Step 3 – Applying the mirror powder:

The third step is to apply the mirror powder. You can use an eye shadow brush or a special tool to apply evenly the mirror powder, starting from the edges to the middle and then the tip. After you end up covering the entire nail in mirror powder, use that eye shadow brush to buff the surface of the nail.

Do it gently and carefully, without too much pressure to avoid creating any dents or damage the surface as it becomes smoother. Once you obtain the perfect surface, wipe off any powder excess from the edges of the nails with a brush or with a Q-tip.

Step 4 – The finishing touches:

After applying the mirror powder and molding it accordingly, end up by applying two more protective layers; one layer of water-based topcoat in order to make sure that the topcoat will not crack and another layer of regular top coat for extra protection and longevity. The final step is to let them dry for at least 30 minutes or 1 hour and after that, you are good to go!

silver chrome nails

Using UV Gel Nail Polish:

Step 2 – On-going procedure:

The second step from the second procedure is to apply a base coat as well and then cure it with an LED manicure lamp for 30 seconds. After curing the base coat, you can apply two layers of gel nail polish and then cure them in the LED manicure lamp for 30 minutes each. As you can see, this method is time-efficient and simpler than the previous one because there is no need to make extra efforts to achieve the look!

Step 3 – Applying the mirror powder:

The third step is to apply the mirror powder. It is recommended to dip a sponge eye shadow applicator into the powder and then gently tap on each nail from the cuticle area to the tip until the powder begins to settle. Buff the powder carefully to help it take shape and after the surface of the nails becomes smoother, use another brush or Q-tip to get rid of the powder left on the edges…

Step 4 – The finishing touches:

After applying the mirror powder and brushing off the powder left on the sides, apply a layer of no wipe top coat and cure it once again in the LED manicure lamp for 30 seconds until you are sure it is properly settled. After that, you are ready to show them off to the world!

black chrome nails

Ideas of Designs for Chrome Nails:

Baby Pink with One Metallic Chrome Nail – a baby pink colored base with one metallic chrome nail (@sabrina_ils)

Extra Pointed Green Chrome Nails – metallic green chrome nails (@yourbradfordnails

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Sophisticated Pink Silver Chrome Nails – a pastel pink base with silver tints (@nail_sunny)

Subtle Peaches and Cream Ombre Chrome Nails – a peachy toned base with gradients (@nail_sunny)

Square Tipped Long Black Chrome Nails – a metallic black base on square tipped nails (@whatsupnails)

Short Square Tipped Metallic Gold Nails – a metallic gold toned base on short square tipped nails (@zenideen)

Adding Glitter to Pink Chrome Nails – a metallic pink colored base with pink glitters on one nail (@nailartgallery)

Witchy Holographic Green Pointed Nails – a metallic gradient base made out of green and yellow on pointed nails (@nail_sunny)

Sequined Chrome Accent Nails with French Tip – a clear base with French tips and thumbs covered in fishscale patterns (@frenchmanic )

Long Lavender Metallic Nails – a lavender base with a metallic effect on coffin shaped nails (@glamlacque)

Short Square Copper Metallic Nails – a gold base with a metallic effect on short square tipped nails (@nail_sunny)

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Cotton Candy Pink and Blue Nails – alternative pink and blue nails with a metallic effect on coffin shaped nails (@wildflowersnailshop)

Holographic Oil Slick Chrome Nails – a multi-colored base with a gradient and metallic effect (@glamlacque)

Long Silvery Purple Chrome Nails – a blue and purple base with silvery metallic effects on coffin nails (@ebay)

Gold Chrome Accented with Gold Glitter Nails – a gold base with glittery and metallic effects on coffin nails (@riyathai87)

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Simple Geometric Designs in Gold Chrome Manicure – a gold base with glittery, metallic and geometric designs on each nail (@riyathai87)

In conclusion, chrome nails embody a rainbow of colors which is now at the tip of your fingertips, literally on your nails! It is not only cheaper than other manicures but also easier to create and more long-lasting than other alternatives.

Their mirror effect and almost metallic vibe offer them a very fierce aspect but at the same time elegance and glamour, literally and figuratively. Chrome nails do know how to make them known and how to put you under the spotlight!

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