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Natural Hairstyles for All Type of Faces

by Jennifer News
Natural hairstyles

Natural hairstyles need special attention, because this kind of hair is often difficult to style. In this article, we invite you to find out some of the best hairdos you can try if you have natural hair. Discover the natural hairstyles you like best and find inspiration in the pictures below.

Natural hairstyles are usually very powerful, dense, and voluminous, so they stand out every time. First of all, you do not need to torture your hair. If you learn how to style it and what are the most appropriate natural hairstyles for you so you can feel comfortable while wearing them, you will no longer consider it a burden, but a blessing, and you will embrace the beauty of your natural texture of your hair!

You must take good care of your hair before turning it into a great natural hairstyle. Use specific shampoos, conditioners and other high quality products for your type of hair to keep it healthy. Then, take a look at our suggestions and feel free to try these amazing natural hairstyles. From the sophisticated braids and fishtails, classy cornrows and updos, extravagant high buns, splendid curls, various twists and bold afro Mohawks, you have plenty cool alternatives to choose from, and you will not regret if you give these natural hairstyles a chance!  They are not so hard to realise, once you learn the steps. If you think you cannot manage to do them alone, you can ask a friend to help you or go to a professional.

Charlize-Theron Natural hairstyles

Braids and Fishtails
Various lovely braids and fishtails are a big trend this season, and you should try many stunning natural hairstyles. They are practical and very versatile, so you will never get bored to wear these natural hairstyles. You can ornate them with hair jewellery, flowers or any kind of hair accessory you think it will look good on you. Be creative and original!

Cornrows and Updos
These natural hairstyles are chic and fascinating. Cornrows and updos are more suitable for special events like, for example, fancy diners, important occasions where you need to look elegant.

cute natural hairstyles

High Buns
The high buns are some extravagant natural hairstyles. Whether they are simple or with twisted top knots, these natural hairstyles will help you draw the attention wherever you will go. Find which these natural hairstyles are your favourite and try them now!

Curls and Twists
Curly Afros are great natural hairstyles which will make you be noticed and admired. Use good quality products to style your curls so they can look fresh and then, with your fingers, separate the curls according to your personal preferences in order to obtain great natural hairstyles. You can also choose to make some twists which will offer you a sophisticated look on every occasion.

Afro Mohawks
Dare to wear something different! You can adapt the classical Mohawk so it can look good with natural hairstyles. Push the boundaries and try an afro Mohawk, which will reflect your strong and eccentric personality. If you want to try something even more extreme, then you can make it asymmetrical – these kinds of afro Mohawks work best with short hair and they represent a big trend this year when it comes to natural hairstyles.

Natural Hairstyles for Black Women



Dreadlocks, which are also called fears or locs, are strands of hair that appear like ropes. Fears are frequently developed by intertwining or matting the hair.

Normally, curly hair that is delegated its very own gadgets, by abstaining from combing or cleaning, will normally create tangles and also floor coverings will certainly be developed, nonetheless it takes preparation and also maintenance to form equally sized dreadlocks.

There are a selection of approaches that are used to urge the formation of dreadlocks, for example, intertwining, rolling, backcombing and the crochet hook technique.

All of these methods need that constant job is applied to the dreadlocks for them to become limited, mature and cool when it comes to the overall look.

Dreadlocks are easily among the most preferred natural hairstyles for black women. We have actually created a tutorial for those curious about learning more regarding dreadlocks.

Bantu Knots

Bantu Knots

Bantu individuals is the common name for 300+ ethnic groups in Africa, which covers a big geographical area in main and also southerly Africa.

The majority of people are not aware of the history that borders that bantu knots hairstyle.

The hairstyle features small, wonderful buns that are coiled as well as sprayed throughout the hair. Typically, this hairstyle has been worn for centuries by ladies of African descent.

Afros Natural Hairstyles

Afros natural hairstyles

This hairdo is developed by combing the hair away from the scalp, this allows for the hair to prolong out from the head in a rounded and also large shape, just like a round or a cloud.

In the late 1960s, afros were specifically prominent in African-American communities. Most of the times afros are formed with the help of a wide-toothed comb described as an Afro pick.

The Afro is at times abbreviated as a ‘fro or TWA (for little Afros). TWA hairdos are quite prominent, as lots of women are picking to large cut when they go natural. TWA is brief for ‘tiny weeny Afro’.

There has been a fair bit of technology lately with short hairdos. Lots of TWA styles look great while likewise being simple to keep.

If you have short natural hair and also are exploring your styling options, there is far more variety of natural hairstyles than you might assume for this type of hair…

short natural hairstyles for black women

short natural hairstyles



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