80 Festive Christmas Nails Designs Anyone Will Love

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The nail designs for Christmas are perfect for the holiday season. Choose your favorite Christmas nails styles and try them to obtain a trendy manicure which will make you be noticed and admired. In this article, we present you are some of the most beautiful of them.

The Christmas Nails Designs and their Importance

Everybody knows that winter holidays represent a special time of the year, especially for women, who are thrilled to decorate their house and bring up the magical atmosphere. With so much inspiration around, it is a great idea to do your nails based upon the spirit of Christmas too. Therefore, we present you the best Christmas nails designs to inspire you.


Christmas Nails Designs Step-by-Step

Red And White Xmas Nail Art

Red And White Xmas Nail Art

  1. Apply red nail gloss to every one of the nails.
  2. Utilize a dotting tool to create dots. Leave some area on the index and also the third finger as revealed.
  3. With a nail striper, create a snowflake pattern.
  4. Complete this Christmas nails design with a top coat as well as you’re done!

Santa Art

Santa Art nails

  1. Paint your whole nails with the off-white gloss.
  2. Apply red polish near the follicle.
  3. Using a populating device, populate the location where the red satisfies the beige.
  4. As in a French manicure, apply white polish to the tips.
  5. Then, making use of the pink and black gloss, make the eyes and nose with a populating tool.
  6. Complete this Christmas nails design with a leading coat.

Frosty The Snowman

Frosty The Snowman nails art

  1. Paint all the nails with the light blue nail polish.
  2. Considering that the main emphasis is on the snowman in this Christmas nails art, it will be only for the accent nail.
  3. Create a huge circle near the suggestion and a smaller circle above it.
  4. Make use of the nail striper to bring Icy to life! Add the buttons, scarf, eyes, nose, as well as a hat!
  5. Round off the appearance by using a dotting device to create dots on the remainder of the Christmas nails with white polish to
  6. make it appear like snow!

Xmas Lights Art

Xmas Lights Art

  • Repaint all the nails white.
  • Utilizing a nail striper and black nail polish, produce the cables for the Xmas lights.
  • Produce the tiny red, green, and also yellow light bulbs.
  • Include little streaks of white inside the light bulbs in order to make them look like they’re beautiful.
  • Finish this Christmas nails style with a leading layer.

Xmas Art

Xmas Art

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  1. Paint the nails of the center and also pinky finger white, the thumb and also ring finger red, as well as the forefinger gold.
  2. Currently, make use of the gold radiance polish over the existing gold in order to make it stand out.
  3. Make use of the nail striper to produce diagonal red stripes on the red nail with gold and environment-friendly colors.
  4. Develop a charming Xmas tree on the middle finger. Seal this Christmas nails design with a topcoat.

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Art

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Art

  1. Repaint all your nails with the off white as a skim coat.
  2. Utilize the nail striper to create the face of the reindeer with the brownish gloss on the nail of the ring finger.
  3. Use the darker brownish shade to detail the face as shown.
  4. Remain to use the nail striper to include the details for the eyes and nose.
  5. Finish this Christmas nails design with a leading coat.

Snowflakes Art

Snowflakes Art nails

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  1. Repaint the thumb, ring as well as center fingernails with heaven nail polish.
  2. Now, repaint the pinky and forefinger with the silver glitter gloss.
  3. Making use of a nail striper, develop snowflakes on the nails repainted blue as received the photo.
  4. Complete this Christmas nails design with a topcoat.

Here Are Some Ideas to Inspire You:

  • Playful Snowflakes

Playful snowflakes nails

At first sight, it seems difficult to be able to paint snowflakes on your nails, but if you follow some simple instructions from a tutorial, you will learn how easy it is to create them.
For example, do a French manicure and apply stickers or stamps if you do not have patience or experience to paint the snowflakes. For a better effect, choose to do 2 or 3 snowflakes on each hand. This Christmas nails style is proper not just for Christmas, but for the whole winter season.

  • Sweet Candy Canes

Sweet candy canes nails

The candy canes on this Christmas nails design are very easy to do. You need 3 different colors. Choose one of them, let’s say red glitter, as background. Then you paint some oblique green stripes across the nail, you do thin white stripes between the green ones and the red parts and add a layer of clear nail polish. This Christmas nails design is simple and stylish.

  • A Cute Snowman


This Christmas nails design is one of the cutest nail designs for Christmas. You can choose to paint the background in light blue or red, even green and you may use glitter too because it is a perfect choice for the snow. You can use 2 drops of white nail polish to paint the snowman and wait for them to fully dry. Then, paint the eyes with black nail polish and you have finished this Christmas nails design.

  • Lovely Ribbons

christmas ribbons nails

For these Christmas nail designs, you need some scotch tape. You may choose any colors you wish, but in this case, we suggest you green and red as an example. First of all, you use green nail polish, then cover some parts of your nails with the scotch tape in the form of a ribbon. Use the red nail polish to paint the whole nail and after it dries, you carefully remove the scotch tape. The result will be green ribbons on a red background, which is a wonderful Christmas nails design…

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