Prom makeup – how to look gorgeous in your most important day

Prom makeup can be very difficult to choose. You must know some basic makeup rules in order to create the most amazing look. In this article, we offer you the best advices, ideas, recommendations and tips to help you decide which look suits you best on prom evening.

Prom makeup

Prom night Make-Up is the last thing a girl thinks when she is preparing for that special evening, but this does not mean it is not important. On the contrary, after you have chosen the dress and every other details about accessories and hairstyle, you need to be sure you wear the right makeup too.

Best features

The most common and appropriate advice any prom make-up expert can give is to enhance best features, to focus on what looks amazing on you and to draw the attention on your favourite parts.

makeup for prom

Flawless skin

No doubt, your skin must look perfect on prom evening. Make sure you wash it deeply, moisturize it and remove previous makeup if it is necessary. A smooth skin makes the products stick to it better. If you have skin problems, you might use foundation and concealer, because it usually covers up all the imperfections.

Eyes or lips

When you choose the prom makeup, you need to start by what part of your face you want to highlight: either the eyes or the lips. You cannot choose both! For example, you might opt for minimal eye makeup and fiery red or hot pink lips, or you focus on your eyes and choose a powerful black, plum or green eye shadow and an intense eye liner. Opt for waterproof products if you like to dance much.

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Fresh cheeks

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After you got your flawless skin, you need to apply rose cream on your cheeks, to give them a fresh aspect. Choose the appropriate colour according to what you want to highlight (eyes or lips) so they can all the colours be in harmony with the rest of the prom makeup.

Cool mascara

After you have chosen the eye shadows, you need to pay attention to another aspect of prom makeup: mascara; you need to be careful when you choose it, so it can match the other colours. Just one layer of mascara is enough, especially if you choose a natural look.

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