17 Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Manicure

A beautiful manicure is considered to be one that is neat, immaculate, so you have to pay attention to every detail when you clean and paint your nails.

We offer you some great nail hacks which can help you obtain a wonderful manicure. You can change the way your manicure looks like and have a different design each time.

PVA Glue

This trick will help you protect the skin around your nails: use ordinary PVA glue and apply it on the cuticle area around your nails and wait for it to dry, then you can apply the nail polish. You will see how easy it is to remove the nail polish around your nails without damaging your skin.

A Sponge

This trick is the best method to use if you want to obtain a gradient effect on your nails, for example, if you try the ombre design. All you need is an ordinary sponge and different colors or shades of nail polish. You can place the sponge in any direction you want – horizontal, vertical or diagonal. You will surely create a special manicure!

Scotch Tape

The scotch tape is very useful when you create French manicure or geometric patterns. It is also very easy to use because it sticks fast and you can remove it instantly once you are done with it.

A Plaster

If you want to create neat spots equally distanced from each other, you can try this trick: use a perforated plaster as a stencil and you will obtain the perfect manicure.

Plastic Wrap

To obtain a specific pattern on your nails, you can use a dense plastic wrap, and then apply nail polish on it. Let it dry and separate the resulting pattern, apply it on the nail, then use transparent nail polish to fix it well. There are no limits regarding the shape or color/colors you want to use.

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Invisible Hair Clips

There is a trick to obtain the perfect spots, and that is to dip a hair clip’s end into the polish and drip it on the nail. Easy, isn’t it?


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If you are in a hurry and there is no possible way to paint your nails again at that time, you should try this trick: if your manicure peeled off a bit, you can repair it by using spangles. There is no limit, you can use any type of spangles you like, but it is recommended to opt for the large pieces when you are in a hurry, and to apply them with a toothpick or a needle because they will help you have a neat manicure.

Do not use the brush in that case. The small spangles are a great idea to refresh it by adding them to the nail tips, and that is all. You can use this method to solve the problem of the regrown part of the nails too.

Eye Shadow

If you want to wear the same color for your makeup and manicure, but you do not have the nail polish in that color, you can simply add some extra eye shadow product is transparent nail polish, mix carefully and apply it on your nails.

An Eye Shadow Brush

Use an applicator to obtain a manicure with the spangles applied unevenly, especially if you want to use eye shadow.


The best way to apply drops is on matte nail polish because this way you will obtain the volume effect and also the idea of “fluidity”. This trick is very important: use drops on various sizes in order to create a natural dew image on your nails.


This trick is very useful when you do not have a colored hail polish, but you do have a lipstick and a transparent base coat. All you have to do is to put lipstick on your nails using an eye brush and to apply the base coat on top of it.


If you do not manage to get a matte manicure, you should try this easy trick: boil some water, apply the nail polish on your nails, and then hold your nails above the steam for a few minutes. This way, the steam will create the matte effect of your manicure.


Maybe it sounds odd, but you can make a combination of glossy and matte areas on your manicure by using potato starch. The first step is to apply nail polish. The second step is to combine a few drops of transparent nail polish and potato starch on wax paper until it smooths.  The third and last step is to quickly apply the mixture exactly on the parts of the nails where you want to be matte.

A Tea Bag

It is very easy to repair a broken nail if you use this hack: cut out a rectangle from a teabag, polish the broken nail and add a bit of superglue on it. Attach the rectangle on the nail and wait for it to dry. Apply a thin layer of glue over it and polish the nail again. Finish by applying several layers of transparent nail polish on it.


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The newspaper manicure is a big trend. Although it is an unusual style, it is very impressive and everybody will admire your manicure. To obtain it, you will need the following: nail polish, a newspaper, cotton pads, and the trick is the fact that you can use a liquid like alcohol or perfume because it will help you transfer the letters and symbols in any colors or fonts from the newspaper onto your nails. You will see how surprisingly easy it is!


This is another easy and useful trick you can try: use a piece of mesh or wisp and apply polish over it. The result will be amazing!

Special Bonus Hack

There is a simple and easy way to remove the nail polish: the secret is to place sponges in a jar and pour nail polish remover in and shake the jar. Dip your fingers into the jar and wait a few seconds… The nail polish will be removed in an instant!