50 Best Stiletto Nails Design that are in Trend This Year

Stiletto nails certainly don`t require you to have a designer`s skills but you certainly need to know what are the latest trends in this area. You must be bold and opened to the idea of trying one of the most courageous nail designs that seem to be stylish, fancy and fashionable this year.

Here are some Stiletto nails that you can use this year to stir jealousy from others!

Round and short stiletto nails are back in town!

Round and short stiletto nails

Even if they were fashionable in the past they are back again, but this time they seem to be more appreciated.

Try not to load them with too many colors or very charged models, try to keep them classy and simple. Sometimes a nail design that is very extravagant is not necessarily a beautiful one! You should pick a nail polish that is in one color and the advantage is that you don`t have to bother in growing your nails.

Pick a spray-on-polish

Or you should least try it once, you will probably won`t regret it! It seems to get very popular and everyone seems to be very excited about it. You will definitely not have to bother so much and it will not take you a very long time.

short stiletto nails

The simplicity of using it and the unique application seems to be the main reason why everybody is curious about trying it, so you should give it a shot too!

3-D stiletto nails Designs

This really brings out the “wow” reaction from people around you. If you add some extra bling to your manicure that will be the icing on the cake!

You can choose whatever you want, from small stones or crystals to perls, it all depends on your tastes.

Nude shades and matte colors

Nude shades and matte colors

It looks like very shiny nails are no longer in fashion this year, reason why you should quit a lustrous appearance.

Try to paint your nails in nude shades to get a natural look and don`t let your nails get a color that could be seen from a plane, that is not natural at all! If you still want to have a little polish look for your nails, nude shades are the best option you can make.

Short Ballerina nails

Ballerina nails

You should try Stiletto nails that don`t include long nails, that are clearly not natural. Try to keep them short and groomed.

The Short Ballerina nail art design seems to be in great demand this year, the reason is probably the fact that they are very elegant and classy. The ultra-long ballerina nails are a little bit too much so this is a quieter version by means of which you can be in step with the latest trends of Stiletto nails.

Oval stiletto nails

Oval stiletto nails

If the round ones are in trend what would exclude these?! Oval nails seem to be a combination between round nails and the ballerina ones, which are also known as “coffin nails”.

It seems that lately this nail art design is all over the runways and they are very easy to maintain, so give them a chance!

sparkly stiletto nails

gold stiletto nails
gold stiletto nails

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black and gold stiletto nails