13 Tricks for a Younger Appearance

Most women want to look younger because they feel younger on the inside. There are ways to change your look in an instant and appear 10 years younger, and everybody will admire you even more!

Today we share with you 10 tricks that will help you make the best choices which will enhance your beauty and obtain a younger look.

Light foundations

  1. Light foundations

Maybe you like to use a thick layer of foundation, but you must know this will make you look older, because the wrinkles are accentuated. The best solution is to use a liquid foundation – its texture contains light-reflecting particles which disperse the light and create a fresh, natural glow, allowing you to look younger.

Creamy textures in makeup

  1. Creamy textures in makeup

If you are using powder textures, you need to change your style in makeup, because your face looks like a mask and adds years to your age by making the wrinkles more visible. Instead of powder based makeup products, opt for products which have creamy textures.

Lightening of certain facial areas

  1. Lightening of certain facial areas

You must be careful when you use the concealer, because you need to enhance certain facial areas, like the corners of the eyes and lips, the chin and the outer parts of the nostrils. This way, you will appear fresh and younger.


  1. Eyebrows

If you have dramatic eyebrows which look like they are sculpted, and this feature makes you look older. You must thick them, because thicker eyebrows are correlated with youth. Keep in mind to use the same colour for the eyebrows, or one with a darker semitone as your hair colour. It is recommended to choose eyebrow shadows instead of a pencil, because the lines must look natural and smooth.

Light shadows

  1. Light shadows on the upper eyelids

To appear younger, you must avoid having lowered upper eyelids, so the solution is represented by using a light shadow close to the lashes, and a darker one where the eyelids go down. This trick will help you conceal the upper part, so you can have your lids more prominent and look younger.


  1. Eyelashes

For the maximum length and super volume of the eyelashes, use a lash curler and mascara which gives volume. Take care of your eyelashes and you will appear much younger.

A brown pencil instead of a black one

  1. A brown pencil instead of a black one

Use a brown pencil instead of a black one to circle your eyes. The black pencil will make your eyes look smaller and you will appear tired. The brown one will improve your look by making your eyes brighter.


  1. Rouge

Opt for fresh shades of light and glittery rouge. For example, you can choose pink or peach, according to your skin tone. Do not use dark shades on your cheekbones, especially if you have them prominent, otherwise you will look older.

Wet lips

  1. “Wet lips” effect lipstick

You must avoid using matte lipsticks because your face will have a dry aspect. Instead, opt for lipsticks which have reflecting particles that create the volume “wet” effect.

Fair hair

  1. Fair hair

Shiny fair hair suits most women and it makes them look 10 years younger because it balances the mature skin tone. You can choose one or two lighter than your natural hair colour. Stay away from the dark tones because they make the mature skin look older.

Hair volume and shine

  1. Hair volume and shine

The hairstyles without volume and the faded hair make you look older, so you must choose to wear the ones with volume and you also need to take care of your hair. Use natural or professional masks according to your hair texture and your healthy hair will make you look younger! Another trick is to opt for a medium hairstyle, for example, you can opt for a haircut between below the chin and above the shoulders.

Grapefruit perfume

  1. Grapefruit perfume

Not only the look matters for the people to perceive a woman as younger than she really is. Smell is also important. Recent studies have found that women who use perfume or body lotions based upon essence of grapefruit are seen as at least 10 years younger by the ones around them…

  1. Balance between suntan and paleness

It is recommended to maintain a balance between your suntan and your paleness. The best option is to choose products with soft tints of gold, peach and caramel. The warm yellow tones make any woman look younger.