True or False About the Most Popular Beauty Hacks on the Internet

We all know the beauty tutorials, tricks, and tips on the Internet. Some are worth trying them, others make you think twice if to try them or not. We have collected a list of 10 popular tutorials and we have asked a model to help us see which one is effective and what are the results for every one of them.

The tutorials say that you get longer and thicker eyelashes if you dust a little baby powder over them before you put your mascara.

In fact, this trick may work if you have a clean lash comb to brush the excess of powder and separate them as some of them may get stuck together.

A Layer of Cornstarch Will Mattify Your Glossy Lipstick

A layer of cornstarch will mattify your shiny lipstick

The tutorial says to apply a thin coat of lipstick and then some cornstarch on. In the end, you can get the matte effect you are looking for, but this is not something to use on your daily routine as the taste is a bit strange and you can still fell the small granulation on your lips.

When Applying Eyeliner and Shadows, Use Some Scotch Tape

When applying eyeliner and shadows, use some Scotch tape

The Scotch tape is another thick you can you to apply your eyeliner or even your eye shadows faster and get a nice sharp edge. We do advice you to stick first the piece of the tape on your hand to prevent the irritation of the sensitive area around the eyes and to remove it easily when you have done. You should give it a try and be patient you’ll get better with the practice.

Use Guys’ Delicate Aftershave Balm as a Makeup Primer

Use guys' delicate aftershave balm as a makeup primer

Even the most famous beauty experts and bloggers mentioned at some point the use of a sensitive aftershave balm as a makeup primer. Our model applied some aftershave blam on one half of her have and regular primer on the other half and a thin layer of foundation on the whole face. At first, we didn’t notice any difference except the alcohol smell from the aftershave.

We have photographed the face and then after a few hours and a long walk we went to see the difference but the only difference we have noticed is that the side with the aftershave balm was more oil. We do not recommend this trick as we don’t know exactly how the aftershave balm can affect the skin.

Liquid Web Managed Word Press

You Can Transform an Eye Pencil Right into a Liquid Eyeliner if You Hold it Over a Flame

You can transform an eye pencil right into a liquid eyeliner if you hold it over a flame.

Liquid Web Storm VPS

If you like precise and thin lines then this trick is not for you. The pencil we used melted quickly and the line we draw was much wider. We don’t recommend it.

Mix Your Nail Gloss With Cornstarch and You’ll Get Matte Nail Gloss

Mix your nail gloss with cornstarch and also you'll get matte nail gloss

We took a little nail polish and mix it with some cornstarch but the result was not as expected, the same as in the case of the lipstick, the nails were covered with grainy solution and very far from a matte effect. We don’t recommend this trick and we will not try it again.

You Can Obtain a New Color if You Stir Eye Shadow and Also Nail Polish Together

You can obtain a new color if you stir eyeshadow and also nail polish together

The trick can get decent results if you use a whole bottle of nail polish and some good quality eyeshadow until you get the color you like. We scrap a bit of glitter eyeshadow in a plate and mix it with a little nail polish, it was a bit difficult to stir the ingredients and the nail polish got dried, the texture was not right and a lot of specks left.

You Can Obtain a Flawlessly Straight Line With an Item of Scotch Tape

You can obtain a flawlessly straight line with a item of Scotch tape

This trick sounds very easy to do: place the Scotch tape than nail polish, dry and remove the tape. In fact, is not that easy at it sounds. We have tried over and over again without luck; we didn’t get the straight line, so we leave a question mark on this trick.

Use a Couple of Bobby Pins to Make Your Braid Look Much Better

Use a couple of bobby pins to make your braid look much better

Definitely we don’t recommend this trick, no matter on which side you put the pins up or down, it hurts the head badly.

You’ll Obtain Bumpy Hair if You Intertwine Wet Hair and You Blow-Dry It

You'll obtain bumpy hair if you intertwine wet hair as well as blow-dry it

This trick may work for the girls with straight hair, for those with naturally wavy hair the result won’t be as expected. What you have to do is to braid the wet hair and then dry it with the hairdryer. It should turn into cool waves and I ended up with dry straw-like hair.

Bonus: Shaving Secret Hacks

shaving secret hacks

For best results, shave after the shower, the hot steam will open the pores.

You can use conditioner if you run out of shaving gel.

First, shape downward and then upward, to prevent the razor bumps and burns…